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Bad News and Good News

new computerThe bad news is I’ve been limping along using this lame computer for a long time now as it’s old and not working well. The good news is I have brand new replacement computer. 

The changeover between the two plus the uploading of data from a third computer into the new one will begin this afternoon.

I have 3 backups of everything. Given my past experiences with changeovers, I have hired a techie to do the work and take credit for the successful transition I do expect, or to take the blame for the failure I don’t expect.

Hopefully, all will go well and I’ll be back online blogging by tomorrow evening.  Please cross your fingers for me as the last time was not a smooth transition … well, let’s not go there.  Let’s think positively, okay?

68 thoughts on “Bad News and Good News

  1. Quick Update
    The second computer is done – hooray!
    The third one should be done by this evening.

    l do have a keyboard story to relate but we have company for the weekend.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!

  2. So…what happened in the end? Did everything work out and did you manage to master the keyboard? I know what you mean about manuals, and even when one is provided it is written as though you already know what they are talking about.

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