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WordPress Automatic Image Resizing

duplicate Staff are continually working to improve our user experience. The result of their latest work is a welcome media update change to the way WordPress resizes images when theme changes are made.

Previously, if we changed themes to a dramatically different theme we had to resize images and that sometimes involved hours of work, not to mention, a messy looking blog during the process.

The good news is the September 20th update is especially designed to allow images to automatically resize after we switch themes.

Every theme has a maximum displayed image width. The sizes listed at Settings > Media  determine the maximum dimensions in pixels to use when inserting an image into the body of a post or a page.

media settings

smaller collageThe update insures that the sizes set in Media > Settings are applied to images using classes such as “size-medium” (common).

Galleries already automatically resize according to the sizes on the Settings > Media page, so those and Gallery Widgets should work exactly the same way as they did before the update.

What happened to my pictures?

If this update changed your images in a way you didn’t expect, please see this forum thread  where Staff are at the ready to help with the transition and where these short term fixes are provided:

If your images are using classes like “size-medium” (common) and you want to change them all at once, go to Settings > Media and make sure the max widths and heights are set correctly there.

If you’d like to adjust just some of your images and you are familiar with HTML, the “size-KEYWORD” class attribute can be changed and the image will then automatically resize to match the dimensions you’ve added in Settings > Media.
If you do not want the Settings > Media sizes to take effect, edit the HTML for the image and take out the “size-KEYWORD” class attribute.

Image resizing bug tracking

designsimply  says:

I’m tracking three bugs related to image resizing that I hope we will be able to get reviewed this week. They are:

1. Resized images look different in the editor compared to the blog front-end.

2. Captions aren’t resized to match images that were resized.

3. Width and height aren’t correct for resized images in portrait mode – fixed!

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  1. That’s such a great and useful update! Moving to a different theme can bring up some concerns and the that of images is such a major one, so it’s wonderful that the WordPress Staff have come up with this update. Thanks for this information, timethief, and for all your other posts, which are always so helpful! Cheers.

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