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Computer issues


This is to let you readers know that I am not ignoring you. I have been enduring 3 days of internet connection and computer issues.  I have an appointment scheduled with a repair technician this afternoon. Hopefully, he will be able to sort these issues out before I go crazy.

23 thoughts on “Computer issues

  1. I hope it’s comforting to hear that repair techs get frustrated too. I don’t do it professionally but I have spent hours fixing my own system and those of family and friends (yep, a few blogging contacts, too). I also have a few friends who self-host… hope it doesn’t sound mean if I say it could be worse! Server-side problems are even more the pits.

    • I agree that it could be worse. We went nuts trying to figure out what was causing the issue. In the final analysis it was one of three things or maybe two but not just one that caused my problems. Three new modems, threee new routers and three new cords later I’m up and running with fingers crossed.

  2. Computer problems are the pits. Good luck and hope you get it sorted out to your satisfaction. Don’t worry about responding quickly, I’m sure we all understand that life needs to be dealt with before blogs!

  3. Isn’t technology wonderful WHEN IT WORKS?? And although your situation must be very frustrating to you, I must confess I’m happy to learn that this is the reason for your being offline and not your health, timethief! *smooch* and white healing light for your machines, Miss Maura

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