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Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

mini weekend reads & resources abstarct copyright protectedI had a good work week and hope you readers did too. Most things went as planned and only a couple of things went off the rails. I was able to get things back on track in short order and that gave me a sense of accomplishment.

My contracted work is in the research stage. When my eyes glaze over I take a break and spend some time outdoors before I return to it again.  The painting muse is visiting me and in the evening hours I’m exploring the difference between vibrancy and saturation in digital abstracts.

I did find a baker’s dozen of articles I’d like to recommend to you readers in this edition of my Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources.

Pencils, Pens and Writing from the Heart: The Beauty of Low-tech Blogging – The research shows, and I have discovered it myself, that writing by hand engages the brain.

Jane Austen’s Guide to Brand Management – Whether she knew it or not at the time, she was an absolute pro in the area of brand management.

Ten Lessons from Steve Jobs for Public Speakers – Steve Jobs made Apple into one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the world.  His wisdom and insights into business and life contain lessons that can be applied when it comes to presentations and public speaking.

Making a Blogger Media Kit – All bloggers should have a media kit and resume ready to go in case of:

  • Interview opportunities (you never know when a journalist might need you as a source)
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Job interviews
  • Speaking/presentation opportunities

Busting the Mehrabian Myth – Can words really account for only 7 percent of the meaning of a spoken message? This short video animation puts ‘Mehrabian’s rule’ under the magnifying glass and shows why it can’t be true.

5 Ways That You Can Be An Innovation Genius – Red Thread Thinking is a process you can use to develop ideas from scratch and innovate in any situation – from coming up with new business ideas to coming up with ways to solve a sticky situation in the office.

‘Contagious’ explains secret behind infectious ideas – Why do some things “go viral” while others fall flat? In his new book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Jonah Berger, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, explores the science of popularity in an age of social media.  Now with the click of a button, you can share with a thousand — five thousand, ten thousand — others.  But  just 7% of word of mouth happens online.

Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad and iPhone – The most useful iOS bookmarklets for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with instructions on how to install them in your mobile Safari browser.

How to Use Bookmarklets in Chrome for Mobile – Learn a simple trick that allow you to use your favorite bookmarklets in Google Chrome for Android, iPhone and iPad even with the missing bookmarks toolbar.

How to Run a Poll on Google Plus – Learn a simple workaround that will help you conduct polls and surveys on your Google Plus profiles and business pages.

Know the Sleeping Time of anyone on Twitter –  Sleeping Time, if you are new, is a web app that lets you determine the sleeping pattern of any Twitter user as long as they have a public profile on Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t get newspapers – That Facebook wants to become your new newspaper, a source for seeing the events your friends are attending, the music they’re listening to or the article they’re reading, is great. It’s fun and interesting. But it has two downsides …

11 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing

10 thoughts on “Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

  1. I especially enjoyed the article on the “secret behind infectious ideas.” The following line jumped out at me:

    “What our work shows is that high-arousal emotions increase sharing and low-arousal emotions decrease sharing. When you’re excited, you are fired up and activated. When you’re content, you feel relaxed but don’t want to do very much. High-arousal emotion drives sharing.”

    Interesting!– and I guess it makes perfect sense: if you wanna go viral, get the troops excited– either jazzed or incensed. If your post makes ’em happily content, they’re not gonna feel inclined to pass it along.

    Much to ponder there– thanks, TT!

  2. I always learn something new on your weekly post. This time it was bookmarklets. Had never heard of them. The writing in long-hand really works for me. All my best posts, the ones that come from my heart, were hand-written first. Now if they will only go back to teaching kids to write in cursive….

  3. My post on low-tech blogging is getting recycled in delightful ways. Thanks for sharing it here!

  4. I went to find a pen last night to sign a birthday card and actually couldn’t find one easily in the house. I really had to dig deep. I’m mortified that I rarely put pen to paper anymore. Your first pick was a timely read for me.

    • Hi there,
      I have been focusing on using pen and paper more these days myself so this article caught my attention. I’m glad you find it to be timely for you.

  5. Thank you for including my post about Steve Jobs among your picks for this weekend. Much appreciated. And thanks for your resolute helpfulness towards others on WordPress. Also much appreciated.

    • Hi John,
      You are most welcome. I’m always looking for useful posts for my readers and I’m a subscriber to your blog.
      Thanks also for the kind words.

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