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Most bloggers by now will have heard about claiming authorship for their posts. Possibly many will be wondering how to do this with their blog. The instructions for using the attributes rel=”author” and rel=”me” posted on Google are possibly a bit confusing for bloggers without some HTML background – in fact without some minor changes the markup will not verify!. This article seeks to provide an easy to use solution for bloggers using the platform.

via Authorship Markup for « Graphiclineweb.

It’s too bad there isn’t a better exchange of knowledge within the community. We Volunteers answering  support forum questions weren’t aware of How to resolve missing required fields for Google Authorship? when it was introduced and it took months for it to trickle down to us.

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  1. Hi there. Thank you for referring me to this post, but I am still super lost. I feel like I’ve tried everything to get Google authorship of my blog, but am not sure what the issue is. I started by following the method laid out here: It didn’t work the first time so I started from scratch, but the Rich Snippet Tool still tells me I’m not the author of my blog. I entered the custom link as my “Contributor To” section of my Google+ profile, and still no luck.

    Any further assistance would be much appreciated.


    1. I cannot provide any further assistance. I have not done this and only provided the links to the posts of those who have done it.

  2. Incredible. You write a post and have to jump thru hoops to claim ownership. There’s something very wrong there. It creates suspicion and ill will.

  3. hi, what is the shortcode,to display, an author’s name?[author=name of the person?thanks i would need it,for my guest blogging

    1. Please read the post and click through to the instructions provided in the articles linked to in it.

  4. “too bad there isn’t a better exchange of knowledge…”
    timethief makes a very valid point. I would mention the apparently large number of themes (commercial and, that are not fully WP 3.5 ready. There are also plugins falling into this category (and not only the abandoned ones – some very well supported and regularly updated ones as well.

    Perhaps many developers prefer to wait for stable public release before introducing major coding updates – very understandable as many developers are as timethief says, volunteers who donate valuable time. On the other side of the coin are the companies and individuals producing paid for themes and plugins – we should expect these fully developed…

    I apologize for digressing from the topic, which is of course Google Authorship Markup for WordPress. Google has made including authorship markup much easier then before, and thanks to some developers, there are now plugins to include rel=”author” much more easily. bloggers still need to go the HTML route however.

    PS – thanks for linking!!!

  5. Thanks for helping to clarify the muddy situation, timethief! :)

  6. Could be just me, but there are times I think that WP has just gotten too big for its britches. All the “upgrades” and new features just seem to bring more annoying glitches.

    1. I’m not sure how that relates to authorship mark-up.

      1. ;) Sorry, I was just piling on with your comment: “It’s too bad there isn’t a better exchange of knowledge within the community.”

        1. Ah … I’m sorry I don’t “get” that but now I do.

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