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More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: YouTube

youtubeYoutube is the second largest search engine there is and videos are an extremely effective way to build brand awareness, attract traffic to your blog and earn backlinks. To create your promotional videos all you need is a camera (a digital camera with a video option or a webcam0, tripod,  microphone, and lighting.

I have never made a video so this post reflects only my research as I have no experience to share.

How To Make A YouTube Video Part 1

How To Make A YouTube Video Part 2

3 Tips for Optimizing Video for Search

Search Engine Land editor Danny Sullivan offers three important tips.

Five Ways to Optimize Video for Search Engines

Many website owners believe that simply filming a video clip and posting it to YouTube constitutes good video marketing. Unfortunately, they are missing out on major opportunities to increase the number of views their videos receive and the website traffic they generate through implementing a few simple search engine optimization strategies. — Five Ways to Optimize Video for Search Engines

How To Find Hidden Backlinks From YouTube in Google Webmaster Tools

Make sure you optimize your title, description, and add your URL with “http://” at the beginning of your description.

Your YouTube Channel is a valuable asset that you can use for blog promotion. You can get valuable backlinks for you blog from YouTube in many ways and in this video I go behind the scenes of Google Webmaster Tools to show you how to get more links from YouTube.

Learn how to:

  • Get backlinks for your blog from YouTube
  • Find backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools from your YouTube Channel
  • Discover hidden backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools from OTHER YouTube user feeds

Video Mashups

Some of YouTube’s best videos are mashups, meaning they’re a mixture of original and existing material. … Before you get started with your own mashup, keep in mind that YouTube strictly enforces copyright laws. So you can use copyrighted songs and video clips only if it qualifies as “fair use.” — Make Your Own Video Mashups for YouTube

Viral Videos

Chris Brogan also shares an example of how Lululemon’s inventive approach to YouTube led to a viral video and greater exposure for the brand. Aside from YouTube, Brogan suggests business owners have a presence on at least one other video platform, such as Viddler, Vimeo or Brightcove. —  Chris Brogan on Using Video to Market Your Business (Video) 

Viral videos are different. Viral videos tend to fall into a few different categories. So if you want to create a video that might get spread around the Internet like the Ebola virus, the first thing to do is make sure yours fits one of these categories … Make Your Videos More Likely to Go Viral

Video Advertising

You don’t need to produce your own videos to find customers on YouTube. Instead, try promoting your business in millions of other people’s videos with YouTube’s in-video and in-stream advertising.


(This is the fifth article in a series focused on increasing organic (unpaid) traffic and natural backlinks to your blog.)

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