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Make a Free Award, Event or Website Badge

one cool site gradient badgeThere are free ways to make graphic badges and banners for promoting your website, business or event. If you are planning to create an award badge, a website badge or an event badge you can make your own and get the code for your friends so they can display it on their blogs too.

gradientCreate your own image using  free image editing programs you can download and use locally. Or use or another free online image editing site. Or do as I did. Use the free online Gradient Image Maker first and save the image to your computer before using image editing software to add the text. Then head on over to the Grab My Badge Code Generator site. Enter Your Blog/Website and Image Info:

  1. Your website/blog/award/event Title
  2. Your website/blog URL
  3. Your image URL
  4. Choose Your Colors and Code Box Options – Container Type (The element that will contain your code)Textarea Pre (recommended if hosts your blog.) If you have a Blogger, Typepad or self-hosted blog (e. g. powered by WordPress site) use ‘Textarea’ instead.
  5. Click the preview button
  6. If you make any changes, click the Preview button again to see them
  7. Click the code generator button
  8. Copy the code.
  9. Paste it into a text widget and display it in your sidebar.
one cool site
one cool site

Create your own banner at!
You can also create your own badge at or create banners for your website, social networking profiles (including FB banners) online advertising or simply for promoting of your website, business or event.

You can upload JPEG, PNG, GIF and some BMP images or make your banner from scratch on site.Choose your background color(s), provide the text from the font style and size selections, add borders and.or special effects. Then generate the code.

Note: VIP accounts are offered with additional features. To remove the branding on the bottom of the badge or banner you need a VIP account.

28 thoughts on “Make a Free Award, Event or Website Badge

  1. I made a button for my webpage but my friend said it was too small and when she tried to make it bigger to display on her webpage, it became distorted. Do you have any ideas on what I can do to make it bigger? Thank you.
    Sharon. :)

  2. I’m all for awards. I could be wrong but seems to me that people hand them out because they have read and appreciated what you have to say. Even when not awarding, I will often post somebody else’s URL just as a matter of course because it is relevant to something that I have to say. It’s giving other people a chance to like blogs that I like and that they may not stumble across in the ordinary way. After all, given how many bloggers there are out there, it’s not everyone who can be freshly pressed.

    • When we begin to blog we ought to establish a collection of pillar posts that reflect the main topical areas we intend to focus on and our passion for them. As we grow as writers and publishers we may expand those topical areas as well as developing them by exploring them at deeper levels.

      At their best ie. when sincerely given and occasionally presented, awards are an appreciation that can brighten any blogger’s day. However, it doesn’t take most bloggers long to recognize that backlinks to their blog content are a superior expression of appreciation. They are also more valuable as search engines recognize the warm and fuzzy awards as being light weight stuff that lack value to a wide reader audience. There are only so many hours in any day that we can devote to blogging so it also doesn’t take long to realize by accepting an award you must toss your editorial calendar into the trash and divert your time and attention away from creating content of substance in order to play the merry-go-round awards game.

      At their worst the gifting of awards can become a revolving door scenario of the you award me and I award you kind. There will always be those who have blogs only for social purposes and such blogs will be filled with awards and reblogs. “Different strokes for different folks”, is a phrase that comes to mind.

      P.S. Your username is linked to a non-existent blog. Please link it to your active blog. Here’s how to do that.

  3. Nice to know about more upgrade ideas for my site. I love all your resources and great info. I’m following your blog, but would like to receive emails when your posts come out. Is there a way to do that? You don’t seem to have email sign up. Thanks, Brad

  4. It’s always handy to know where to go online to do a little free graphics work, creating artwork, badges, etc., for one’s own blog. However, I’m not a fan of “awards” and their accompanying badges generated by other bloggers. To me they smack too much of “chain letters” and social networks.

  5. You are so good at all this stuff that you may not fully recognise the level of your own expertise. For those of us who loiter in the jungle of ignorance, these posts are always impressive. They are making me look at my technical skills in a way I never bothered to before.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for the kind words. I wanted to demystify the process and demonstrate that making a badge is easier and less technical than we assume it is.

  6. This is such a helpful post TiTi! I am definitely gonna get to work on making a badge/award for my blog :) This post gave my little brain a light bulb :)
    Much love,

    • Dear Zeenat,
      It’s such a pleasure to hear from you. Your positivity tips are important to me. I use them to create balance in my life and fan the flame of optimism. It’s good to know I can be helpful in return.

    • Hi Mike,
      I also strive to keep to the less is more rule but do note that a badge does not have to appear in a sidebar. The same coding can be used in a post or page, so maybe you will have a need for these instructions one day.

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