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Gravatars for Global Recognition

gravatarWhether you blog under your real name or under a pseudonym you may not be able to register the same username on every site you join.  You can make it easy for others to locate you and your connections by using a specific graphic icon to identify yourself and your branding on all sites across the internet.  So why not register your own Gravatar?

Gravatars are Globally Recognized Avatars integrated into WordPress that follow you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Gravatars help identify your posts on blogs, social networks, wikis and forums by distinguishing you from other users.  Replace the generic Gravatar image with the image of your choice and you are good to go.

If you are a blogger then here’s a link to the guide for uploading, replacing or removing your Gravatar and  associating multiple email addresses to a Gravatar and Gravatar hovercards.  Before you proceed you will want to watch the brief video and consult the best practices for Gravatar, Avatar, Blavatar image selection.

You don’t have to be a WordPress user to register  gravatar and it’s simple and free to do so.  You go to Gravatar site, register the email address that you use the most often to comment and complete your additional profile information. Thereafter your Gravatar will be associated with that email address and will be automatically displayed on any Gravatar enabled site. — What is Gravatar and Why You Should Start Using it Right Away

mejanuary13It’s is very easy to identify a specific image with a blogger and want to visit their blog when they visit yours. I try to make time to visit everyone who comments on my posts and/or who clicks a “like” button at the bottom of my posts. I click the Gravatars on comments submitted to my posts and locate the blogs attached to them easily. However, when it comes to “likes”  it’s  frustrating to click and find no blog has been linked to on the Gravatar profile page.
gravatar profile page

You can easily add links to your website and blogs and other sites that help describe who you are in the digital world to your Gravatar profile page.  So why not complete all the fields in your Gravatar profile and make it easy for others to locate them and visit?

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32 thoughts on “Gravatars for Global Recognition

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  2. Excellent post, TT, and as you may remember this is a bugbear of mine: people who don’t put anything in their Gravatar profiles. I’ll be giving a link to this post to a few people!

  3. Well, it’s good to know I’m not alone in clicking Regret (in my mind) when I can’t use Gravatar info to visit the blog of someone who’s given me a Like. I can see I’m in good company re same… : )

    • It’s so disappointing to click in to the Gravatar site and find no blog link. To then search on Google to locate it is a royal PITA that I don’t have time for. Come the New Year I won’t be doing that any more. Hence, this is a heads up post.

  4. @timethief
    Thank you for helping to raise the awareness regarding Gravatars. I also wanted to add that in regards to my website traffic, my Gravatar is #1. When people visit my Gravatar they are also visiting my website.

    And the Gravatar traffic is scoring the highest in regards to time spent on site and pages per visit. I don’t think I could ask for a better way to get people to visit my site. Although in a situation like this one here, obviously it is not the best targeted traffic as my site is a self defense and surveillance store and does not pertain to blogging tips. But it has certainly helped my sites overall ranking tremendously as I am gathering visitors with multiple pages per visit.

    So to everyone out there get your Gravatar set up properly now or cost yourself tons of traffic in a very short amount of time!

    • Hi there,
      It’s good to meet you and I thank your for adding to the discussion.

      On one hand, I haven’t seen much evidence yet that my gravatar image being linked to my gravatar profile page when I click to “like” posts in the community is driving traffic to my blogs. On the other hand, I do see evidence that commenting on other blogs whereon my gravatar image is linked directly to my blogs does drive traffic to my blogs.

  5. I just recently found out how important my Gravatar is in regards to traffic to my website. I recently updated my Gravatar and added a link to my website. Within the next couple of days I was looking through my Google Analytics traffic sources section and noticed that there was already a significant amount of traffic coming in from the Gravatar.

    The traffic that is coming in from the Gravatar is good traffic as well. Scoring the best as a matter of fact in regards to time spent on site and pages per visit. My only regret is not adding my site link to the Gravatar sooner. My advice to anyone who has read this article would be to get a Gravatar set up now and make sure you add links to your content right away.

    I am brand new to this whole blogging and website running world. I recently got involved back in February of this year (2012). This simple thing known as a Gravatar has literally changed the dynamics of the traffic to my site. Now I just need to get a better quality photo up like yours timethief!

    And thanks timethief for sharing this important concept with the blogging public :)

  6. “However, when it comes to “likes” it’s frustrating to click and find no blog has been linked to on the Gravatar profile page.”

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that quite a bit. My first thought was, “why don’t the gravatar’s automatically link back to the WP site.” But there may be more than one. I have three WP accounts, so clicking a “like” on someone’s page would have to resolve that. But I only really use one of my WP accounts, so linking from the Gravatar profile makes sense. I’ll have to edit. Good advice. Thanks.

  7. Yes! I find it frustrating if there is nothing to link to. Your site is really useful. Thanks so much for all your tips. You make them very easy to understand.

    • Hi there,
      We are on the same page so please help me spread the word. Complete all your Gravatar profile information so we can find your blog, please is becoming a mantra of mine.

      P.S. Thanks for the blog compliment.

  8. Oh TT, the frustration of the follow through Gravatar which goes . . . . nowhere! I have personal friends without blogs who like and comment and I am forever grateful that they have gone to so much trouble when they never had to. But the mystery of others, when I want to say thank you, and visit . . .

    • Hi Patti,
      Aha! So you feel the same way. When this happens I find myself muttering into cyberspace “Where’s your blog? before I open a tab to Google search … sigh

  9. I noticed it. I just assume they don’t have a blog and move along. It is nice you still make an effort to Google them.

    I used Marketing Grader that you suggested in one of your previous posts and it warned me I don’t have alt tag on most of my images, even though I am very careful to put it on each one. I wonder if this is because of Gravatar.

    • @oegukeen
      Hi there,
      I think a lot of bloggers probably operate on the same assumption ie. that they don’t have a blog. When I have the time I search to locate the blogs but lately I’m so very busy with seasonal preparations that I’m concerned about stressing out.

      I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer to your question re: the missing ALT tag.

  10. I’ve changed my gravatar image twice…which is fine. I wish I could find a neutral image if I end up commenting on a work/job-related blog.

    • Hi Jean,
      Maybe you need your sweetie to take a nice pic of you for this purpose.

      I only have one image of me that I like so it’s the one I use. Perhaps someone will take another one of me soon that my eyes aren’t closed in, or my mouth isn’t hanging open in. When that happens I’ll use it.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks. I was so frustrated when I clicked the like buttons on my last post and discovered that so many people had failed to post their blog links on their Gravatar profile page.

      Sheesh! Time is precious and I was annoyed when I had to use Google search to find the blogs.

      Have you noticed the same thing too? If so, then please help me spread the word.

        • I thInk /again/you are great: nice and smart and democratic-liberal or Right, like the photo shows you to be too. And yes, I admit I’ve been thinking so much about my Gravatars and locations and names i took, but finally I’ve found out there is so many terrorism around me and around us, that the only chance for us to keep our visions safe and public expressed too, is to risk and never stop searching for professional or merit people like you are. Regards and thank you again(for later) you understand my native default of imulsivity…Wish you the best!

        • @strawberryindigo
          It’s not just you. At least from what we see in these comments there are several of us who are frustrated by this. It’s so good to know you are spreading the word too.

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