Think twice about social media campaigns

Humans have always created social networks and these networks have always been means of marketing products and services. Person to person either face to face or across miles by messenger services, mail and/or by phone and computer people network by all available means and they share their product and services experiences and preferences with their friends.

Word of mouth marketing has always been the best sales tactic and the internet provides another means for those selling products and services to connect with potential customers. Grassroots marketing is tapping into the collective efforts of brand enthusiasts and it’s rife in social networks where visual media predominates. But when it comes to peer to peer marketing and consumer empowerment research indicates: think twice.

“Many companies have embraced the concept of consumer empowerment. However, they should consider whether attempts to integrate social influence (word-of-mouth marketing, social network marketing, buzz marketing) might backfire with empowered consumers,” the authors conclude.”

via Empowering your customers? Think twice about social media campaigns.

WOMMA defines WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing)

10 thoughts on “Think twice about social media campaigns

  1. Biting the hand that feeds you social media posts about its product? Interesting how power– especially newly acquired power– often makes us contrary. Human psychology strikes again! : )

  2. Interesting. According to the linked article, the researchers suggest that an empowered consumer (one who influences product development) are not only resistant to social influence, but in some case make an active effort to express an opinion contrary to those expressed by others. It’s that latter group which poses the greatest danger to marketers, because if a consumer involved in product development simply ignored the opinions of others, that’s a useful thing to research. I’d be curious as to the sample used in collecting data for the study. Thanks for sharing this, TT!

    1. Hi Kerwyn,
      I found this to be a real eye opener and it seems you did too. The factor that seems to arise among the empowered is the desire to be independent ie. the resistance to developing hive mind.
      Story source:
      Journal Reference: Mehdi Mourali and Zhiyong Yang. The Dual Role of Power in Resisting Social Influence. Journal of Consumer Research, October 2013

  3. How interesting the whole “social media” concept is. There are many predictions made re where it is going but the predictors are just going to have to “wait and see”, the same as the rest of us. Admittedly my family has to eat, but my biggest thrill is meeting other like minded people in my tiny niche market. Hail the amigurumists! LOL! and hail to fabulous WordPress. and one last hail to you for so generously helping us navigate our way. :)

    1. Many brands are making huge investments into social media marketing campaigns. The advantage of social media marketing is that it builds a relationship with your customers, with spin-off benefits that go beyond immediate results but the further implication is that thinking in terms of campaigns alone may be a mistake.

      Consider that if you are a Facebook member then you are Facebook’s product, not customer.
      Facebook’s Graph Search Makes It Official: You Are Its Product
      You are Facebook’s product, not customer
      Instagram makes you the product – But the change does pose a problem for professional photographers.

      1. Fascinating stuff! My only social media point is WordPress. I don’t have time for all that other hype. How fascinating that one becomes a “product” of facebook. Gives me shivers. I am also enjoying your report on the word camp. i haven’t finished it yet. :)

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