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printIf you are a blogger who wants to provide your visitors with the ability to print out part of your posts, such as but not limited to, recipes, assignments,instructions or the like this post provides several ways you can do that. 

Enable the Print Button

You can enable a print button on your posts at Settings > Sharing.

Enable Print Friendly

PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages, removes Ads, images, text and prints only what’s wanted. It’s free and easy to use. Your readers can select either Print Now or Get PDF. You can add the print friendly button to your blog. There’s also a browser app. bloggers insert the button code into the HTML editor of a post, and when clicked by a reader it takes them to where they enter the URL of the post they want to print.

Select This Button Style Select this button style Print Friendly Select this button style Select this button style Print Friendly Select This Button Style Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF version of this webpage PDF Text link, or use

recipe card templateEmbed as Image Files

You can upload each recipe, assignment, set of instructions, etc.  as an image file and embed into your posts, so your visitors can capture it and upload it to their computers.

Tess notes the problem with recipes, instructions, assignments, etc.  as images is that search engines cannot read the text in them. She advises the simplest way to allow readers to print plain unadorned text (and search engines to read) would be to use pagination by creating a page 2 of your blog post, where you copy/paste the text from the illustration program used to make the image of the recipe, assignment or instructions.

  1. Upload image files by clicking the Add Media button right above the editing area of a page or a post. Click the Add Media button, drag your image into your browser window, then insert your image into the post.
  2. Or Click the Add Media – Add New and you can upload images to your Media Library without having to start a new post. Then, when drafting your post, you can embed the image into the post from your Media Library.

word doc iconUpload a Document File for Downloading

You can upload documents to your blog using the Add Media icon. With just a couple extra steps you can upload an image and a document, like a pdf, and link your image to the .pdf. When your users view your page they can click on the button to grab your .pdf download.

Embed With Scrib

You can upload your documents to Scribd, a publishing service that allows you to quickly and easily share writings on the web. Then embed them directly into your blog posts. Use the guide for embedding Scribd.


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  1. Thanks time thief, for bringing this up – I’m having a problem with it. Everytime I use my blog’s PRINT
    button, the last few words on the right side of each line gets cut off, all the way down. Even changing the settings and margins on my printer and desktop have no effect. I would like to print out a few of my articles and have them blown up and framed (and hung near my Little League trophies from 40 years ago). Help!
    I use The Columnist Theme.
    Thanks a bunch!

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