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Blog It Ideas Checklist Renewed

peopleStrategic Listening” is integral to our lives and becoming better listeners is integral to creating interesting fresh content and a vibrant blog discussion climate. You can use both your skills and online tools to listen what’s being said about any topic before you write about it and publish.

Blog It Ideas Checklist Renewed

1.   A record of search terms readers used to locate your blog is an excellent resource for new blog post ideas. Do note that not all will be available to you as Google is Encrypting Keyword Searches and some will be unknown search terms.

2.   Google Alerts searches for key words, phrases and concepts can provide useful prompting. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your specific search queries.

3.   Topics discussed in online groups and forums related to your blog’s content can provide ideas for a new post. Example: Google Groups, Google Circles, etc.

4.   Searches for related blogs with similar content and reading posts in them can turn up inspiration for new posts.

5.   News via social media, news aggregators and/or by subscribing to the RSS feeds of the blogs of several leading bloggers in any niche may provide inspiration for new posts.  At  least, you will have enough material for a best of feeds post. At most, reading the comments received on those posts may provide new angles for publishing related posts.

Example: Alltop is the “online magazine rack” aggregator of the web. It has headlines from sites and blogs that cover a wide range of topics. Enter a term or choose a  to view all related topics.

6.   Social media searches. Each social media site has a search utility like Twitter Search, for example and you can readily determine trending topics through keyword or hashtag searches.

  • Here’s an interesting search engine.  Type the topic in any language to check out real time results of Who’s Talking on Social Media Sites.
  • Last Month Digital Trends reviewed  “Hshtags, a universal hashtag search client that pulls together all the content posted with a certain hashtag from a exhaustive list of social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and Tumblr (Vine and Google+ support forthcoming).”
  • Topsy, allows you to search activity across all of the major social media sites.

7.   Canvassing approved comments readers have left on earlier your posts can produce  new related topics to blog about.

8.   Noting subjects that draw the most comments on both your own posts and on posts in related blogs can produce material for more posts and/or a series. Check out your blog’s most popular posts to create single related posts or even a series. Check out your competitor’s blog posts for more ideas. This strip-the-blog tool will show you the most popular articles of a given blog based on the number of social shares.

9.   Writing a “how – to” post and/or a review is always a solid idea. Choose a topic or tool to publish a tutorial or review article about.

10.   Every day events, conversations, reading books, newsletters,  ebooks, magazines, ezines, and subscribing to writing prompts and/or daily quotes are also helpful ways to find new ideas or creating posts.

11. Interviewing a fellow blogger is a terrific idea for writing a new post.

12. Local events, seasonal events and holidays are colorful events that provide all you need to blog on.

13. Don’t forget annual posts like year end posts and blog anniversaries as they provide interesting subject matter for new posts too.

14.  Watching/listening to videos and podcasts on subjects you blog about can provide great ideas for new posts.

15.   If you have a vague notion of a subject you may want to blog on using multiple search engines by typing in keywords is a quick way to find material for new blog posts.

  • Dogpile search is powered by Metasearch technology,  and returns all results from leading search engines including Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex, so you find what you’re looking for faster. Web, Images, Video, News, Local and White Pages searches are offered and you can download a toolbar.
  • DuckDuckGo an Internet search engine that uses information from many sources, such as crowdsourced websites like Wikipedia and from partnerships with other search engines like Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing and WolframAlpha to obtain its results. DuckDuckGo provides web search and real privacy at the same time. Search anonymously.  Find what your search for instantly.


I’ve renewed my blogging ideas checklist. Now it’s your turn to share where your ideas for new blog posts come from.

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25 thoughts on “Blog It Ideas Checklist Renewed

  1. You’re a knitting and crochet expert as well?? No wonder you always leave me in stitches… : )

    P.S. The idea of doing a Dogpile search, fills me with trepidation… : P

  2. I have to say Google’s encryption really has put on the blinds for my blog how people discover it. I understand why Google is encrypting..

    Anyway, since we are talking about blog post inspiration topics:

    *Do remember if you have an international audience, that the most ordinary things to you, might be unusual, incredible to someone else in another part of the world. For instance, not everyone has yet experienced snow, nor eaten gingerbread. Maybe their culture doesn’t make these cute type of winter figurines that Canadians and Northern Europeans are accustomed to.

    *If you have a mother tongue or your parents are immigrants, most likely right off the bat, you already have a unique perspective to spin on certain family habits, attitudes, etc. and how you see the world.

    *Even ordinary wild animals to you, are very unusual in other parts of the world. For instance, in Indonesia it’s doubtful there are snow wild rabbits. I had a Malaysian room-mate at university in Ontario. She told me she had never seen a squirrel before!

    *If you have lived in different regions of your own country, already there’s some interesting comparisons to make –cultural, people, weather and nature.

    Relook at your world completely differently –from the standpoint from someone’s very different culture in a totally different country than your own.

    Then write to explain something to them…and try to bring your living room into theirs. Smell, touch, sight and sound.

  3. Hi TimeThief! Are you on TpT? I noticed you don’t have a widget/badge. I found your “closed issue” to wordpress. I also wanted a TpT badge. Your blog and its contents are wonderful, by the way! 7 years? Keep doing it! I would like to have twitter and other icons/badges/widgets (well whatever they are called) I am now following you and look forward to reading your posts. Have a great day. gina

  4. Thank you for this. I knew about some of these sources… such as Duckduckgo, but Fark and SimilarSiteSearch are new to me.

    Ideas for blog posts? I have been guilty of not blogging very much on one of our blogs. And we have a ready-made source of blogging material right there on the site from the photos I’ve taken.

    Also we are just about to launch a new feature that will open up the main site to more interactivity, and to back that up and get more eyes on the page I have made a plan for 2014 and started putting blog posts into drafts. :-)

    • Hi David,
      I’m glad to know you had not heard of every source I posted. :) I’m never short of ideas for posts. What I’m short of is time. Once I submit my contracted work tomorrow I will collapse and recover from the exhaustion I’m experiencing now. I may not have much initiative to take on any changes in direction re: posts until the New Year as our business is also busy at this time of the year. So at the end of this year is when I’ll review my editorial calendar and schedule and make adjustments to it. Best of luck with the new feature.

  5. Hi as a regular reader of your blog your tips have been very useful. I’m asking some questions here as I couldn’t see a contact page hope you don’t mind.
    1 – Do you know if there is anyway of adding all the blogs I follow or that follow me on a page with gravatar pics rather than as a widget? And making sure that I can add on all of them not just the max of 50
    2 – Where did you get your translation widget/page it looks great!

  6. For my travel blog, the topics usually come from trips we’ve been on. For The Adventures of Justin Beaver, inspiration comes from weekly photo challenges, other people’s posts, photos or sometimes even from news stories. Justin Beaver has very strong opinions!

  7. my ideas come from my love of enabling people to learn or improve crochet and knitting technique and also distribute my patterns. I think I could be at it 24/7 and not run out of ideas. I would like to include videos for basic and ultra complicated stitches eventually. My wonderful wordpress theme supports this. :)

    • I love crochet and knitting too so I hear you. I make my own patterns like you do. I prefer to make teeny tiny soft toys out of felt. This Christmas I made my popular little honey colored bears and charcoal gray colored donkeys carrying Christmas trees, sleighs, stockings, etc. that when completed are ornaments that can be hung on trees. I can’t wait until my new eyeglasses arrive next week. I will get two sets. One pair is for computer work and close work. I’m having such a terrible time seeing well enough to do the tiny stitches required (the bears are handmade) and as I’m picky so every stitch has to be perfect. My grandma was a seamstress and I excelled in hand finished seams, embroidery as well as knitting and crochet. I didn’t like machine sewing and still don’t like it.

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