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Daily Dot | National Day of Unplugging starts at sundown

unplugAt sundown today, the fourth annual National Day of Unplugging begins. The holiday encourages people to take a break from technology by turning off all of their devices for a period of 24 hours.  via Daily Dot | National Day of Unplugging starts at sundown.

The group behind the Sabbath Manifesto and the National Day of Unplugging is a nonprofit Jewish community established in 2003 called Reboot. Their main objective is to give all individuals an opportunity to “reboot” their inner self and disconnect from all forms of media and technologies, allowing people to refresh their lives and take a well-deserved break

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I won’t be participating this year, unless the call to switch the 3 computers over comes soon.  How about you? Are you planning to unplug?


36 thoughts on “Daily Dot | National Day of Unplugging starts at sundown

  1. Hello TT
    It makes me feel normal. for years my phones get switched on automatically in the evening to start again in the morning. Different timings for different phones. Any new person I meet is astonished at my such ‘abnormal’ behavior. Now I know I shall qoute ‘Unplugging day’ ‘Unplugging Night’ movement. Nothing is more for my sweet sleep.
    BTW Ihave another problem. the wordpress backup is not working. it backs up into file but when I open file data is only upto a few days and an error message in chromium. Firefox refuses to open with error message ‘XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace’. Any suggestion?

  2. I was unplugged enough to not read the post until evening of the 3rd, so I guess that counts. And I spent part of today in the 14th and 15th century, at an early music concert, which is pre-plugged and delightful.

  3. I’m not going to kid myself:

    I don’t have a cellphone. So already I’m unplugged in this way. I don’t drag around my iPad nor my laptop from work with me.

    Today on Sunday, I just returned from a snowy stormy walk…relaxed with a book at a café for 2 hrs. Including walking that was 3 hrs.

    Then I have to work tomorrow…where my job requires the computer over a corporate network.

    I’m not sure, if I should feel guilty, incapable of turning off when already I don’t even have a cellphone to bug me.

    • Why should you feel guilty? it doesn’t sound like you are an addict to me. Like you I don’t own a cellphone. I have no intention of owning one either I may add. That does mean I’m not online all the time but I need to reduce my digital connection time and I’m going to do that in the future.

  4. I guess we were quite in sync… we were on the road all day and “UNPLUGGED” – although I just got around to reading the post today :) Thanks for posting TT!

  5. Unplugged,eh? … does that mean no interwebz or no computers at all?. If it’s the former, I disconnect for a couple of hours a day, otherwise I’d never get any work done … if it’s the latter, I wouldn’t get any work done!

  6. Too late. It’s already after sunset here. I couldn’t have done it anyway. Home all day … what’s a girl to do? I’m addicted.

  7. Reblogged this on The Shop Sampler and commented:
    I used to do this regularly, even before there was an organized event. Good time to make a comeback! I’ll be unplugged effective sundown tonight for 24 to 36 hours! How about you?

  8. wow. That’s quite an inspiring idea. We don’t do anything like that in the UK . Mind you, I’m out all day, so I could join in without any personal inconvenience. Perhaps that’s not the idea

    • Being out means you got a kick start on this. :) But you’re right ,if you are thinking in terms of prior commitment that is the idea.

  9. I’m trying to unplug at weekends so this is a timely reminder that I shouldn’t be here! I’m working towards a first poetry collection and several new poems have blinked into life during unplugged time recently. Thanks for the prompt.

    • Hi Josephine,
      My hubby and I have made a pact to 24 hours weekly offline and once the switch is made we will begin. Best wishes with the poetry collection.

  10. I actually try to unplug every chance I get! But as for this specific day, nope! I set a deadline for myself on some content creation, so unplugging right now isn’t an option! ;-)

    • I ♥ your honesty. it’s a struggle for us addicts and that’s for sure. However, there’s always tomorrow and any day would be a good day for a break.

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