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Separate Username Accounts – Separate Blogs

Bloggers are interesting people with a variety of wide ranging passions. Many have multiple blogs they do not want to be associated and they may not choose to publish under their actual name in any or all of them. That’s where blogging under a nickname or a pseudonym comes in.

 A nickname is a name someone is known by in addition to their real name. A  blogger who blogs under their real name on a company business site, may want to be more casual in their personal blog and publish under a nickname.  A pseudonym is a name that is used in place of someone’s real name.  A blogger acting as a citizen journalist in a dangerous sitation where his or her safety may be at risk may choose to publish under a pseudonym.

Registering An Additonal Username

If you have would like to have an additional username account, be aware that when we register a username account the email address we provide becomes our unique identifier when we are logged into Perforce, that means the email addresses for each username account must be different.

We can register as many blogs as we wish and provided we are logged in under the same username account, all blogs will be registered under it and the associated email account. While it’s true that we  can change our “display name” or “nickname”, that name will appear on all blogs registered under the same username account, and we can only link our username to a single “primary blog”.

If you plan from the outset to have blogs that you do not want to be associated,  you must be logged out of when you register an additional username account with a different email address.Then you can log in under each username account and register blogs separately under each username so they aren’t associated.

Transferring a Blog to Another Username Account

If you have a single username account and have registered two (or more) blogs that you do not want to be associated with each other any longer,

  1. log out of clear your browser cache and clear your cookies and without logging in again, register another new username account using a different email address;
  2. log out of clear your browser cache and clear your cookies and
  3. login under the original username account
  4. invite the new username account to become a new Administrator of the blog you want to transfer;
  5. transfer one (or more) of the blogs to the new username account.

Reserved Blogs

Usernames can be turned into blog addresses, but blog addresses cannot be turned into usernames. For most usernames and blog addresses are the same.  When we register a username account the matching blog is automatically reserved for our future use. That reserved blog cannot be obtained by anyone other than the person who has registered the matching username.

Changing Your Username

You can change your username but you will not be able to change it back and the old username name will not be available for anyone else to use.

Changing A Blog Address

You can change your blog address but unless you purchase a site redirect upgrade, the result will be 404 pages and a loss of traffic. Without the upgrade all links to the original blog address, including search engine results, will be broken.

Words have meaning and names have power.


53 thoughts on “Separate Username Accounts – Separate Blogs

  1. Hi, wow alot of posts, good to read though. Looking for help (of course) couldn’t find on forums. I’m providing a blogs for few people as part of my biz and wanted to stay under my name and they will redirect their URL to wordpress url. DOES business wordpress upgrade package of $299 mean you can put as many different themes under as many different blogs as you want??? I can’t work out how to test that unless I buy it??? Thoughts?

  2. Well this answered my question. Now I am just wondering WHY? It is a real pain to have to log in and out in order to have a work and private blog, not to mention if you want something personal in addition to what family can see.. Is there some reason WordPress hasn’t made “separate blogs under one account” possible? It is obviously something people desire to have.Are they even considering adding it?

  3. Sigh. I guess that means I really don’t get it, if I didn’t see the answer in your post. Maybe someday it’ll make sense. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    (I actually did post a question on the WordPress site, and haven’t received a response yet, so all the people who’re enthusiastically thanking WP for their responses within minutes must be posting elsewhere).

  4. Thanks for this article, timethief. I hope this isn’t absolutely the wrong place to ask this question, but it looks as though you’re doing what I wanted to do when I set up my site, and gave up trying to figure out: have a site/domain name and two user names, that are for two actual separate people — one of whom is me and neither of which is the actual site name. Because of the amount of info available out there, most of it containing jargon I’m not familiar with, I almost immediately get lost in and overwhelmed by information when I’m looking for support. Do I need to create two users and then keep track of myself as both admin and user? Thanks for being here whether or not you are able to or feel like answering my question! :)

      • Never a problem.

        Honestly, I just needed to vent- there are so much to keep tabs on with blogging and it’s nice to know I have resources. I’ve considered just changing my blogs name/address instead of trying to incorporate it into a full blown website. The links were helpful.

        • Hello there,
          You can change your Blog Title and/or optional Tagline at any time here > Settinges > General That will not have any negative SEO effects at all.

          You can change your blog address but as the page rank and authority accrue to the original address that means the new address will be starting over again to earn authority in the niche and backlinks that translate into earning a pagerank. So if the blog posts at the original address are well positioned in the SERPS (search engine page results) currently I don’t recommend doing the blog address change without purchasing a sire redirect upgrade.

  5. Hello. I am exploring your blog for the first time. I did not see a credit for the graphic which accompanies this post. Who created it?

  6. What I want to know – maybe this is something you can answer, TT – is, is it possible with desktop publishers (I forget what they’re called – you use one, I think, to write to your blog, don’t you?) to log in to and post to two separate wordpress accounts simultaneously? I’ve another account that I’d love to use for something entirely different but I get so fed up of logging out and logging in again to each one.

    When I blogged on LiveJournal there was a desktop (offline) publisher one could use and could log in to more than one separate account, but it’s still very different on WordPress!

    • Yes, you can set up windows live writer for posting multiple blog “accounts”. There are articles on the web that have illustrated instructions for setting up.

  7. Perfect timing!!! I have been scouring the WP support forums looking for a way to detach my two blogs so they become separate entities. This not only gave me the answer, it gives me step by step instructions. Yeah. Now let’s see if I can actually do this. Thank you.

    • Hi Liz,
      We see bloggers in the forum every day, who have been into changing blog addresses and changing usernames but they don’t read the instructions carefully. The consequences are not what they planned on.

      • Yea, I at one time had two blogs and discovered things were more complicated that way, so deleted the one. Still cannot get my Gravatar to show up like it does on my page on other pages…Tried everything. Makes me lose traffic, I know it. It shows up on Mikey’s page and mine (the face photo), but on other sites it shows up as as my old Gravatar, a photo of my cat.

        People get confused, and then click off.

        Cannot figure out why Gravatar isn’t working…The picture of the cat isn’t even on my Gravatar profile.

        Wierd. Any suggestions? (when you have time) no hurry. It’s no 3 alarm fire or anything, just bugs me. :)

      • Other people may have the issue too, I don’t know, may be a post? :) Many people are so confused on the Gravatars, almost like there should be a step by step manual. Been trying to answer questions, but I don’t enjoy writing on blogging, and it’s not my passion. It shows in my posts. Try to sound positive, but readers can tell I get aggravated answering questions over and over, but it’s not their fault.

        People think blogging is so easy, there are a ton of tricks to it, I had no idea how many things there are to learn about it. So, try to help people out, but it’s alot of information and sometimes I feel like saying, “Google it, please.” LoL. I Google blogging stuff all the time.

        Oh well, now I know how you guys felt on the forums. ha ha :) Realize why they were taken down now. Wow, alot of work!

  8. Regarding reserved blogs: Say for example I registered a secondary blog called under my old username. Will anyone else be able to claim the username writergirl with a new account later on? What if I delete the blog? Will that free up the username? Thanks.

  9. Very helpful indeed. It makes good sense to register a different username. I see that now, even if it does take a bit more effort to juggle two accounts. Thanks for this useful information.

    • Hi Kathy,
      I’m glad you are passing this on as I experience many bloggers in the forum who are confused about username accounts and blogs.

      Now that my spine is realigned I’m feeling better. My bones were out of alignment and causing migraines. Thankfully, that’s not going on now.

  10. Great post, timethief. Now if I only knew how to change the avatar for the nickname…

    Happy you’re feeling well enough to post (unless you already had this scheduled?). I just learned how to schedule my posts and am enjoying that function enormously.

  11. Useful info., TT. I suppose the person who has 2 different pseudoymns and 2 different email addresses for 2 different blogs, means that the really must administrate them separately. In other words, multiple blog ownership won’t show up in the drop-down on the top right hand side of the blog’s Dashboard.

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