The Cash King and Chris K Fisher Content Thieves

So you want to pass yourself off as make money bloggers do you? Well here comes your first wild ride because I won’t take it! I will not have (hosted by Unified Layer) and (hosted by GoDaddy) steal my content and pass it off as theirs.

ripped off contentYour behavior has you nailed to the wall of shame. Your web hosts will receive a DMCA takedown notice to have my content originally published in this blog removed from your money grubbing splogs.

ripoff 4


ripoff 3
ripoff 1ripoff 2

Note to Readers: Do not visit the splogs in question and provide them with the traffic they seek to gain by stealing and republishing content from other bloggers. I want each and every one of my readers to Tweet this post. Share this post on Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest and Linkedin too.

Please do that so everyone knows what these two are really up to.

63 thoughts on “The Cash King and Chris K Fisher Content Thieves

  1. Infuriating! Tweeted. I really hope they take your Cease and Desist seriously.

  2. Sorry to be so late on this one, TT. Glad to tweet it, I’ll post it to Facebook as well. Guys like that make me sick. Need some help sharpening that battleaxe? I’m your man. : )

    1. Hi Mark,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the post promotion.

      re: lateness
      Surely you jest. Most days I think I am the white rabbit personified.

  3. Gah! Can’t even speak — but I sure can post. I sent this out to all my contacts on every network.

    1. Thanks Susan. They are purporting to teach others how to make money blogging – Sheesh … just sheesh

  4. Awful! Thanks for exposing such vile behavior and now, off to spread the word.

    1. Thanks Sun,
      Do shine some light on these losers please.

  5. I write at Hubpages and have had my content stolen. Will tweet this!

    1. Hi Marie,
      I’m so sorry to hear this has happened to you too. Thanks so much for Tweeting.

      I suspect content theft is far more common than most realize as most of us are far too busy to be checking all the time to see if our older content has been ripped off.

  6. Hi timethief – thank you for posting this. Just to be clear, do we enter our URL into the homepage of the site? Do we need to put the free banner on our sites to protect ourselves?

    1. You can put a banner on your site but note that it will not deter those who are determined to steal. If you enter the front page URL into copyscape then you will get 9 – 10 results. If you enter the URL of a post into copyscape you will get results that apply to the post as opposed to the site.

  7. FYI … When I went to reply to your comment on another post, I got a warning that the site was considered unsafe … phishing. I had to unblock the comment to return to my blog.

    On the technical side, if it requires more than one step … I avoid it. I was unable to post the copyscape banner on my blog. I tried several times and gave up. So the translation page – while an excellent idea – will have to wait until someone more knowledgeable than me can set it up. I do enjoy your posts.

    1. Exactly where did you get the phishing warning please? I need the URL. Every comment has a URL.

      re: the copyscape banner
      It’s a copy and paste job. You copy and paste the code onto any post, page or into any text widget. it’s among the easiest of all things we can do.
      Protected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Test

      1. I was unable to see that comment when I logged on this time. If I see it again, I will copy the URL and e-mail it to you or post it on your blog.

        1. Okay, please do that and I’ll look into it.

          P.S. If you are not running one of these browsers and versions of them at I strongly suggest you upgrade.

  8. yikes! thanks for the info. I’ve posted this on my facebook page.

    1. Thanks so much for alerting others to what these two thieves are up to.

  9. Sorry to hear this. I hope you get the desired outcome quickly.

    1. I will. I always do. Not to worry.

  10. Major suckitude committed by this drooling primordial pond scum …. word, spread.

    . . . I second what carpathianpesant said. Not only do you blog, but I know for a fact that you help WP peeps out on the forums, which also comes out of your time …. I think I am understanding why your ‘name’ is Timethief! :)

    … when you’re finished being angry, you’re probably going to want to have a good cry. (clears the sinuses, releases endorphins) … big interwebz hugs for then.

    1. I love your first sentence. I am a cancer survivor who escaped the grim reaper twice and that’s why I chose this handle. I chose it before the younger set developed a different connotation for it. I apply the 50% – 50% principle ie. I endeavor to spend 50% of my time helping others. Crying – no way! Sharpening my battleaxe – possibly (just kidding). lol :D

  11. I hate them. It is so good of you to share your knowledge and these parasites are attempting to make money from it. and whats worse, pass it off as their own. I will tell everyone I know to avoid them. It makes me sick in my gut. They are lower than a snakes belly. I almost feel sorry for someone so devoid of humanity and respect.

    1. Please do spread the word as these two intend to make an income by instructing others on the how to’s of make money blogging – as if!

  12. How did you discover you’ve been “robbed” ? Is there something to watch to prevent that? My little blog is in French though but it’s good to know anyway.

    1. I want you to stay tuned please. Suffice to say these two scumbags are not the only ones who have stolen my content over the course of these last 7 years. Due to your question, I am preparing a new post on the many ways bloggers can detect content theft.

  13. I’ve gotten a bit lax of late. Thanks for the reminder that these scumbags never give up.

    1. I’m so peeved off. I will not take down this post. I want each and every one of my readers to Tweet this post. Share this post on Facebook Google plus and Linkedin too. Please do that so everyone knows what these two are really up to.

  14. I had it happen to one of my blog posts too. My sympathies.

    1. I am angry and these two are going to very sorry. I will not take down this post. I want each and every one of my readers to Tweet this post. Please do that so everyone knows what these two are really up to.

  15. Thank you for this. I’m fairly new to blogging so I guess I should start looking into the seedy side of things. Ugh.

    1. Start using copyscape and you will get a look at the dark side.

    2. Stay tuned as I now have a draft post that’s almost ready for publication on how bloggers can detect content theft.

  16. I’d be outraged, too. I’ve seen sites on wordpress where all the content is reposted material from other sites. I don’t think I’ve commented on those sites and I don’t repost someone else’s blog.

    1. Oh Judy,
      I predict that you will outraged when you do find that your content has been stolen. Unless you are singularly blessed with some sort of immunity I’m sad to say that it’s only a matter of time before this happens to you too.

      1. One snag with copyscape. They did find a copy of my posts, BUT it was from the Reader on WordPress. I alerted them that that was not plagiarism. It’s good to know that someone’s there to watch over us innocents who just love to create and – especially in your case – help others. Shame on those folks who steal someone else’s work.

        1. You don’t need to alert them Judy re: the wordpress reader. Just ignore those entries.

  17. Why limit your disgust to ‘content theft’? Stealing on whatever level is wrong; taking something that doesn’t belong to you is disgusting.

    1. Hi Mary,
      My disgust is not limited to content theft. That said, I would never feel the same way about a starving person stealing a loaf of bread, though undoubtedly, both are wrong.

  18. This makes me incredibly mad – nothing is sacred anymore!

    1. Has anything ever been sacred to mammon (money) lovers? When money is involved it seems to bring out the worst in the worst people, if you know what I mean.

      1. Totally – the only thing that keeps me sane that eventually whatever you sow you will reap…I love your blog – keep going!

        1. Thank you and the same to you – blog on!

  19. Sorry that this has happened to you. So frustrating!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Please click the share buttons and spread the word about these two bad actors.

  20. Go get them! You work hard to provide your content and it provides a real service to all. I hope you are able take them down, and focus your energy on doing what you want to do.

    1. Hi Jamie Ray,
      I do hope you share the link to the post EVERYWHERE you can online so these two don’t get away with this. Please click the share buttons. BTW the chris k fisher guy who has a private domain registration has ripped off other bloggers as well.

  21. That’s appalling, but why am I not surprised at such behaviour? Sigh….

    1. Please share a link to this post everywhere online. Unless we all act together these types don’t get exposed and don’t stop.

  22. Whoa! One more thing to ruin a fun activity!

    1. No kidding! I’m so peeved off I could spit!

  23. It’s not just them it is widespread. It’s the reason I don’t like Trip Advisor. In all innocence I sent one of my posts to them and I never got it back, it mysteriously vanished even after I personally wrote to them and explained everything.

    1. Content theft is rampant. I blog as a hobby and have to juggle my work hours in our business and my contracted writing time so I can make the time to blog at all. It’s so discouraging and even enraging to see my whole posts and parts of my posts cobbled together and republished as if they are not my words. arggghhh!

      1. Well, you are doing the right thing by exposing them.
        I feel your pain, as do many other artists.

        1. Please share the link to my post everywhere you can online. Maybe if enough of us expose these content thieves they will take up ditch digging because it’s obvious they either cannot or will not write their own content.

      2. Well, it means you’re good. If it makes you feel better, remember that you have a unique viewpoint originating in and based on your world. The person lifting your stuff doesn’t have that — he/she has his/her own viewpoint. There is only a sort of superficial relating.

        It is your viewpoint that has made it worthwhile, and any subsequent reference will soundly fit with it. People who lift stuff can’t do much if any follow-up (if they try they often look stupid); but, because it’s yours, you can have follow-up and you can even reasonably send it off in different directions.

        1. Hi there,
          What a thoughtful comment. Thanks for making it. I don’t tend to be very thoughtful when I’m angry. How dare they rip me and other bloggers off, while purporting to provide good advice to others on making money online. It’s so aggravating arrargggh!

      3. Would drive me ‘loco’ as well but good for you in finding them out.

    2. I have posted on Trip Advisor, but it’s reviews of restaurants and places I’ve visited. What do I have to avoid doing? I don’t want anyone taking my content without permission.

      1. You really have to read the Terms of Service closely on all the sites you think you want your blog to be registered on. Many end up owning your content if you aren’t careful.

        1. Well said timethief, and they are one of the worst IMHO, use your work for their benefit and occasionally give you a gong. After my experience I never went back.

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