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The Gallery feature has had another makeover. You can now choose to display your “thumbnails” as circles or as squares rather than the default thumbnails, which until now have been either landscape or portrait according to your uploaded image. Read about it and view some samples here > Circles, Squares and Mosaics! The Gallery Feature Gets Another Makeover  and here >  Shapes and Mosaics: New Ways of Displaying Your Gallery Thumbnails

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  1. Thanks for your kindness and loyalty. There are some days I feel curmudgeonly for sure. ;)

  2. where do I have to look for,the new gallery feature?i usually use slideshow thanks

    1. I clicked through and read the post I linked to above and that’s how I found the shortcode features. The support documentation does not reflect their existence yet, as Staff are still working on the features and no official announcement has been made.

  3. This is very interesting, I’m going to check it out – not sure how it would affect the look of my paintings. Really enjoy the information you post. Thank you for what you do! Mary

    1. I hope you like using these new gallery features for image display. :)

  4. Hi, I need your assistance. I’m trying to create a drop-down menu to include in my sidebar. I created a custom links menu but have no clue how to turn it into a drop-down menu. Please help. Thanks.

  5. It’s an interesting idea and I look forward to seeing it on other people’s blogs. I prefer not to use the gallery myself, slideshows are more my thing or individual images resized before I upload them to my blog/site to the size I want them seen. Thanks for the post, TT. :)

    1. Hi Val,
      I haven’t been using the Gallery feature either. Neither galleries nor slideshows appeal to me. I dislike huge images that exceed my screen resolution size 1024 X 768 and present me with horizontal scrollbars. combine that with my aversion to multiple images food bloggers seem to think they must have in recipe posts these days and I think I’m heading towards becoming a curmudgeon. :( That said I do like mosaics and I think I’ll be using them in my personal blog from time to time.

  6. titi, will these new gallery options — which I love!! that mosaic is way cool — work on ALL themes or just newer ones and premiums?

    1. Hi there,
      These features are available to all of us blogger – no ugrades required. Thanks for patiently waiting for a response. My hubby was away these last two weeks and I had a difficult time making time for blogging.

  7. The mosaic one looks good, I haven’t used the gallery setting yet so I may give it a go on my next walking post with photos.


    1. Hi Jim,
      I like collages and mosaics. I’m enjoying your walking posts and will be interested to see your use of the mosaic feature.

  8. If it weren’t for this blog, I don’t know how I would learn of some cool things for bloggers! However I think I would use the new feature sparingly. I think people love photos, but I really wonder how many will make the effort to click through several different gallery small photos to see bigger versions. We assume that many people have lots of time for the extra clicks.

    1. Anything that’s cool it’s only cool (effective) when used sparingly. :)

  9. Hi Time Thief, I really appreciate all your help across and on your blog with all the articles and info to help us improve our Blogs. You recently replied to a question I had on Support, but I cant find the post any longer, I’m sorry to bother you here on your blog but could you please point me to the source you mentioned where I could find those who specialise in creating sites/CCS etc for blogs. I would really appreciate it.

    1. The Code Poet Directory lists Enterprise-level WordPress professionals, web designers, and developers. It’s brought to you by Automattic, the company behind and the largest operator of WordPress sites.

      1. thanking you kindly for your help :)

  10. Thanks again for your always timely and interesting information.

    1. Hi there,
      This is an exciting change. I like the mosaic option most of all. I’ll be seeing the changes on your blogs I’m sure. :) You’re welcome.

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