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Twenty Fourteen: Going Further

Futher (Twenty Fourteen)The New WordPress default theme; ‘Twenty Fourteen’ is a dark magazine styled beauty with balanced use of white space that’s absolutely packed useful and eye-popping features. From lovely typography and a prominent featured content area up top to multiple sidebars and post formats, Twenty Fourteen has it all.

In 2005 the Kubrick theme was launched and became the ubiquitous default theme until replaced by Twenty Ten. Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve and Twenty Thirteen followed and are all unique examples of WordPress default themes becoming more innovative and attractive as the years go by.

Take a peek at the responsive width magazine style theme theme that will become the WordPress default theme for 2014.

Yes, it’s Further!

Give the theme a tryout on the live demo site and I’m sure you be impressed. With featured content, featured images, pull quotes, recent posts format, full width pages, and special sticky post treatment and much more — going further is what this theme is all about.

Futher (Twenty Fourteen)

Available since Valentine’s Day 2013 on as a Premium theme with a $150 price tag, Further is now retired, but in the new year it will be released with WordPress 3.8 when Further becomes Twenty Fourteen, and thereafter the theme will be available free of charge for every WordPress blog.

Further, our latest premium magazine theme, masterfully designed by our very own Takashi Irie offers all of the traditional features you’d expect, in a feature-full, sleek, modern, and beautifully crafted design. This theme is ideal for professional web publishers or content-heavy websites. — New Theme: Further

Hat Tip: The New WordPress default theme; ‘Twenty Fourteen’ coming this year.

I”m committed to Twenty Eleven at this time but going further may be my future choice. What do you think of the upcoming Twenty Fourteen WordPress default theme?

29 thoughts on “Twenty Fourteen: Going Further

  1. Hi timethief,

    I have just switched to the 2014 theme. Everything seems fine except for the fact that when I read my blog on my iPad the last words on many lines are broken into two. This also occurs when I load my page on Firefox on my laptop. I find this very annoying and would like to see if you would know how I can avert this.
    Thanks for your help!


  2. I loved the Further theme, but I didn’t have the money to purchase it :(, so I am super-thrilled to see it become 2014. Great news!

  3. Well, Twenty Fourteen is sophisticated. The top of the page on the demo site is just too busy for me. But then, I like simplicity. I can see how a news site with a lot of stories to cover could use Twenty Fourteen.

    Besides! I just last week upgraded to Twenty Thirteen! I can’t keep up :) I’m still tweeking my blog on Twenty Thirteen. I must say I’m happy to discover “one cool site.” I’m adding it to my (highly selective) follow list.

    • Hi John,
      I like simplicity too and figure the top section as busy as any blogger who uses the theme wants it to be. Like you I think it will suit news type blogs very well but I also think visual bloggers can use the top section effectively.

      Twenty Thirteen is a lovely theme too best wishes with tweaking it to suit you.

      Thanks so much for deciding to follow my blog. I’m honored that you chose to. I try to publish twice weekly and I usually do. However, on weeks when my husband is traveling I’m on the front line in our business so I do fall behind from time to time.

  4. Further was beautiful but heavy theme. Hope they lighten it up and release “Twenty Fourteen” with a broader content area. Thanks for this useful prediction.

  5. Unfortunately white text on a black background has been constantly proven to be difficult to read and tiring to the eyes. So while Twenty Fourteen looks attractive at first glance, repeated use will not be so pleasant.

  6. Great explanation of the history (as yet unwritten) of how ‘Further’ will become ‘TwentyFourteen’.

    My personal take on the theme? The WP theme committee must have been reading heavy existential novels the night before choosing this.

  7. Handsome, sleek, contemporary. I might be tempted if I hadn’t done so much customizing with my current theme. But who knows, I might be desperate for a change by then. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  8. Seems like a lot of navigation choices and access points for the user. For super duper wow effect, it does require some thoughtful planning.

    • You’re right about both the wow factor and the navigation. There also are a multiplicity of features to pick and choose from in the Further/Twenty Foureteen theme.

  9. Not sure if it would work all that well with a blog featuring photos. I’m with you about not liking the black so much. I find it harder on the eyes and seems to darken color in images. But it looks intriguing for other sorts of uses. It’ll take a lot to get me to switch themes again since there seem to be the inevitable glitches that come with a move. Perhaps getting too set in my ways?

    • Suffice to say I’m not attracted to any dark themes. I’m not clear if it’s because black backgrounds are hard on my eyes or if I just don’t like them period. Many maintain that black backgrounds on photoblogs make images ‘pop’. I haven’t noticed them darkening images but I’m visually challenged so I suppose I could be failing to perceive the distinction.

      I’m hoping there will be a light version option as well as a dark version as both options exist on the Twenty Eleven theme. I would love it if that were the case. I’d also be delighted if we could change the black to another color of our own choice without purchasing a custom design upgrade.

      Aside from eliminating some of the blackness I’d also be pleased if we had the option of getting rid of the sidebar on single post pages, and have a full width post page template instead as we can on static pages.

      ” But it looks intriguing for other sorts of uses. ”

      I agree, it’s a very versatile theme.

      Thanks for checking it out and for sharing what you think here.

  10. The new 2014 looks striking, but white text on black doesn’t work for my eyes, and there is too much going on on the page for me. I think I’lll stick to something less visually complicated. I hope you are feeling better!

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your feedback. Do note that it’s the featured content excerpts on the top of the page that have a black background. You do not have to have as much featured content on top as the demo depicts. In fact you don’t have to have any featured content there at all and not having featured content or sticky posts cuts down both the blackness and the visual busyness by a whole lot.

      I’m feeling better but I’m still very tired. I have a couple of very busy days starting tomorrow on the big island this week going to dental and eye appointments. I’m looking forward to spending a restful weekend with my hubby and friends who are visiting on their vacation.

  11. Thanks for the preview TT! I can’t wait for the formal release. While Twenty Eleven works for me now, I like having my sidebars show on individual posts. And the other additions sound great too.

    • Hi there,
      It’s always good to hear from you. It’s sounds like we are both excited.

      While Twenty Eleven works for me now, I like having my sidebars show on individual posts.

      That’s so interesting to read because my preference the opposite ie. is no sidebar on single post pages. I also like full width pages. In fact I’m doing everything I can to sever my ties to sidebar stuff. The reason why I feel this way is because I’m a visual person who is easily distracted and I find that any pages with sidebars are a major source of distraction for me.

  12. Well, at least we now know why they’ll be able to release Twenty Fourteen still in 2013! LOL

    I would find it surprising to see a Premium theme “downgraded” to a free theme. If it happens, it will be a first.

    • Hi Jen,
      The switch from a Premium theme to free default theme is a historic and generous one for sure.

      Hooray for Matt and company!

      WordPress 3.7 will be released in two months (early October) and Twenty Fourteen is scheduled to be in the 3.8 release thereafter.

      I am committed to keeping my blogging expenses under $50. per year per blog (total = under $100. annually) and I already have domain mapping and No-Ads upgrades for both blogs, so I’ve ruled out purchasing CSS Upgrades.

      I like all of Takashi Irie’s themes and Further ie. Twenty Fourteen is my favorite of the lot thus far.

      I like everything about it except for the background blackness found in the top featured content area. I’ll most likely switch themes and not use the featured content area much if at all. That’s because it’s my experience with featured themes in post sliders as sticky posts, etc. indicates there will be next to nothing lost if I don’t create any or many featured posts.

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