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Creating an Effective Blog Description

to doSo you want to be a blogger, do you?  Blogging over the long term takes: Passion, Purpose, Productivity, People Skills, Planning and Persistence. Many bloggers don’t have what it takes because a significant number of blogs registered today will be abandoned or deleted in less than a year from the date of their creation.

That’s why answering the question: Do I have what it takes to blog over the long term? is critical to your success.

If you think you have what it takes and are determined to stay the course then know that bogging begins with defining a purpose for your blog that clearly expresses your aim to blog with passion about something that matters. On one hand, in-depth knowledge of the topic you are writing on will make your blogging easier. On the other, no matter how much knowledge you have muddling along without expressing your blog’s purpose can lead reader confusion and blogger burn-out. From the outset you need to be able to describe  your blog’s purpose by expressing what you intend to blog about in as few words as possible.

10 Word Blog Description

If you haven’t discovered Lorelle’s Blog exercises “an ongoing collection of exercises to flex your blogging muscles” then you are missing out on learning how to  improve your blogging skills. In January I accepted Lorelle’s challenge to describe my blogs in 10 words and received her valuable feedback on my descriptions. In turn her feedback led to updating my blog descriptions.

We have goals, purposes, focuses, reasons for being on our blogs. What do you do on your blog? In this Blog Exercise let’s change this to “What do you do on your blog?” On your blog, with your blog, whichever works for you. — Blog Exercises: What Do You Do?

140 Character Elevator Speech

These days we use social media and social networks including Twitter and it’s also advisable to create a 140 character blog description, frequently referred to as an elevator speech. That was my next step on the way to improving communicating what my blog was about by crafting and more effective blog description for my personal blog and my two Twitter profiles.

An  Elevator Speech is a super-short explanation of an idea, a business, or a blog, designed to create further interest that can be delivered in the time it takes folks to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator. — elevator speech.

Sample Blog Descriptions

one cool site WordPress blogging tips, tools, tutorials are focused better blogging, building a better blog & effective blog promotion. (135 characters)

this time – this space personal development and self improvement blog is focused on simple living and overcoming challenges by skillful means. (142 characters)

Why Blog Descriptions are Important

Next to your site title and tagline, your blog description can  play the major role in attracting reader interest. They help new visitors know immediately what the blog is what they can expect to find within the blog. Many experienced bloggers will visit your blog’s About page and looking for a brief blogger biography and a blog description. What they and new visitors to your blog read there as well as in your posts will either interest them and motivate them to subscribe or not.

Where to Place your Blog Description

The best place but not the only one to post a blog description on your blog is on your About page, as it is meant to contain a brief biography (profile) and a blog description, including your blogging goal(s) and tags for the blog. A truncated version can be placed on a text widget in your sidebar and can also be included on your social media and social networking site profiles. Note that maintaining as much continuity as possible will assist you to create a presence in the blogosphere and in the internet.

Advice for Creating an Effective Blog Description

A keyword is any word or short phrase that describes a website topic or page. – The more a keyword is used by searchers and websites the more attraction power it has.

Whether you are creating a new blog or revamping an older blog, when developing your blog description don’t go overboard, avoid keyword stuffing.The keywords in your blog description ought to clearly describe your blog’s content and purpose and be searchable. If you don’t specify a search description for your blog, then search engines will establish one for you based on your blog’s content.

My advice is: keep it simple! Aim for brevity and clarity and include only the minimum number of relevant keywords that accurately describe what the purpose of the blog is.


Do you have a blog description?

If so, then when was the last time you updated it?

If not, then why not accept Lorelle’s challenge and create one today?


36 thoughts on “Creating an Effective Blog Description

  1. Can really appreciate your blog, I’ve been blogging since 2005, and honestly love it. I don’t want to generate revenue from it, nor care to. I blog because I like to…. simply put. But this is a great way to help bloggers start. Would you mind looking at mine and telling me what you think?

  2. I have been reading your posts and trying to implement your great advice on my little blog since I started blogging. This is how I created the Lantern’s tag (Read. Think. Write) and provided description (or at least what I believe to be one -:)) in About page!

    Thank you once again for the great insights into the world of blogging!

  3. I recently came across this Albert Einstein quote:

    “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

    Which leads me to believe he would have been good at crafting a blog description… : )

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    • It is hard because I love my blog description even though it probably doesn’t really (at first glance) reflect my content. I think I will leave it for now and put my energies into my long term goal of providing free and paid for crochet and knitting amigurumi patterns even though the tagline doesn’t reflect this.
      Hopefully my creations will get known and it wont matter.

    • Hi Kathy,
      You’re life has changed a lot. It was so great to get an update on you two and how much you love your new home in Cuenca, Ecuador.

    • Hi there,
      I’m so glad you like the header image. I’m thinking the font could be sharper and I may make another one to improve that part.

  5. Morning, tt.

    Two things I’d add to the qualities in your first para – literacy, and a willingness to use the spell-check button.

  6. When I repurposed my blog, I wrote a short mission statement that really helped me to clarify why I was doing it.

    I got really stuck on writing the a mission statement for my regular blog at I finally realized that what readers really responded to was funny little stories and my photography. They really seem to like my photographic stories – they like the pretty pictures, but they like it even better when I weave the story around the pictures. I changed my short description under the blog name to “finding beauty and laughter everywhere” as my purpose.

    Great post – great ideas. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Nancy,
      I liked the way you itemized your purpose for the blog in the two sentences at the end of the second paragraph in your Mission Statement.

      While I was visiting I read your two posts on writer’s prompts and tweeted the links. I’ve never used them and was interested read what you thought. The writing prompts review is a great resource post. Without doubt, I need to spend more time in your blog. Thanks so much for chiming in here.

      • Thanks for looking at my mission statement and giving some feedback. I totally forgot that I did that post on prompts – thanks for liking it!

  7. Having an elevator pitch ready at hand to deliver when you meet new people, whether in professional or social situations, is essential if you wish to be understood and appreciated for what you do.

    Thanks for using my blog exercises as an example. It’s been a fascinating year so far as I do five of these a week in tribute to the 10th Anniversary of WordPress, encouraging people to recharge their blogs and flex their blogging muscles. You are a part of my celebration as always!

    • Hi there,
      I benefited from our back and forth re: the 10 word exercise and expanded from there. Thanks for your feedback on elevator speeches too. You have the best ideas and I’ll be looking forward to taking pat in more of your blog exercises this year.

  8. This is perfect. Even though I’ve been blogging for a couple of months, I still haven’t created a very good blog description and need to work on it! Thanks

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