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I’m eagerly awaiting activation of this custom colors feature on free themes. There are some themes that I would be using now, if we had the ability to set custom colors without having to pay for a custom design upgrade, but we don’t, yet. Click through to see the image here  Yellow Fonts, Contrast, And Clarity.

NEW! Custom Colors can now be previewed by anyone with our free themes. Just click the Try Now button while customizing.

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30 thoughts on “Yellow Fonts, Contrast, And Clarity| Light Reading

  1. this would be great for free…do you think it could be possible? anytime soon? ☺

  2. hi,i was trying the sidekick theme,which,i like quite a lot,but in the sidebar wudget aerea is it normal?

    1. Yes. It’s not designed to have any sidebars.

      1. thank you-for superhero,can you change the black header?i am thinkinh about superhero:D

      2. hi, i have been testing untitled,very nice,but custom backround is missimg,although it is mention on the description.any idea?

        1. Themes Staff have added it now.

          1. thank you will check it out

          2. everything is working now.a small question, how do you change,the font colour?weith my backround iyou cant read it.thank.for noww i am only testingbut i like ti

          3. That’s a support forum question Please post there for help.

            I don’t want to answer support forum questions in my blogs. I spend hours answering questions almost every day on the support forums. When I come to my blogs I want only to blog.

          4. yes i understand, dont worry

  3. Cool news. I don’t like the default orange font on my theme. Going to check if I can change it yet.

    1. This hasn’t happened as yet and will not happen at least until the next upgrade is implemented. It’s good to be able to preview it though.

  4. I’m so opinionated about text colors and fonts that I paid for the customization a long time ago. It should be fun for everyone when the color options are free, although I would urge caution. There are many factors to consider in choosing text colors, and the themes, with their current colors, were designed by professionals. Not that I don’t often disagree with them. For example, I don’t care for the yellow on the linked blog. Yellow is rarely a good choice for text.

    1. You are right about being cautious. I happen to have a series on choosing blog colors under my Blog Design category.

  5. timethief, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award because of your cheerful and inspiring posts. Please read all about on my post at: You can also copy the logo onto your blog site and display it proudly. Congratulations!

    1. Hi Beverly,
      Thanks so much. I’ve been over to your blog. :)

  6. I just changed header color. not bad! Thanks for letting me know.

    1. You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog.

  7. This would be good.

    1. I’m glad you think so too.

  8. As always, timethief, you’re providing insightful information, well ahead of the game!

    1. Hi Josephine,
      Thanks for your ongoing interest.

  9. i wish i could have the confidence to play around with the free themes more but i dont like change LOL

    1. Oh come on now . There has to be a sense of adventure under there somewhere, no? ;)

  10. Ah, another topic dear to my heart! One of the good things about blogger in my years on there was being able to fiddle with colours. There was a good palette anyway, but with a little tweaking, the whole colour palette was all available for free for links, sidebar headings etc.

    Having said that, playing with colour in text is lethal. Bearing in mind how many people are visually challenged in whatever way, if you want people to read what you write, then it makes sense to go for clear and simple. Which is why I’m happy with 2011 and black text on a white background. Plus, I can change the outer background colour (which I do for one blog, cream instead of white) and I can change the header font colour (v dark green), so suits me all round.

    When I originally started using VDUs (back in the dark ages, yes?) it was white on black, although the recommended option was white on green as easier on the eyes. I do find reading white text on a dark background quite difficult these days.

    I would urge caution to anyone wanting to go overboard on font colours. My preference would always be to use bold or italic for any type of emphasis. But like most dinosaurs, I’m short sighted.

    1. And some mobile devices only see in grayscale … something to keep in mind.

    2. I recall having a Blogger blog and that ability. Technically I still have a private blog there but I rarely login. I dislike colorful fonts and/or white font on a black background reduce readability for some people. At the minimum I want the ability to change font colors in the Site Tile and Tagline and in links without paying $30. every year to do that.

  11. Wow, something new for freeloaders like me to play with? I’m all for that TT! :D

    1. Me too. I’ve often wished we had what Blogger bloggers have.

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