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Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

just for youThis is something new I’m trying out to see how it goes over with you Readers. The idea I have is to publish a brief post every Saturday that contains links to to articles I found to be the best related reads and resources of the week,  as a well as, tips and tweaks that are too small to expand and create a full blog post from.  

12 tips to make 2013 your best year yet – If you want to improve and become better in 2013, here is my best advice on how to blog better, grow your traffic, and turn your efforts into more than just a hobby and maybe even into a real business.

What is a Properly Formed Link? This  detailed comprehensive post is the whole enchilda when it comes to links. (Note:  Lorelle Teaches is a resource for students and workshop participants at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington.  Lorelle’s students find helpful tutorials, resources, and educational material related to the classes and programs she offers on that site.)

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

Fix Your Broken Crap This Weekend – If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of stuff. You could probably stand to get rid of some of it, but chances are you have a few things that need a little fixing.

Top 10 Hacks for Automating Your Life – With a bit of ingenuity, you can automate a lot of your life so you don’t have to trudge through the boring stuff.

Please feel free to provide your feedback on this new idea as if it is not helpful then I’ll discontinue it.

* Hat tip – Sandra Pawula

60 thoughts on “Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

  1. I was going to say, “Great idea!”, but everyone else has said, “Great idea!”, so I’m going to say, “Excellent idea!!” Good thing I’m quick-thinking and resourceful… : )

  2. Interesting stuff…some stuff I will find useful for sure.

    You should look into having a newsletter where people can put their email in. I’m sure people would like to hear weekly updates from you.

  3. Thanks for this compilation, I think it’s a great idea too. I read Lorelle’s site and got so distracted with some of her posts that I haven’t got any further with your list! I agree with a lot of Lorelle writes, and I’ve written some similar posts on what and how to write, (so it’s always good to read the same point of view!) but I also learned quite a few new things.

  4. I like your idea and how you are presenting the links. The short intro you wrote is enough to help me decide to check out the link. I know there is a world of info about blogging out there that I don’t have time to search for. I appreciate you gathering what you find interesting or useful into this list format.

  5. if you have a personal blog,and you know who you are blogging too,another geat way,at least for me,to get more traffic,is to wite personal post, if you can with photos,without giving to much away

  6. This is a great idea, TT, and I’ve already bookmarked one of those (had a peek at it but am getting lots of comments on my blog at the moment and don’t have time to read it all through yet.) Will come back and look at the other links later. You’ve got to know – I love posts with links, and the more useful they are the better (but then I’m a techno-nut!)

  7. This is a brilliant idea …the Google+ Strategies link was worth it alone. Using G+ is something I want to kick into high gear this year, but I have/had no idea where to begin … thanks!

  8. This is a great idea. I sincerely hope it works out. Personally, I am always looking for new things to try out–especially when it can help my blog. Thanks for initiating this!
    Best wishes for much success!

  9. I love the idea! I could definitely use the hacks on automating my life, for example, and that’s just a start on these great links. You are exceptional at gathering the best information so we can happily rely on the links you provide. Thanks for the hat tip!

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thanks for your feedback and for the idea too. I was looking at the huge number of blogs I visit and the number of great posts that I wasn’t sharing in my blog and I had a eureka moment. I like your monthly reviews and frequently find excellent reads in what you share. That’s where this idea came from. If it continues to be popular ie. useful then I’ll continue with it.

  10. I like it! Tips on tips! Since beginning my blog I have always trusted you for the best tips and have learned so much. Having perused the first link in this article and found some info I want to share on my blog, it’s time to dig into seeing if I’m doing the best I can with creating links. Want to start linking not just to general locals, but specific areas in articles so my readers don’t have to work too hard!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Julie,
      It’s heart warming to know what I do is well received. Knowing the very first link provided useful information for you made me happy. Most of all it’s great that you are going to take your blog up a level by providing niche related resources for your readers. Best wishes.

      • Thank you! Something else I learned from links in this post is that it is no longer de rigeur to have your links open on a new page. It is so hard now not to click the open new window box. Hope you have a healthy, happy 2013. We miss you when you’re not online!

    • I’m glad to share what I sort out of the huge amount if information I encounter weekly. It’s good to know you think you will benefit from that sharing. Thanks.

  11. Terrific idea and resource, Timethief. If WordPress’ reblog function was a more appealing post format than simply functional, I’d reblog this important sources and resources post. Your research and hard work on this is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to these weekly, annotated reads!

  12. Hello Matt

    Thanks. I read most of the links including 64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]. I am using a plugin to link my Google + site to a blog that I am developing. My picture has not shown up in search to date. LOL. I need to revisit this and tweak a few things I guess.

    By the way, thanks for

    Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity.
    Mercedes Coleen

  13. Sounds like a good plan. Ronni Bennett over at Time Goes By does the same thing every Saturday — just a bunch of interesting short items she picked up during the week, no one of them worth a full post of its own. There can certainly be as much value in a short item as in a long one.

    • Hi there,
      It’s good to know you approve and find value in brevity. In my private journal I ramble on and on and on as the purpose is to be in closer touch with my inner landscape. I rarely publish short posts in my blogs but I do intend to do that in 2013. Writing well enough to cover any topic in as few words as possible is a challenge and I intend so accept that challenge more often in 2013.

      P.S. I wasn’t previously aware of Ronni Bennett’s blog but thanks to your comment here I visited it.

    • Hi Helena,
      I’m so glad you approve. I’m also happy your posted here as it prompted me to follow you back to your blog and read “Still got it!” You are a skilled very story storyteller and I really enjoyed my visit.

  14. I think it’s a great idea. It gives me exposure to other blogs that I might not be aware of. I’ve picked up a number of new blogs to read when bloggers refer to them in some way. Try it and see. The worst that can happen is you decide it’s too much work or you don’t like doing. Big deal! Experiment and see.


    • Hi Nancy,
      Discovering new blogs is an important point and one of the reasons I’m doing this. Like you I considered that the worst things that could happen are (1) my readers wouldn’t cotton to the idea or (2) I would lose interest or not be able to fulfill the obligation. Given the number of blogs I read every week I decoded the latter worst thing that could happen was unlikely to take place. Either way it would be no big deal if I just stopped doing it, so I listened to the wee small voice inside and followed the inclination of my intuition.

  15. What you have, tt, is a back-to-basics weblog – a list of things you found online that you found interesting and want to share, which – before blogs went off in a thousand different directions – was the original purpose.

    As such, it has much to commend it.

    • Hi Ron,
      I recall the early days of blogging very clearly just as you do and I’m so glad you approve of this idea. I hope you find some interesting reads in what I share each weekend.

  16. Hi TiTi,

    A list of links usually does nothing for me, but when they are presented with brief descriptions, as you have done, I can easily scan the posts for links that are of interest to me. It’s like a summary of useful posts that you may have tweeted about over the past week, so I think that it’s a good idea for you to present them this way.

    • Hi Ray,
      I debated over whether or not to just post a list of links. I’m not attracted to link lists myself, myself, so I opted for brief introductions. My aim was to reveal enough for readers to skim quickly and make the decision as to whether or not they were interested enough to click into the articles. Thanks for letting me know you approve of the format. I appreciate it.

  17. I did enjoy browsing through this entry. Some things aren’t at all interesting or useful, other tips reinforce what I’ve been doing, a few are brand new ideas I’m eager to try. I like the format!

    • @shoreacres
      I’m an introverted reader type with a voracious reading habit ie. I read hundreds of blogs every week on a wide variety of subjects. It feels great when I discover related resources and tips I think my readers may benefit from reading. Your feedback means a lot to me. Thank you.

  18. Good idea. There is one small thing I would like to find out and perhaps you have covered this elsewhere:

    Whenever I get an email alert from someone I have “interacted with” on wordpress, I see a list of their “3 great posts worth seeing”. For any individual that list of 3 is always the same and so it would be for me. Is there any way to change the “list of 3” that appears in email alerts?

    A link would be fine if you have answered this before.

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