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More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Squidoo

A content curator  identifies a theme, selects content,  chooses how to add value to it and how to display it on a web page for public viewing and interaction.

Squidoo is a free and popular publishing platform and community of content curators that makes it easy for you to create curated “lenses” online.

Aggregator + Editor = Curator

A curator moves way beyond an aggregator of information. Curators inject their expertise and their point of view into the mix. A curator uses context to focus the information making it useful and easily accessible to the reader.


Squidoo lenses are pages for overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest and snap it all into focus. It’s a super simple, fun and powerful way to share your interests, build your online identity and credibility, and connect with new readers and friends.  Explore the most popular topics and see who’s writing about what.

Squidoo is a place where SEO tools are built-in and easy to use allowing your lens to rank higher on search engines for your topic. Many Squidoo lensmasters consider building backlinks to Squidoo lenses as being the number 1 way to increase income.

squidoo topics

Squidoo is a place to publish webpages about all your favorite things and  earn money for your labor of love  through affiliate links and banner ads on your lenses. For some Squidoo is a place to make a living.

Squidoo is a place to publish webpages to increase traffic to your web site.

Almost all of the modules allow you to either insert copy, which you can then use to link to your website using HTML code, or upload an image, which you can also link to your website. I recommend that you link to your website in the first module, which is text-based module that everyone uses as their first module. It’s a module for explaining what your Lens is all about. —  How to Use Squidoo to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Learn Squidoo: Lens Creation Demo Tutorial

Getting Started With Squidoo (The official overview, FAQ and TOS)

THE JOY OF SQUIDOO: The official (free) recipe guide PDF

The Scroll of Originality

How to Use Squidoo to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

(This is the fourth article in a series focused on increasing organic (unpaid) traffic and natural backlinks to your blog.)

13 thoughts on “More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Squidoo

  1. That’s quite the logo Squidoo has– I could almost hear the “Jaws” theme music! Look at that big eye– say, I’ll bet that’s where you picked up your eye infection… : P

    I’m late getting to this post– hope your infection is all cleared up by now! : )

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  3. Thanks for the tips TT. I signed on to Squidoo this a.m. and spent a couple of rather trying hours trying to get set up – “change your content this lens looks like another one” type of thing.

    The other one was probably one that I tried to set up moments before but which blew up before completion. It’s obviously not very simple and I need to spend more time playing.

    Just one quick question please. What is the best and simplest way to show the URL of my website on Squidoo ?

    • Hi Peter,
      I am sorry my first publication of this post was a sketchy as it was. My left eye was painful due to the infection so I terminated and published earlier than I intended to. Today while my sight is at it’s best I “beefed” up my post above by editing it and I do think what I provided now will answer your question of embedding your website URL on your Squidoo lens. The best location appears to be in the first module but do note that’s not the only location as one can backlink to relevant articles throughout their lens.

    • Hi there,
      Please do take a closer look as I think Squidoo may be under-rated overlooked as a means of establishing authority in your areas of interest, increasing traffic and backlinks to your blog, and making some income while doing so.

  4. Thanks for this tip – have not used squidoo but will try it. I’ve also been trying REDDIT, put up several links to my blog – and received a red notice that posting one’s own blogs was considered spam! That was a shock!

    • Hi there,
      Please let me know if you do create a lens. Though I’m extremely busy right now that will die down and I will have more time to visit when it does. :)

    • Hi there,
      Do let me know what your opinion is.

      P.S. I have just returned from the eye doctor. I have an have an eye infection that has been keeping me from visiting blogs I follow and reading posts. It’s painful and annoying. We don’t know what caused it but I do hope it will be cleared up by the end of the week.

      • I’m so sorry to hear about your eye infection. My sympathies on that. I have signed up with Squidoo and I am working on my first page. I am curious about pay pal and am looking into that now. So far so good on squidoo. I think it’s a good idea for getting exposure. If you have any pointers about pay pal, please let me know. I value your input. Thanks for all your knowledgable posts.
        I hope you feel better soon, my friend.

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