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surpriseAs an early Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa gift to us all changed the entire format for image uploading, editing,  creating slideshows and galleries.

Predictably, the support forum has been busy since the announcement was made and bloggers discovered they could now Upload and Edit Media Seamlessly on

Adding images and alignment –  We are  still be able to add images to posts and pages and adjust their alignment to the left, right or center. See Visual Editor;  see also Edit Image window.

Image editing – We can still rotate and crop the images after they have been uploaded by following the image editing guide.

Note: If you want better image quality use an image editing application to re-size copies of your images to the specific dimensions required then upload and insert those copies.  Cropper or Proper Image Preparation

Featured images – Featured Images, the ability to designate a Featured Image after upload is gone at the moment, but Staff are working on bringing it back.  In the interim, we can still set a featured image via the old method for setting featured images.

Note: If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.

Title tag and ALT tag – “Having both title and ALT on an image is redundant and can hurt SEO, so title was retired. The current cascade is to ignore title and to use alt. If ALT is empty then caption is used. If both ALT and caption are empty then title is used as the fallback.

Basically, we’re trying to improve accessibility and play nicely with screen readers. There is one more fix coming that will improve the alt-caption-title fallback when sending to the editor so that those who invested in title and left caption and alt blank will have their titles show in the alt attribute.”

Note: Alternate text (ALT) attribute is for situations when an image cannot be loaded and also assists visually impaired people who use apps to read ALT attribute, so what’s in a picture is known.  Get the Most Out of Image Search

Slideshows – There are still changes to be made such as bringing the slideshow button back. In the interim you can still create slideshows using the slideshow shortcode, provided that the images have already been uploaded through the post or page.

Setting order on a new slideshow:

Method 1

  • Add slideshow images to the Media Library
  • Attach each image one by one to the post
  • Add your slideshow shortcode to the post
  • The images will display in the same order you attached them to the post

Method 2

  • Add images one at a time to a post using the Add Media button
  • Wait until one image is done uploading before uploading the next one
  • Add your slideshow shortcode to the post.
  • The images will display in the same order you uploaded them to the post

Galleries – We can now do the following:

  • reorder images
  • randomize their order
  • reverse their order

Uploading documents –  You now have to to change “Link To” to “Media File” or the document will not be linked to the anchor text you use.


I’m so happy that I changed themes and create featured images prior to this latest surprise! I have had a very stressful work week. I chose to simply read forum threads and post what I discovered in them above.

How are you readers making out with the Media Makeover?

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  1. I’ve yet to try creating a WP slideshow or gallery. It strikes me that creating one or the other on a Page would give visitors the ability to rapidly page thru a portfolio rather than clicking on individual thumbnails one at a time. I gotta get with the program here… : (

  2. I’m having problems with URL links for images. Like Mike Hardisty, I generally use Flickr for all my images. Sometimes I use Flickr’s API and blog directly from Flickr, and that works fine for single images. But Linux does not have something as robust as Windows Live Writer; while I like to write offline like Mike, I must use the Dashboard interface online to manage images.

    That’s fine for photos I have stored on my own machine, but if it is a photo from a family member, or a stock image from the web, there are problems. Today I was resigned to downloading the image, and uploading to WP (hopefully my father-in-law will be OK with me using his photo; I did give credit in the post). WordPress used to do hotlinking pretty smooth; I’m not sure what changed, but all I get are basic URL hypertext links. I have some basic HTML skills but gave up on trying to pick the formatting apart to get it to work.

  3. I seldom use Featured Image ..guess I’m a lazy bird. :) The new media uploading features make it a bit simpler especially when one’s media library becomes stuffed with alot of photos.

    • Hi there,
      I have switched to using Sight now and in this theme and featured images are required for the post slider to appear. I don’t find the uploading to be much simpler but maybe I’m just dense.

  4. I had a few hiccups posting images, as I usually add several, and place them in my posts between text. I normally upload them all at once then insert them into my posts. I ended up having them all inserted at once. I was to tired to figure it out, so I’m sure I will get the hang of it soon.

  5. Spiffy! Thanks for the heads up on the changes, it will help me figure things out (even when changes make things easier, it takes me a bit to adjust). :)

  6. Hello TT, I leave WP town for a few days because of no internet service only to come back and find big changes in the image department! My plan was to do a very quick post and I was thrilled and delighted that such changes made this not only possible but so much easier than the labour intensity of before. Big thank you to team behind the changes! (Hope I don’t come back with gripes once I get more time to explore the changes! So far so good . . .)

    • Hi Patti,
      Being without internet can be both a blessing and a curse. It all depends on the duration and the other factors surrounding the event. It’s good to hear from you and particularity to hear this glowing response to the changes.

  7. I think its a shame that they’re dropping the title, as this is used as hover-over tool-tip text for most browsers. Also in HTML5 alt and title have semantic differences, the presence of an empty “alt” indicating that the image is non-structural (can be collapsed if image loading for page is disabled) and the title giving tooltip text.

    Since the use of alt and title is almost ubiquitous on the web, and mandated by standards in certain situations I am dubious on the claim that it has a negative effect on SEO.

    • Those who invested heavily in the tile counting on the tool-tip will be negatively impacted. That’s truly a shame and I hope there can be some way to accommodate. The way we access the web is changing rapidly due to mobile and tablet use. The focus is on accessibility. Alternate text (ALT) attribute is for situations when an image cannot be loaded and also assists visually impaired people who use apps to read ALT attribute, so what’s in an image is known.

  8. Overall, I like the changes. The method for creating a Gallery is much more straightforward (IMHO). As far as adding a featured image, I’ve always added from the “Featured Image” module so no change in workflow for me.

    • I struggled at first but the next day uploading a featured image was a breeze. Maybe I was just tired when It tried it the evening before the announcement was made.

  9. That dropping of the Featured Image option was the first thing I noticed. It means designating the Featured Image is now a totally separate operation, which it shouldn’t be when you already have the image right there in front of you on the upload screen. Annoying, since I designate a Featured Image for every post.

    Other than that, I guess I’ll get used to the new look. Just takes me time to adjust every time my “working environment” gets changed. (For the record, I’ve never used the image editing. I always do that before uploading.)

    • The night before the announcement I wrestled with featured images but since then it’s been smooth sailing for me. Except for cropping headers when making frequent theme changes I don’t use the image editing frequently either. I pre-size images prior to uploading them.

    • Also note that the tooltip title option is still available in the advanced image editing screen. Simply click the image in your post and enter the tooltip title there. However, the title tooltips will not display on featured images.

  10. So far so good! I kinda like the change, actually. It’s a little easier to use. And this is coming from a guy who usually doesn’t appreciate site changes like that.

  11. Personally I still use Windows Live Writer to write my blog off-line. Generally all of my images are hosted on Flickr and I can embed them in WLW when I’m writing. So for me this Media Makeover really won’t make any difference to the way I work

  12. I haven’t encountered a problem so far, but have heard from several blogs I follow that they’ve had trouble posting images. I can’t help but wonder if WP might not try to work out a few of these glitches before adding new “improvements”.

    • Hi Gunta,
      It’s good to know you haven’t had any negative experiences. I hope those you refer to have posted to the support forums for help as Staff are working out the last remaining bugginess.

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