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Today I am recommending the new Email Forwarding feature to my readers. I think those who have domain mapping upgrades as I do for my blogs will be delighted to discover and use this new feature.

“Email forwarding is enabled now for all custom domains on, at no extra cost. Note that email forwarding only works on top-level domains (such as, and not on subdomains (for example,” –  via Create an email address with your custom domain using Email Forwarding — Blog —

18 thoughts on “ Custom Domain Email Forwarding

  1. Good day TT. Hope all is well with you.

    Decisions decisions. My website has just been trashed (‘brute force attack’ is what the gurus tell me).

    I have neither the skills nor the inclination to try to resurrect it and so it expires.

    Now I can concentrate on my new site which is currently running on I have been vacillating about whether to stay with .com or switch over to .org. Well the stealth bombers have just made the decision for me.

    With Expound (very neat theme) I am more than happy with the look.

    Just hope the wordpress and google operations stay relatively honest and are not just opportunistic time bombs themselves, getting control and then making arbitrary decisions that suit their view of the universe – like freeing up our content for duplication (don’t tell Google) :-).

    Email hosting is the only remaining issue, I think. So, many thanks for this post.

    Ever onwards, ever upwards. At 70 I really don’t take kindly to being —— around by cyber thugs.

    Have a good day.

  2. This is especially great for those with new custom domains now that Google doesn’t offer its free apps package any longer. I have the free package grandfathered for both my custom domains, and fortunately I set those up before Google started to charge for their free domain email — which I guess was too good to last. It’s a pity that they don’t have a really cheap, pared-down small package for those who only want a couple of email addresses and don’t need a lot of storage or the business extras. A lot of people are hobby bloggers, or otherwise make little or no money from their domain, even indirectly, and for that, adding the cost of Google apps to the relatively cheap cost of the domain itself can be too much for many folks.

  3. thanks, TT. interesting post but not really interested with email and such. by the way, i tried to click onto your new post, It’s About Time, but you know it goes to page not found. maybe you already know. have a great week. :)

    • Hi Kathy,
      Well, yes and no re: the features.

      I’m feeling better and have a doctor’s appointment of Thursday afternoon. I think I’m on the road to recovery.

  4. I put this in yesterday when I set up my new domain. Works great unless you are trying to hide your personal email address. Since WordPress doesn’t host the email, when you reply to an email, you are replying from your personal address. So if you’re not trying to hide your personal email address, I’m not sure what the point for this email feature would be.

    • Hi JT,

      Thanks so much for this comment. I do believe that there are a significant number bloggers who do want to hide their personal email addresses.

      • Well, that’s my point (not well expressed). My domain email is If you send me an email to that address I will get it [forwarded] to my personal email address. When I reply to you it will show “sent by:” my personal email address. The reason is because WordPress doesn’t host the email. So I’m not really hiding anything, am I?

        • No you aren’t hiding anything so you’re right when it comes to wondering: what’s the point? I’m now scratching my head and wondering why I assumed this would be as useful feature. I now recognize that I ought to have tried it myself before recommending it to others. I’m grateful for your comments.

        • Yahoo has the same problem. I have several throwaway E-mail addresses that I use through Yahoo, but when I reply, they show my main address which rather wrecks having the throwaway addresses.

          Thanks for the comments. And Timethief – you’re hardly the first one who has had something like this happen. What’s great is having a reader like JT who leaves comments alerting you to the issue. You’ve done it for me too.

          • Thanks dogear. It’s not very surprising that WordPress does not host email. It would be well out of their line of business and comfort zone. GoDaddy does it and of course Google [is there anything Google doesn’t do?] but hosting email would require significant investment in servers and software development for a relatively small gain in user functionality and convenience. It would also open the door for many more features that would ultimately take them even further away from their core business.

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