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peopleThere is no upgrade that allows you to use JavaScript widgets or plugins. The only plugin I  sorely missed when I moved my personal blog back to was the LinkWithin widget. However, at we have great news! 

The new related posts  feature works on all themes hosted by Everyone with related posts  has the ability turn it off via Settings-> Reading in the Dashboard.

The Expound theme has its own built-in related posts feature.

The quotes below are excerpts from replies to comments by Staff in the announcement and replies in support forum threads to questions about related-posts.

Noteworthy excerpts:

1.  A minimum of 10 published posts before we show the Related Posts section, otherwise we will end up just cross linking every post with one another.

2.  At least 500 bytes of content, which is about 100 English words, in a post before we try and find related content.

3.  Relatedness of the post currently takes into account the post title, content, tags and categories. We are constantly tweaking our algorithms and hope to improve on the quality of the results as time passes.

4. We will use the featured image as the thumbnail if it exists otherwise we will fallback to the first image in the post body.

  • If there is an image from a 3rd party in your post as long as it’s publicly accessible we will use the servers to pull the image in, scale it to the appropriate size, then serve it as the post thumbnail.
  • Unfortunately there’s no way to adjust thumbnail sizes at the moment, we’ll look into supporting custom sizes in the future.

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  1. Hi!can you rename the related posts,so that my audience know what is it about?how?this year i have baught the premium bundle,always to my visitors get directed immidietly?

    • No you cannot make any adjustments to what is displayed and no upgrade changes that.

      The reason I do not publish more frequently on this blog and my personal one is because I spend hours almost every day answering support forums questions. I do not answer such questions here. All questions on the bundle must be posted to the support forums so please post there, okay. :)

    • Hi Kathy,
      You’re welcome. It was a productive business week for us and I got lots done on my contracted work. It’s a huge job that I hope to have done 2 weeks prior to the deadline so I’m remaining focused on it.

  2. Yeah, I really like this feature and look forward to see it developing further (I was kinda expecting a blog post from you about this, stalkerish right)? I do have a bone to pick with the latest WordPress for Android app, where the Stats are so so so so poorly laid out, can’t even see who saw what page/post and from what country anymore… Hmm

    • I’ve been doing the same for years too and sometimes I use Zemanta. If you use the browser add-on version of Zemanta then you can select only your own posts.

  3. I’m really excited about this feature. Almost switched to Expound just to get it. I do hope WP staff notes that “Related” will not always be an accurate title (I’ve done a lot of checking around my blog and very often the posts are not particularly related). Also, the default head for Zemanta items is “Related Articles.” That will result in two “Relateds” at the end of a post unless we manually change the Zemanta head. Perhaps we need an option to turn off the WP head, or a way to set our own head as we do with the Share heading, or maybe just something more general like “You might also enjoy … “

    • I’m excited too. I like the “you might also enjoy …” better than the Related Posts and Related Articles headers, which as you pointing out can be problematic when using both Zemanta and the WP Related Posts. Staff need to hear that feedback from you BTW.

      I can see the respsonsiveness of this Expound theme (it has the built-in related posts feature) as I work on fine tuning some Categories. I had an insane number of categories and had even more tags. I converted the tags to categories and now have to address all of them and develop category decsriptions. The most used have been done but I have so many more to do. I also have the same project to do on my personal blog where I expwerienced a categories casatptorphe. Howver, during this seaosn of the year I must focus on making a living. I’m so happy we now have a long awaited feature to be happy about. :)

    • Hi Susie,
      I ♥ it too. Of copurse it will tyake some adjusting as we blogger become more deiscrminate in our use of categories and tagging the aloghrithm will respond but I’m on board with working through that process.

      No I didn’t see that related post. OMG! Is that ever an old avatar. I look so young and hairless in that old avatar and so old and overwhelmed by my hair in my current one. Reading that post again was a trip down memory lane.

  4. Thanks for this post, but I have a question. I’m a bit confused – the related posts feature has been showing up intermittently the last few days when I’ve worked on a post and gone to the “view” page to check how it’s looking – but not consistently. And right now I don’t see it on my post at all. I’ve checked and it’s not disabled in my settings. Do you know why I’m seeing it sometimes and not other times? I haven’t been able to figure out the pattern. Thanks.

    • Yes it’s different and it’s feature as apposed to a third party one. The related posts feature draws only from your own blog posts.

  5. Thanks for this. I’m in the process of retagging and recategorizing, so I’ve disabled it for the time being, but will go back to it once I’m happy with ye olde reorganization!

    • Hi there,
      Related posts is a terrific new feature. Like any algorithm there will have to be some fine tuning done.

      I have also been working on my categories for both blogs. I eliminated Tags from both blogs. Then I had a catastrophe when a Tags to Categories conversion went sideways on me. I reset the default Category to prevent a catastrophe in advance but somehow it went wrong anyway. So in my personal blog, which is starved for content, I am now going through 7 years of posts one post at a time and adding the Category that I must have inadvertently deleted. :(

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