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Viral Video Elements

jennifersmartwaterIt’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston, who was previously married to Brad Pitt plans to marry again. This time to Justin Theroux. Likewise it’s no secret that “sex sells”.  Aniston’s first Smartwater ad examines just what it takes for an internet video to go viral, but characterizing Aniston’s latest Smartwater video ad displaying on blogs as pornography is crazy.

Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral for Smartwater

the jennifer aniston security tapes: secrets revealed by smartwater

smart water

smart water (Photo credit: @kevinv033)

The latest Jennifer Aniston Smart Water video ad resulted in some bizarre complaints from bloggers. The most bizarre was the claim that the ads were pornographic.

Pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. Pregnant bellies clothed or unclothed are evidence of past sexual activity. However, Aniston’s pregnant belly Smart Water video ad is not pornographic.  Aniston has been plagued by baby rumors in the tabloids for months  She set the record straight in an interview with GQ magazine earlier this year when she said: “I’m not having triplets. Not having twins. Nor am I having one baby.” Note the Smartwater tagline at the end of the video: “Even more refreshing than the truth.”

Smartwater’s marketers know how to successfully use the viral potential of internet memes in 3-minute videos containing all that elements that will make an ad go viral.

Writer and analyst Kevin Allocca works with YouTube Trends, a spot for tracking the latest viral videos — and connecting to the communities that make the parodies, tributes and reply videos that circle the giant viral planets of the YouTube-iverse. In this talk from TEDYouth, he shares the 4 reasons a video goes viral.  — Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral

  •  Viral videos are brief, informative and contain an unexpected or surprise element. Example: “Zeitgeist 2011” is a brutally honest look at the year.  “2011 was a year of adversity” was the theme framed through a series of poignant YouTube videos and still photos.
  • Viral videos are attention grabbing, entertaining and/or funny.
  • Viral videos contain an emotional element that inspires us or touches us (puppies, kittens, babies).
  • Viral videos contain a provocative cultural element we identify with and compels us to share them with others.

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11 thoughts on “Viral Video Elements

  1. I don’t think any woman that still wearing her top and bottom plus showing her pregnant stomach is pornographic. I think it’s great to show Aniston just…pregnant like that. That’s real for any woman.

  2. For sure, the emotional pull of video gone viral is real. I would say that needs to be a near winner in terms of criteria.

  3. I just got approved and have started running WordAds on my blog. The ad is too large and feels intrusive w/re to my content – I can foresee a long-term future commitment on my part. Waiting to see what kind of feedback I start to receive. As far as Jennifer video’s above – far from pornography.

  4. My only complaint with the Anniston ad — and all the YouTube style ads — are that they’re not very attractive. They’re just these big intrusive blocks that are a little hard to ignore; they kinda look like they’re part of the post themselves, especially if you’re also posting some YouTube videos in your post.

    Say what you will about those Absolut Vodka ads, but man are they ever stylish. Plus they tend to blend in with the background.

    The YouTube style ads also kinda screw up the mobile format. I’m told this issue is being worked on, but as of now they tend to stretch beyond the allotted margins of the content.

  5. Hi Daniela,
    Two thing inspired this post. The first was a complaint that the second video ad was pornographic when it clearly isn’t. The second was my curiosity re: what makes a a video go viral. I have read successful blogger’s and noted their advice. Their words were to the effect of video is the hottest thing in blogging right now. if you want to know how to promote your blog then creating videos is the way to go.

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