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Social Media Icons for Blogs

follow meEnhancing your blog’s accessibility and share-ability with social networking icons can be a quick coffee break set up or a longer project.  It all depends on the theme you use.

Enabling sharing buttons on your posts and pages for your readers to promote your content across a range of social networks/services isn’t theme dependent. It’s easily done by using the guide.

If you also want social networking icons to appear in your site’s header area or sidebar a few themes have them built in (partial list here –  RSS and social media icons).

Built in social media icons

social icons sundance

social icons mystique

If you use a theme that doesn’t have built in social media icons you don’t need a table for a row of small thumbnail images ie. social networking icons in your sidebar, you just need basic coding for images that link to webpages. You can use the widget or create your own version of one in a text widget.

The Widget

aboutme is a free service that lets you create an attractive and informative one-page website that’s all about you as it summarizes your web presence. Upload a photo, write a short bio and connect your favorite websites to show the world the big picture of you.

> Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

When it comes to widgets, the widget has social media button integration for sidebar display.  Your blog is immediately populated with a photo, biography and links to all your social networks. As your page is updated, so is your widget on your WordPress blog.

DIY social networking icons in a text widget

You can use Google search and/or the Icon Search Engine to locate free images of the social media icons you want to use for the various social working sites. There are countless sets of icons you could use. Here’s are just two collections out of many:

social icons

Download the icon set you wish to use (or right click and save to your desk top). If there is a .zip file, “unzip” it and open the folder (create an “icon” folder for easier retrieval). Then upload the images to your blog, link each icon image to your appropriate social network profile page, and display them in a text widget in your sidebar.

Refer to Add Social Media Buttons to Your Sidebar or Footer.

twitter1rss1email1pinterest1  You can also display them on a static page or in a post as I have done here.

Using CSS to customize and position social networking icons

If you have purchased the Custom Design upgrade for CSS editing then once you have your  DIY social networking icons in an widget,  links widget or text widget, you can use absolute positioning to re-position the icons somewhere else on the page, for example to move the widgets from the sidebar into the header area or to the footer area. There are a couple different ways to add social media buttons via CSS editing. Here’s one: How can I change the original social media icons to customized ones?

14 thoughts on “Social Media Icons for Blogs

  1. Not sure I need to use an widget. I get enough hits on my “About” a point where I’m just tired of seeing it in the Top Posts and Pages widget. I’m thinking of even cutting out certain text… People really do want to know who is behind “about” or about blog focus/trivia. However it’s a great technique.

    Now, I feel like going back into my theme to see if it’s offered for placing it near the header..

  2. I had never heard of Thanks for sharing that. I had some trouble setting up twitter on my sidebar but eventually just used a text widget.
    Hugs from Ecuador,

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