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i'm lateI won’t bore you readers with a litany of excuses for being late in publishing my weekly blogging reads and resources selections. I will apologize to those who have submitted comments I have yet to reply to. I have replying to you at the top of my to do list and will get that done today. 

Here’s a brief update. My back is in alignment again – hooray! My dental surgery went well – hooray!

I had a lively discussion with fellow artists focused on a color that’s not among my faves. That lead to a series of paintings with a whole new appreciation for pinkness.

re: Import-ant News for Google Reader Users I haven’t committed to which RSS Feed reader I will be using, but I may follow Bert’s advice and backup by following on the WordPress.com Reader as well.

Spring break is happening (March 15 – 25, 2013). Our friends will be visiting next weekend, and my partner and I will be enjoying some of our free time making memories with them. Did I mention their 3 little hula dancers inspire me and encourage me to remain forever four.

Here’s my baker’s dozen for this past week:

Let’s stop treating busy as a badge of honor – We take a little pride in being busy, really busy, too busy. Maybe this validates us, gives us a sense of purpose, lets us feel there is value to our life. But I think it’s time we stop to consider the impact of our busy-ness and stop holding it in such high regard.

Five Best Google Reader Alternatives – Google Reader is shutting down, but it’s not the end of the world. Take look at five of the best form lifehacker, based on your nominations. The Old Reader, NewsBlur, Feedly, NetVibes, Pulse.

Does Blogging Sell Books? Not Exactly, but Here’s Why You Should Do It Anyway – With self-publishing, it’s easy to see whether your blog posts produce any spike in sales, and it rapidly becomes obvious that those posts don’t usually have any effect on your profits.

7 Scientifically-Backed Copywriting Tips – 1. Make em’ feel something; 2. Be wary of “selling” savings; 3. Sweat the small stuff; 4. Embrace your devilish side; 5. Don’t rely on adjectives alone; 6. Include “power” words; 7. Use transportation for persuasion.

3 Big Mistakes Artists Make With Their WordPress Websites – BIG Mistake NUMBER ONE: Choosing a WordPress theme that competes with your art; BIG mistake NUMBER TWO: A lack of substance in the content; BIG mistake NUMBER THREE: NOT resizing and optimization images for your website.

8 Ways Your Content Strategy Should Change With the New Facebook News Feed – Facebook announced the biggest change to News Feed in its seven-year history. During the opening of this announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared how almost 50% of News Feed content today is photos and visual content.

Facebook News Feed Changes Mean Changing Your Approach to Images –  Though this post is directed to Facebook users the “Make your Visuals Work WITH Text, instead of Merely Repeating It” tips are universal.

Seize the Momentum to Blog! – Blogging is a creative activity. Even if you are writing informative articles, you have to admit you can’t do it without the momentum, energy and enthusiasm.

Guest Blogging in 2013: The End of Unsolicited Guest Posts? –  Sites like Probloger, Copyblogger, and Mashable were receiving unsolicited guest blogging requests on a regular basis. But now those opportunities are gone. Kristi HInes explains why and provides her tips for increasing your odds of having your guest post published on quality blogs. Note what the head of Google’s Webspam Team, Matt Cutts, has to say about guest blogging for links.

13 signs you spend too much time on Pinterest – If any of these sound familiar, it may be a good idea to log off the site and step away from your computer.

No Joke: Polaroid Plans To Produce The Instagram Camera By 2014 – The camera’s designer has entered into a contract with Polaroid to develop the concept.

3 proven ways to create news when there’s none – PR agency owner Sandra Fathi shares three tactics she uses to land coverage for her clients (with examples!): Story hijacking, trend intervention, and data.

The Dream Internship: Work at Automattic (Summer 2013) – Automattic runs WordPress.com, Akismet, VaultPress, and many other services and is looking for a few stellar summer student development paid interns, specifically to work on the WordPress.com VIP team.

15 thoughts on “Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

  1. Hey there TT,

    Glad you’re feeling “better.” I think I have a resource to recommend to you! I keep forgetting to put up an image/link on my site to remind myself about what I value. Check it out!


    1. Hi Julie,
      I remember that. :) Thanks so much for sharing the link.

  2. I had come across your technique for translating WordPress sites into other languages in a WordPress forum post and just wanted to thank you, as it has been a solution that has worked out very well for me. In thinking about the whole issue of web site translation though, it seems like it would be better to list say “Arabic” as العربية rather than the English translation “Arabic”. I mean, if you’re someone who doesn’t know any English, the word “Arabic” might not mean anything to you or help you find the translation. Do you have any thoughts on the issue or an argument in favor of using an English translation in the link display to a language translation?

    1. I think your point is an important one. Yes the language tabs would be better if they were in the appropriate language.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me that you have such a thorough understanding of Blogging and internet publishing. I’ve not yet overcome my inability to post pictures with my largely reflective or semi-humorous posts, and I’m sure if | did manage, they would come out in the same size as central park because my understanding is so limited. I am making some efforts to improve, hence my presence on your Blog, but as yet, I can be inspired but not educated :(

    1. I set this comment aside so I could give you some help with images.

      You can upload image files in two ways: by going to Media → Add New from your dashboard http://en.support.wordpress.com/media/media-add-new/ or by clicking the new Add Media button right above the editing area of a page or a post. http://en.support.wordpress.com/add-media/

      See also http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/04/26/images-the-three-link-options/

      For troubleshooting see http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/troubleshooting-images/

      To create a galleries see here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/

      Gallery resource see here > http://wp.me/p8gVp-L

  4. What a trouper, posting under such adverse circumstances. Thanks for all the blogging goodness.

    1. I assume we all have bad weeks from time to time. Thank you for the kind words. Here is is Wednesday and I’m still far behind in answering comments.

  5. So many tabs open from all these useful links… Thanks as always!

    1. Hi Issac,
      As you know this weekly exercise of selecting a dozen posts to recommend to readers is new and I’m still feeling my way through it. I hope you find some articles contain information that makes a positive impact on how you blog so don’t hesitate to provide feedback.

      P.S. I like to read posts on my commenter’s blogs. When I do that I usually find posts I click the like button on and I tweet the link to my twitter followers. I’d like to follow you on twitter but I can’t locate a twitter follow widget on your blog. http://en.support.wordpress.com/twitter/twitter-follow-button/ Do you have an account? I have two and the one I use to tweet links from your articles on is this one https://twitter.com/thistimespace

      1. Hi Timethief,

        I do have a twitter account. The button (I’ve recently changed the look of it) is in the middle footer bar, next to the RSS button. Please let me know if it works – I have tested it myself but it’s always better to get someone else to mess with it.

        Appreciate the tweets too!

        1. Now that I located the icon and clicked it to follow you I feel so stupid for overlooking it in the first place. DUH …

  6. My fave for the week is the one about busyness. Amen. Glad your back and your mouth are better. Enjoy spring break with your friends, and don’t worry about comment replies!

    1. Thanks so much for your kindness. I will answer every comment just as soon as I can but first I must eat.

      1. Hi there,
        I got a good night’s sleep and I’m feeling well today. This week I want to stay on track so I get all my work done before my company arrives. I intend to plod along keeping to my schedule and avoiding getting sidetracked. However, one never knows what may arise during the working day. Best wishes for a good week.

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