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Unfollowing Notice

March 15th, 2013 Update

Please read Import-ant News for Google Reader Users and note I will now be moving all my followers back to this weekend.

I will be unfollowing all blogs I currently follow in my Reader and making other arrangements.

From the support forum thread : The new “comments I made” feature is horrible

Thanks for the feedback folks, we’re taking this all very seriously, and rest-assured that we’re not done iterating on the new My Activity section.

I’d like to clear up one common misconception here. The idea that your comments have been injected into the Reader is simply not true.

While!/activities/ does appear to be the Reader with your comments and likes added to it, it is in fact entirely separate from!/read/following/!/read/following/ will always feature just the posts from the blogs you’re following!/activities/ will feature posts that you have liked and commented on (plus your comments).

We’re still working to make little improvements around the new system and greatly appreciate your feedback!

27 thoughts on “Unfollowing Notice

  1. After reading the comments here (from Bert & Kinna), I’ve decided to “follow” more blogs via WP, but continue to read them via rss. With the exception of two blogs whose posts I like to have emailed to me, I’ll just edit the settings so that I don’t get email notifications of new posts. I like the idea of showing my appreciation by adding a “follow” to some of my favorite blogs.

  2. TT I hope you’re recovering and not in too much pain.
    I’d just like to say that your help has been invaluable on many occasions to me. As for talk about following with Google reader i have a horrible feeling i somehow managed to do this yesterday – is this a mistake /am i overrriding a WP option by doing so?

    • Hi Helena,
      I’m feeling much better but I’m very tired. I barely got through the day yesterday and fell asleep in my armchair. My hubby woke me up and sent me to bed. My work in the business is up to date as is my contracted work but my housework needs attention. Hopefully I’ll catch up on sleep and gain back some strength this weekend. I was about to set up using Google Reader too but see what Bert says. I won’t make a decision on this until next week as I don’t think it’s wise to make big decisions when I am not well.

      • Let the housework go – it’s more important that you rest…
        It seems like you can’t cancel Google Reader without emailing them but i can’t for the life of me find the address! I don’t even know what it does really – i thought it just enabled me to leave comments on blogger accounts which won’t accept WP? is it more than this? I do hope it doesn’t affect my WP blog which feels like i’m just learning to manage at last!
        Rest well time thief.

  3. I’ve always used Google Reader. And, as the comment above, I click the WP follow button for mutual appreciation as well.

  4. I use RSS for following blogs & comments, with only a couple of exceptions, so I’m not that affected by the change, but I do think it’s bone-headed, and the new replacement is just a jumble, as far as I can tell.

    I’ve gotten so that when WP makes a change to a feature I loved and used all the time, I just sigh and am resigned. When there is another way of doing whatever it was they “messed with,” I do that, but often there’s not.

    One of the first things I did when I got a new computer at Christmas was to install the greasemonkey script that overrides WP’s font in the html editing box — I silently thank airodyssey for that script every time that I edit a post in the html box! — that’s another change of WP’s where they didn’t seem to be concerned about so much as users. That may not be the correct interpretation, but it was the impression that I got.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon, TT!

      • I wanted to switch to a “pretty” one like Feedly, especially since it supposedly also works with Android devices, but I found it near impossible to use in Firefox. I’ve been using “Brief” for Firefox for a while now, and although it’s plain vanilla, it works very well & integrates well with an rss feed icon in the address bar (which you now have to add manually as an extension, since Firefox seems to have removed it in the most recent version).

        If you use Firefox & you don’t mind something that isn’t pretty & magazine-like, I can recommend Brief. You can star articles & save them, sort them in a few different ways, and so on. I’m going back to using it because it’s very functional & easy to use with no work-arounds.

        If I were using rss in Opera, I’d probably use the one built into their built-in mail program.

    • My face, mouth and head hurt. I am grumpy as I can be and I’m avoiding the use of any modifiers lest I be tempted to use expletives. Along with wordpress version 3.6 I expect we will see significant dashboard changes. Do you recall switch to 2.5? If I’m right then get ready to rodeo ride again.

  5. I was wondering what was going on. Tried this morning to leave a comment but couldn’t see anywhere to do it. I need to read your full post now but it’s late so I’ll do it in the morning

    • Hi Mike,
      I didn’t open the comments on my personal blog post that duplicates this one. In fact I forgot to open them on this post at first too, and remembered later to do it just before I had to head out of the door.

    • I’m not angry contrary any rumors you may have heard. I reached the end of my patience with the development of the new dashboard. It’s clear to me that I will not get the kind of display I wish to have there. All that added stuff I don’t want or need compromises my ability to blog the way I want to blog. That’s why I simply removed all the blogs I followed from the reader. I will be following them in a RSS Feedreader instead.

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  7. Hi, I was wondering why you’re not using the ‘Following’ feature any more? I don’t check the ‘activities’ portion — is it interfering with the follow option? Thanks

    • Hi there,
      I’m on my way to spend a day in the big city on the big island having dental work done. I won’t be back until this evening. I don’t have the time to provide you with an answer beyond what you find in the comments I made on the thread I linked to. And, as the blog linked to your username is not a free hosted blog my answer wouldn’t be of use to you in any event.

      P.S. Contrary to any rumors in circulation, I’m not giving up blogging. I’m in for the long haul.

      • “I’m not giving up blogging. I’m in for the long haul.”

        That’s nice to know. You’ve saved me from a few headaches a time or two. (Hope you don’t have too many aches following the dental work.)

        • I have a swollen face and a headache and that’s why I’m only answering support forum questions today. I hope to be feeling better tomorrow.

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