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Facebook Deactivation and Deletion

facebbok iconFacebook account deactivation is not the same as account deletion. In the case of the former, all your private information is still in the database and is still available to third party apps providers and advertisers as well. 

Before you delete your Facebook account, you may want to download a copy of your info from Facebook. If you want to leave Facebook forever and have you account deleted, the crucial step is to not use your Facebook account for 14 days after you’ve requested deletion. The slightest interaction with Facebook and the deletion is canceled. That includes NOT logging in to Facebook using any client (app.), and NOT clicking embedded Like-buttons on other blogs or websites, and NOT logging in to other services using Facebook Connect (like Digg) etc.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account (as at June 2012)

If you are wondering what prompted this post, then know that several bloggers I know have decided to leave Facebook and they told me about their intentions.  That gave rise to me checking out the differences between account deactivation and account deletion.

30 thoughts on “Facebook Deactivation and Deletion

  1. Excellent, TT, thanks. I think my favorite part was your comment:

    I’m not naive and I know that Facebook member profiles are the “products” that are being marketed.

    To update an old cliche: There’s no such thing as a free digital lunch!! : )

  2. I was on facebook for 10 days & then I didn’y want it anymore. I deleted it & was happy about it. I am a blogger & am not on facebook, nor on twitter nor on pinterest. Too much blablabla!

  3. Finding it the best source of networking as of now, would keep in mind this if needed..
    Thanks for updating the process..

  4. Very useful post, TT for people who need it. A lot of people don’t realise that the two are different – or that the full deletion stage even exists separate from the deactivation one.

    I’ve deleted two past Facebook accounts and swore I’d never go back – but I have! And each time I deleted it properly and completely. One has to deactivate first, though – or at least, that is how it used to be.

    I understand people wanting to delete their FB accounts… every few weeks FB does something that people hate. A bit like here on, but unlike here, it’s usually something to do with privacy or rather, losing it. I do wonder when Facebook will go too far.

      • The main thing about Facebook is that so many people use it these days that it’s become more than a social networking site, and more like a meeting place for everyone one knows. Many people who use it are in contact with each other more there than in email or even over the telephone and if one doesn’t use it – ones real life social contacts (in many cases, family too) vanish. So we return to try it again. And it lets us down again. And the circle (or spiral) continues. :(

        • I hear you. The Facebook members I know claim it’s the place to socialize with friends and family. They aren’t there for the contact with brands, games or shopping.

  5. Reblogged this on TechsWrite: The Helpful Techie and commented:
    There *is* a difference. I deleted my account about a year ago, and followed steps very similar to the ones mentioned here. (The 14-day waiting period is significant.) There are additional precautions mentioned in the comments to consider, if you wish to avoid reactivating your account.

  6. Great post! I often run into people who confuse deactivation with deletion. Thanks for correcting this common misconception. I’m glad I deleted my FB account.

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  8. Good information Timethief on facebook. I don’t have a facebook account, so many have encouraged me to do so, but you know I just have no trust when so much information is collected and then used. Maybe I’m old-fashioned?

    • I’m old-fashioned too. I always want to know why my personal information is being asked for. I’m not naive and I know that Facebook member profiles are the “products” that are being marketed.

  9. It also includes not responding in any way to the emails Facebook will send you during those 14 days, trying to hook you into inadvertently reactivating your account (without even realizing it since you won’t be looking at your FB page). FB’s modus operandi from Day One has been despicable.

    • Yes, what you say about correspondence has also been shared with me by members who thought they were on their way out. They have now started the process all over again. I take it that you aren’t a member. Am I right?

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