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Unfollowing and Unsubscribing from Blogs Staff has introduced incremental changes to the former “subscribe” function that allow logged in members to subscribe to ie. follow another blog.

By visiting a blog and clicking the “follow” button on the Admin bar members receive  the other blogger’s posts in their Readomatic reader. But there may be a time when one needs to know how to unfollow ie. unsubscribe and that’s what this brief post is focused on.

Have you ever clicked the Follow button on your Admin bar and accidentally subscribed to a blog you didn’t intend to follow?

Have you subscribed to a blog you no longer have an interest in following?

Has a follower ever asked you how to unsubscribe from receiving your posts?

Below are brief instructions for unsubscribing.

1. If you are a blogger visit the blog you want to unfollow and click the follow/unfollow link on your Admin bar to no longer receive posts in the Reader or by email.

2. Click the “unsubscribe” link on very bottom of the post by email you receive from to no longer receive posts from that blog by email.

3. If you don’t have a blog, you should be able to unsubscribe using the following link. You don’t need a login, but you do need to enter your email address to get in:

4.  To change your email preferences on a per-blog basis, click Edit List in your Reader and use the drop down menus to change the frequency of email notifications for specific blogs:

5. Or locate the “Get new posts by email” column. In the drop-down menu set your frequency of receipt choice. Locate the “Get comments by email” column and remove the check mark for receipt.

  • never
  • instantly
  • daily
  • weekly

See Managing Blogs I Follow for everything you need to know about:

  • Following a Blog
  • Unfollowing a Blog
  • Managing Delivery Methods
  • Managing Delivery Settings

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17 thoughts on “Unfollowing and Unsubscribing from Blogs

  1. Excellent!– it’s always good to know how to jump ship, as Cap’n Ahab used to say… : )

    I like the new header– it fits: always something interesting boiling and frothing up here at One Cool Site!! : )

    • It’s an old favorite of mine. I was so choked yesterday that I was near to boiling and frothing. When I went through the images on my computer and realized I must have deleted a large file. It contained so beautiful vintage Christmas images I intended to use on my blogs this winter. I’m not happy but I suppose looking for new ones may cheer me up. :(

  2. I know about these anyway, but thanks for the reminder and for posting these for other people who don’t know, TT. :)

    I’ve unfollowed a whole load of blogs recently, though not all of them because I didn’t want to read them anymore. Like yours, I read via links I have in a folder on my desktop or (as with this occasion) via a comment you’ve posted to my blog. I also use the blogroll pages I’ve got in my blog – and you’re there too! :)

    I prefer nowadays to use the Reader sparingly as it is still very glitchy and won’t always show all posts and sometimes I still get duplicates… and I’m fed up mentioning it in the forums (as I expect are other people by now). So I just read the way that’s best for me.

    I do also – occasionally – unfollow for other reasons. The usual ones are that the posts don’t hold my attention, or they’re too long (my attention span has become much reduced lately).

  3. Holy smokes, new theme!

    Unintentional subscribing happens more often than you think and it’s mostly because of one or two posts that you think are going to give you a good representation of the whole blog, when in fact, they were the exception. If I don’t scan the rest of the posts, I have no idea what it’s really all about.

    A blog you hope has something to do with art or something in turns out instead to primarily be one about using yak dung… for art.

    You’d think I would have learned by now, but I’ve had to unsubscribe several times to quite a few blogs and that’s not fair to the blog author(s) since it’s not their fault I didn’t bother reading the rest of the posts. Now they might look at their sub numbers and wonder what they wrote to drive people like me away.

    This is why liking is often a good alternative to a full on follow. You may not want to keep on top of everything someone has to say, but this way at least, you can go back and re-read something you liked and maybe drop by occasionally.

    • Hi there,
      I have hastily clicked the like button on several occasions and later wished I hadn’t. As your point out scanning several articles is a logical approach and I didn’t do that before clicking. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings I just wanted to fade away. What to do, now?

      Though I felt hesitant about unsubscribing I did locate the instructions to carry through. I know there are others who have done the same thing because we do get bloggers asking for unfollowing and unsubscribing help on the support forums.

      I wasn’t keen on using like buttons when they were first introduced but now I feel differently about them. I do agree that using the like button can be a good alternative to clicking a subscribe button in haste.

  4. Hi Timethief, Does the subscription (or un-) process work the same whether the blog you want to follow is dot COM or dot ORG ? I seem to be unable to subscribe to a couple blogs, but at least one of the problem blogs is a dot ORG hosted one. Oddly they won’t go through to my Google Reader account either. Or should I take this to the help forum? Thanks.

    • Hi Cynthia,
      The answer is yes. However, I have seen a couple of occasions in support forums threads when bloggers were unable to unfollow blogs, so you should post to the support forums for Staff help.

  5. I just keep using google reader like I’ve always done. Did some housecleaning the other day and was astounded to see how many I was subscribed to that no longer updated. Anything dustier than two months got deleted.

    • Hi Ian,
      Blogs that haven’t been posted to for two months sound like a good cut off point for unsubscribing. So many blogs I used to read have been abandoned and when that happens I wonder what has become of the bloggers.

      I’ve been working on a huge contract job that I just finished. Thank goodness because it almost did me in. Due to that 2 month commitment and the fact my husband has to travel and that leaves me minding our business I’m way behind when it comes to reading posts and commenting on blogs I subscribe too. I’m hoping on one will unsubscribe from my personal blog. It’s the last on my to do list but that doesn’t mean it means the least to me.

      It’s always good to hear from you. Blog on!

  6. Good post and thank you for it. I’ve been considering un-following some blogs because the writer took of a direction that just isn’t my cup of tea, or the human writer took off for good and it’s just a blog of ads and mechanically pieced together pseudo posts

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