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More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Guest Blogging


Creating a blog is easy – everyone is doing it!

Getting your blog content found is hard because every blogger is seeking more traffic and it’s  very “noisy” out there.

Backlinks to your content are like votes for your blog. The more backlinks your blog receives the higher it will rank in search engine search results.

So every blogger is seeking both traffic to their blog and backlinks to their content.

Guest Blogging Benefits Blog and Bloggers

Guest blogging has long been a mutually beneficial arrangement and Google Authorship, which enables bloggers to verify authorship of content they write, has made guest blogging a very attractive proposition.

Unique, relevant and well written content enhances the value of the host blog with original, optimized content, clean code, relevant links to authoritative sites ie. link bait.

Opportunities for the guest blogger include: gaining exposure, building your brand, establishing authority, gaining targeted traffic, increasing subscribers and building backlinks.

Guest blogging is also an excellent way of becoming better known within your niche and attracting targeted traffic to your blog.

Targeted readers are different from casual traffic. Targeted readers arrive in response to SERPS (search engine page results) knowing the subject matter they are searching for will be found in your blog.

Targeted readers are more likely to backlink to your posts in posts of their own, and when they do your blog will receive visitors who click the links.

Targeted readers are also more likely to share the URL to your blog with other targeted readers in the same niche.

Last but not least, targeted readers are more likely become commenters and subscribers.

Publishing guest posts on popular blogs in your niche guarantees a backlink to your blog.

Backlinks are incoming links to a website. A backlink is created when another site or a blog links back to your site, or a post on it and the value of that backlink is related to the PR ( pagerank) of the site linking back to yours.  A site with a lot of backlinks implies that many other sites link to that site ie. popularity. A site with a lot of backlinks from authoritative sites in the same niche implies your blog is growing in authority within the niche. Backlinks are like votes for your website. The more backlinks your site receives the higher it will rank.

To become a guest blogger you will need to:

  • Select appropriate blogs;
  • Make contact with their webmasters;
  • Enter clear agreements;
  • Do your topical research;
  • Create unique, optimized, engaging content;
  • Submit your guest post for editing and publication, prior to the deadline;
  • Promote your guest post;
  • Respond to all comments after publication of your guest post.

Tip: Before you  become a guest blogger update your profile on your blog and all social media sites and refresh your blog.

Blogging success is based relationship building and it takes time. Don’t overlook the long term benefits of becoming a guest blogger. Consider what  Kristi Hines, freelance writer, professional blogger and social media enthusiast has to say:

“I’ve built great blogging relationships through guest posting on other blogs as well as inviting others to guest post on my own. The strongest relationships you will build with other blogs are the ones on sites where you contribute regularly vs. submitting one-off posts.”

Guest Blogging Resources

1. What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?
Note the warning from Matt Cutts:  “Sometimes it get taken to extremes,” he says. “You’ll see people writing…offering the same blog post multiple times or spinning the blog posts, offering them to multiple outlets. It almost becomes like low-quality article banks.”

2. MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery – Guest Blogging

3. The Ultimate Resource Guide to Blogger Outreach and Guest Blogging


[Based on many months of hard work and guest blogging Ann Smarty, owner of, the first guest blogging community ever, shares her tips and actionable advice on how to guest blog for maximum benefit]

5. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF from Google)

6. Blogger’s Guide to SEO (from SEOBook)

7. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO (from Moz)

Discussion questions:

1.  Have you ever had guest bloggers create posts for your blog? If so, what arrangements did you make?

2.  Have you done any guest blogging and if so do you have any tips to share?

3.  Would you like to be a guest blogger on one cool site?

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40 thoughts on “More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Guest Blogging

  1. An informative post … and thank you for providing a list of resources. Good point, re. Guest Blogging becoming even more valuable to writers, given the push towards authorship markup. It may be that some soon day, authors with a strong, verified internet presence (by way of articles placed) will be seen as more valuable than those who have neglected to develop authorship.

  2. Hi timethief
    As a newcomer to blogging and social media, and having read numerous other posts on the net, I have found yours to be the most helpful and easy to understand. I can see me spending the next couple of days on your site. Thank you for your great site. You are not a timethief ! You have probably given me back days of research time.

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  4. I have 30 + plus authors in my poetry blog and its going very well, the only thing i don’t want them to do is not to re-blog to my site it has to be the full poem, did i do right.

    Hi TT.

  5. Hi TT. WP seemed to have cantankerously removed you (and probably loads of others) from my follow list but I managed to find you. I was writing a post about blogging tips and wanted to backlink to OCS as an excellent example of great tips.

    On guest blogging, I’ve been asked a few times. Invariably, the bloggers had far less traffic than me, and wanted to edit, change, have total ownership rights over what I wrote, so it never transpired. I wouldn’t mind doing it, but I think the parameters need to be extremely clear for everyone to avoid misunderstandings, and so far, I’ve not been happy. No point falling out with people.

    I’d be happy to have guest bloggers too. Trouble is, I write a lot anyway and I don’t like people getting overwhelmed with posts, and like you, I have more than one blog, and some of my readers subscribe to the others. I guess the ideal is to get someone who writes about a similar topic with a different style … that may or may not suit readers. And I think a guest blogger probably needs to be outside the small circuit of regular commenters that some of us visit, I can think of half a dozen of us who regularly look at each other’s blogs – so no added value there for anyone.

    • I’m happy you found me again and apologize for not locating and responding to this content earlier. The changes to the Reader and the fact we could not access it accept on a hit and miss basis while it was updated were super annoying. I’m not surprised you unfollowed. I’m not even clear on which of your blogs that I follow.

      The focus of the posts in this series will be on free ways to increase traffic and backlinks to your blog. There are many free ways and I don’t think guest blogging is for everyone. I do accept guest posts on my blogs, provided they fall within my guest post policy, but I’m not inclined to be a guest blogger on any other blogger’s blog at this time. I simply don’t have the time.

      • Thanks TT. No worries about your late response, no different to my late comment, hence me saying I blame it all on WP. I’ve learned that the only thing to do when someone doesn’t appear is to check them out anyway, and then if they have been posting, unfollow and refollow. That’s life, that’s WP.

        I think you read roughseas from time to time, but you may have read clouds too (the one where I usually criticise WP!).

        I have to say I am mostly interested in comments and discussion, that’s what makes blogging rewarding for me. Increased traffic is ok if it becomes permanent and people become engaged, but otherwise ? …. que valé?

        Right now, I don’t have the time to guest blog either. I did co-share a beauty blog (most unlike me I have to say) which I quite enjoyed doing because I posted about natural and organic products, but she lost interest in it before I did!

  6. I’ve enjoyed writing for your blog, TiTi. Of course, that was when I had more time…. Now, I’m just content to send you interesting links for inspiration.

    • Publishing your guest posts has bee a pleasure. Anytime you want to do it again I’ve be delighted to accommodate. Please don’t hesitate to keep sending links either.

  7. Hello and thanks for this post (read in my Feedly). I’d love to get your response to three relevant questions, please.
    1. After submitting a guest post, is there etiquette about how long one should wait before just publishing it oneself? (I submitted a guest post to a popular blog 5 months ago and haven’t heard anything. That blog’s policy warns that I may not receive a response.)
    2. I’m not sure my blog has a recognized “niche.” ( Any ideas on how to find similar blogs that allow guest posts?
    3. Is there any lasting traffic value in doing the reverse, i.e. soliciting guest posts from other bloggers?

    • I can’t answer on the behalf of any other blogger. We each have our own guest blogging policies and some bloggers don’t allow guest blogging at all.
      1. It’s up to you.

      2. Normally the definition of blog niche is limited to the intent to make money from marketing in specific subject area. I pay for a No-Ads upgrade to keep advertising off this blog. In this blog I use that same term to reflect a groups of blogs targeted at the same subject matter eg. parenting, movies, food, dating, blogging tips, etc.

      I’m not sure my blog has a recognized “niche.”

      Are you kidding? Christian blogs are legion. lol :D Also note that the majority of Christian blogs located on (Blogger) and other sites that allow monetized blogs are monetized ie they are in the Christian subset of the make money blogging niche. There are even Christian theme blogs here at that are in the WordAds program.

      See here!/read/topics/ You can also use Christianity and in keyword searches in Google. This article will introduce you an interesting way of finding high quality blogs related to your own – similar site search. It’s free tool that’s easy to use. You can find similar blogs by simply entering the URL of your own blog. However, until you actually publish a reasonable sized collection of content there isn’t much data the tool can use.

      3. Is soliciting guest posts to a brand new blog wise and will it generate traffic? If the blogger has yet to develop their writer’s voice and has yet to define the themes they intend to blog on the likelihood they will attract high quality guest posts from authoritative bloggers in their niche is extremely low.

  8. I guest blogged for about 3 years… it was a rather mixed bag, and generally did not generate traffic to my blog. Then again, I was writing for an indie music blog, the blog currently is not on WordPress (it’s on TypePad instead), and my current readers don’t really read it. I did have permission to reblog, though (if only to say to my readers, “hey Ex-Voxers, We Heart Music is still alive”).

    Still thinking what I’d write for a guest post– writer’s block is still strong. Need to find another goal-oriented platform as 43Things and integration to WordPress seems horridly broken. I had thought it would make a good New Year’s Resolution and goal-setting with blogging topic, but can’t use something that doesn’t work very well.

    • Hi there,
      I’m sorry that guest blogging did not generate more tarffic to your blog. At least it did generate backlinks. I don’t know what 34 things is all about though it’s vaguely familiar. I’m having an extremely busy work week but when I have time I’ll research it so I know what you mean. Have a great what’s left of the week.

  9. I’m working on a couple of guest posts at the moment but whether they’ll ever see light of day, I don’t know as I’m still having a lot of difficulty with organising my thoughts. (It’s an ongoing health issue.) The main problem i have with guest posts for other blogs is that if they are very popular there are all the comments to respond to and I don’t always have the energy. Also some posts are scheduled so far ahead that it makes me nervous that I won’t actually be well enough to deal with it when they are published. So I don’t take on as many as I could. The most I can offer these days is to answer some of the comments, but certainly not all.

    As for guest posts on my own blog, so far I haven’t asked for any as it’s so focussed on my own art and my own style.

    • Hi Val,
      I’m so sorry you are having trouble organizing your thoughts. Hopefully that health issue will clear up for you very soon. I also hear you when it comes to keeping pace with responding to comments. It can be really challenging to keep pace on our own blogs and on blogs we have guest posts on too.

  10. I would like to get in touch with you privately about a wordpress forum post where you tried to help me. That thread has been closed. Sorry to do it this way, but I see no other way to message you. You are welcome to delete this comment after reading it. There’s a contact page on my site via the link I’ve left here. Thanks…

  11. I have done guest blogs, which in one case has lead to a mutual support relationship, not in the others. I also pin many blog posts. Finally, I will re-blog some posts. Has not have gotten me far in terms SEO rankings, but my main goal is sharing knowledge, mine and others. I am also hampered a bit as I have a learning disability and occasionally a post with errors willl get out before I have edited it for the fourth or fifth time. Even those I think are well edited will sometime escape with errors that I miss and spell and grammar check miss.

    I do find it discouraging that it is so easy to like a post, but so few readers take the few seconds involved to support others. I am not talking about mine, but I read some great posts and am the only one to like.

    What I also see in my ramblings is that a great many people who do not promote smaller sites or bloggers seem to have no trouble liking a big name brand or sharing invites to games on face book. Life goes on.

    • Hi Katherine,
      Thanks for wading in here are sharing your experiences. I hear you when it comes to disabilities and chronic editing. I am visually challenged and frequently upset to see what slips by me no matter how many times I edit.

      There’s little doubt that there are BIG blogs with high authority in every niche that we have to compete with. Even when the articles on small blogs are better than the ones on the same subjects on BIG blogs the BIG ones get the traffic and the like button clicks.

  12. It’s good to hear Matt Cutts’ advice the subject and be told where Google draws the line in the sand.

    I have guest blogged just once – on a photography site where I wrote about making loose panoramas.

    It would be great to have a lot of ideas for posts I could write that I just knew other sites would benefit from –

    If only ;-)

    • Dear David,
      I would love to accept guest posts from you. You have knowledge and skills I don’t, for example, working with images and other media. Aside from that you are a blogger with experience to share, so I’d be honored to publish your guest posts on any blogging and/or social media related topic.

        • You’re welcome. You have been a strong supporter of this blog and I’m willing to publish guest posts from all of those like yourself.

          P.S. I receive email requests to publish guest posts on both blogs almost every day from folks who have never commented on the blogs. I even get requests from people who apparently haven’t read this page

          P.P.S. On posts like this one that’s focused on increasing traffic and backlinks I also get lots of opportunistic spam.

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