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Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

weekend readingI hope you Readers find value these selections. As for me, I’m exhausted and I will be taking a bit of a break this weekend. My friends will be arriving tonight to visit on this last weekend of spring break. When I’m not with them I’ll be responding to your comments here and on my personal blog. Have I told you Readers lately how much I treasure your comments? If not, then for the record, you rock!

A Look at Longform on – When Staff look for content for Freshly Pressed, they are looking for strong writing and photography. There are over 39 million posts written on each month. With only a few humans reading posts each day as they curate Freshly Pressed, there will always be posts that are missed. If you publish a post of 1,000 words or more be sure to Tag it with WPLongform.

Six Benefits of Interview-style Blog Posts – Top six reasons and benefits re: starting your own series of interview-style posts.

Why Split-Testing is Like Sex in High School – Split testing is all about finding results that you can be confident in based on statistical significance. This isn’t a touchy-feely kind of confidence — it’s calculated mathematically, and you want it to be at least 90%, and ideally 95% or more to choose a winner.

Try These 6 Quick Story Exercises to Spark Your Creativity – Sometimes creativity exercises are a bit boring – what’s that tiresome exercise with the candle, the cup, the matches? – but these exercises by Snyder, meant to jump-start ideas for movies, are very amusing.

In It For the Long-haul: 5 Tips for Blogging Longevity – Don’t worry about being big; Define your own success; Be patient; Establish trust & engage with your readers; Be consistent.

Blog Exercises: Make an Elephant Out of a Fly – Got a rant? Got a pedestal to stand on? We often blog an elephant out of a fly. There are times when this is appropriate, and times when the response is over the top, out of proportion with the facts and reality.

How to Increase Twitter Engagement with Nestivity – Kristi Hines reviews a new Twitter tool, Nestivity (currently in beta). It takes your Twitter engagement to a whole new level by encouraging people to engage in conversations and making those conversations easy to follow by placing them in a threaded discussion form.

7 tips on writing a book – Is writing a book just sitting there on your bucket list waiting for that year or two of peace to come to fruition?

5 Top Legal Issues for Authors and Self-Publishers – Traditionally, for most authors there just weren’t many legalities to consider. That was until traditional book authorship and publishing met the internet and created their lovechild called self-publishing.

CheckThis: a simple mobile blogging tool for the iPhone (video) – CheckThis is a great way to tell stories with your mobile device.

12 thoughts on “Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

  1. Found the Check This info very interesting. Also “In It For the Long- Haul…” reassured me that I am doing some stuff “right” in the blog world. I hope you had a weekend with time for fun AND rejuvenation.

  2. Thanks as always for a great list. I’m off to check out CheckThis. Have a good weekend…

  3. Thank you for following my blog. I love the writing tips that help you jump start your brain. Especially the one about the FBI slob agent sent undercover to a Provence Cooking School. Delicious!

  4. Fantastic list! I’ve found some goodies to refer to my students. You rock!

    Thanks for the inclusion, too. Past the first three months and onwards with those blog exercises. Whew!

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