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Aggregation and Collaboration Tools for Bloggers

Collaboration ToolsGot a small business blog,  personal blog or a blog in any other niche?

If you aren’t using aggregation, curation and collaboration for content creation purposes then  you are behind the times.

This article focuses on introducing bloggers to some tools to make aggregation, curation and collaboration part of your plan to become a successful blogger create a successful blog.

Why learning how to aggregate, curate and collaborate is key to blogging success

Small Business Blogging

You get business by being fully informed about what’s happening and trending in your niche. You conduct business by meeting people and engaging in conversations.  You build trust and energy needed to allow employees to collaborate on business projects online as well as face-to-face by communicating effectively. Those are reasons why learning how to aggregate, curate and collaborate ought to be part of your working day.

Personal and Niche Blogging

You get information and inspiration for content creation by being fully informed about what’s happening and trending in your niche. You meet people and engaging in interactive online conversations that increase traffic flow and backlinks to your blog.  You build trust and energy needed to allow  collaboration on guest blogging posts and blogging projects online by communicating effectively. Those are reasons why learning how to aggregate and collaborate ought to be part of your blogging day.

Introduction to Aggregation and Collaboration Tools for Bloggers

Google is leader in the search market precisely because it does the aggregation task very well. Aside from search aggregation Google Apps like Gmail, Gchat, Gcalendar, and Gdocs are free and easy collaboration tools to use.

Use Google reader for aggregating your favorite feeds and use   Zite, Flipboard or Feedly to suck in all your feeds. That’s step one but keep in mind that good collaboration produces better-quality content than aggregation alone does.

The key with any news aggregator is to continually refine and cull your feeds. There’s always new content flowing through, but the key is having the right filters in place.

Most small businesses really don’t need a full-blown intranet or collaboration workspace, they need something in between. Evernote fits that bill, and works on any platform or device.

—  Boost Productivity With Content And Collaboration Tools

5 Aggregation and Collaboration Tools for Bloggers

1.   Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there.  It integrates with the iPhone and Android and allows you to save your ideas and inspirations by recording messages and notes, and to clip articles and/or images. Use Evernote to discover and share  ideas, research and know-how to create a productive workplace.

Evernote Business

2.   Zotero is a versatile bibliographic manager grab, cite and synch tool that promotes itself as being the only research tool that automatically senses content. It lives right where you do your work—in your leading browser (exception Internet Explorer).

You can use Zotero to add audio and video files, image snapshots of websites, PDFS, etc. The software automatically indexes and organizes the full-text content into a single easy to search interface.

Create and join public or private Zotero research groups to focus on any topic you choose. Each group can share its own research library, complete with files, bibliographic data, notes, and discussion threads.


3.   Doodle lets you easily schedule and coordinate meetings and other appointments, free of charge and without registration. You can integrate your Facebook events with Doodle and even use it for bookings.  Use Doodle with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook, and create polls in Doodle’s convenient calendar view.

How to use Doodle

4.   Remember the Milk is a free online to-do list and collaboration toll. You can use it to receive reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger. There are apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad; gadgets for Gmail and Google Calendar; sync with Microsoft Outlook; add tasks via email, Siri, and Twitter; and more.

Remember the Milk is also a collaboration tool as after you have your calendar is set up and your tasks, you can schedule ahead and share them with a group or any individuals on your contact list. You can view your tasks on web enabled mobile devices and it’s also geo-tag enabled.

Introduction to Remember the Milk

Aimed at lawyers but the best overall tutorial for RTM so far.

5.   Toodledo can be used as a standalone application, or you can have it seamlessly synchronized with That means you will always have access to your to-do lists, whether or not you have an internet connection. Toodledo is iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compatible. There’s a brand new mobile website at It provides offline support and works in all the major desktop and mobile browsers.

A permission system allows you to set exactly who has the ability to read, add and edit your tasks, and you can easily work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo’s collaboration tools. Toodledo is interactive, works with other websites, lets you to take your data with you, and allows developers to add-on new functionality.

Toodledo Intro Tutorial (Part 1)

There are 2 more parts on the youtube Toodledo Channel.

Notes for bloggers: has the P2 theme which is designed to for using a free hosted blog as a collaboration tool. You select it  and activate it in your dashboard at Appearance > Themes > P2.

Do you have a multi-author blog?

Have you ever wanted to show someone a post before it’s published, but don’t want to add them as a user of your blog? Maybe you’re collaborating on it with someone, or perhaps you just want to make sure you didn’t make any embarrassing typos. Good news, Request Feedback is for you!

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17 thoughts on “Aggregation and Collaboration Tools for Bloggers

  1. Hi, try adding NewsAssist to your list of tools? NewsAssist is an open source Firefox add-on that provides an editor (blogger, journalist) all necessities for News Searching, Editing, Publishing, Content distribution to social media. It is a powerful tool and a great working environment that is fully integrated with Firefox. It is aimed to increase the productivity of blog and website editors without having to leave the web browser.

    “blog search tool”:

  2. I would recommend checking out for an online GTD manager.

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for that recommendation. I haven’t looked into it yet as I have had a very busy week with back to back appointments. I will check it out on the weekend or sooner if I can.

  3. The question is are they all necessary?
    I use Google reader and flipboard everyday, and store personal information in evernote, I have a phone app that can do what the other suggestions do.

  4. The question here is are they all necessary?
    No day passes without me launching my google reader and flipboard apps, evernote I use to store personal information and I’ve got a calendar app that makes the others unnecessary.
    I hope I’m not missing something

    • Hi there,
      It sounds like you are well equipped to me.

      “The question here is are they all necessary?”

      In fact, none are necessary to blogging per se. I simply published a brief overview of some of the tools that are available for bloggers to choose from.

  5. A-ha, Request Feedback could be really useful for Cimmorene and I. We do have a multi-author blog, and we do a lot of collaboration in real time, but this looks great, allows us to look at things at different times, and from our own machines. Plus… we have some trouble getting friends and family to read, and in some ways, this would help in a different way than anonymous posting and so on– those that use other blog platforms, especially. Make sense?

  6. I don’t have a multi-author blog but other blogs it was my partner..and I, each posting stuff. So easy collaboration here!

    I have used Evernote when another organization was issuing notices and info. to interested registrants/members.

    • Hi Jean,
      Evernote is a very popular tool across all niches and I can see why that is. I find Zotero to be very interesting and will try it out in the future.

    • Hi Robyn,
      Coordinating a family’s appointments is not an easy task, so some tools here may be of use to you in that context too. There are times my head is spinning. Well, not really – no exorcist stuff going here – it just feels like it’s spinning.

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