Blog Design / Blogging Tips / Tips Dashboard Facelift Feedback dashboardWe’ve being using the updated WordPress dashboard, a work in progress since early last month and I’m giving this dashboard makeover a thumbs up.

No new features have been added and the arrangement has stayed the same but they’ve painted it black and readability has been improved. dashboard

We’ve drawn new icons, increased contrast and font size, and generally modernized the design from top to bottom. We’re still working on it, but you can preview it starting today! To step into the future, head over to Users → Personal Settings in your blog’s dashboard and check “Enable experimental admin design (MP6),” then Save Changes. We’d love to have you preview the new design and let us know what you think. You can use this feedback form to send us your ideas.

My feedback was:

The contrast and readability is much improved.
The clutter has been reduced.
There is a sporadic lag time when loading Admin pages but a left click anywhere on the page while it’s loading brings it up instantly.

Here’s an interesting glimpse of the changes in WordPress Dashboards—1.5 to 3.4.

It seems the blue we have long associated with WordPress has giving way to black as we can see in our comments in the Reader.

comment black backgroundIt will be interesting to see what the near future will hold for more dashboard changes. I’m looking for a seamless experience when navigating between the global dashboard and my own blogs’ dashboards. At present it’s too many clicks for my liking.

Have you enabled experimental admin design (MP6) at Users → Personal Settings in your blog’s dashboard?

If so have you provided your feedback to the dashboard changes ie. a work in progress?

47 thoughts on “ Dashboard Facelift Feedback

  1. I’ve just stumbled across your excellent blog – and now I’m wondering if the changes to the dashboard are causing the default HTML text/visual problem I posted to the WP Forums 3 weeks ago? See I’ve been blogging with WP for a while now, and every now and again an improvement seems to impact negatively on some unintended feature. Do they test changes out using IE Explorer as well as the other browsers? because these little issues often seem to arise with IE and not with Firefox

  2. The cosmetic changes are very nice. Making it skin-able with themes might be for the best although I would probably go with this current black.

    I do wish that they would do more with functionality first and appearance second. I would like a directory system for the media library and better demographics for where viewers are from, like city and state in addition to country like MySpace does (or maybe used to, I quit them years ago for other reasons).

  3. Black lends a crisp, modern, sophisticated look. I always find it attractive, which inevitably creates a conflict because I know from readability studies and my own experience that reverse type is harder to read. It’s an unnecessary change, I think. Perhaps it should be optional, like the other colors we can set for our admin pages. (As for the reverse type on the comments, I dislike that for the same reason. But since they destroyed the old comment format, I never look at it anyway.)

    The new icons are a big improvement, however. Thumbs up on that.

    • I’m with you on this and I suspect on other “improvements” to the Reader.
      (As for the reverse type on the comments, I dislike that for the same reason. But since they destroyed the old comment format, I never look at it anyway.)

      However, I do like the black in the dashboard menus. I find the orange and turquoise stand out well against it. I also like the icons too.

      • Now that I’ve used the new dashboard for a day or two, I’ve noticed other small changes here and there. They aren’t so obvious that I could point them out, but things just seem clearer. It’s like when someone makes a subtle font change. You know something has changed but you’re not quite sure what.

  4. I am using Safari 6.0.4 and am experiencing major lag loading any pages in WordPress these days. I tried the new Dashboard and ended up going back to the standard one and it has gotten worse.

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen this yet. I don’t have any problems with the old Dashboard, for that matter, but ‘improvements’ are the fashion of the day

      • Hi timethief. I had a go and i’m not sure about blackl for me … so i tried the pale blue which i like, then fun then decided to go back to the original but now it won’t come out of fun. Any ideas please?!

  6. I will definitely try to look at it this weekend. Generally I find black backgrounds and pale text hard to read – I don’t follow blogs that use them, especially if font size is small! Will check how I find it then feed back to WP.

  7. My old eyes have a lot more trouble reading on a black background, so I suspect I’m not going to like that change very much.

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