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A Brief Break

This is to let my readers know I’m not well and will be taking a little time off to recover. Thank you for your onging support and encouragement.

110 thoughts on “A Brief Break

  1. Hi Time Thief – I’ve been lurking on your site for a few months because you’ve been basically teaching me how to do this blog thing. I wanted to thank you and let you know your content is probably the most insightful and intelligent I’ve found. Please stay well and hope to have you back soon.

    • Hello there,
      Thank you so much for letting me know you are finding what you need in my blog to improve your blogging. Thanks also for your well wishes.

  2. I want to thank each and every one of you for your well wishes. I appreciate your kindness so much and feel humbled by it. We are renovating our home, while keeping our business running and I have health issues. I pushed myself too far even though I thought I wasn’t overdoing it and now I’m paying the price. Soon this big project will be done, I will recover my health and I’ll be back to publishing more frequently. I hope you are all well and happy too.

  3. OK, for once I’m not clicking Like, because I don’t like it that you’re not feeling well… : )

    Wonderful to see so many fans and well-wishers checking in here, TT. Sorry I’m so late. Sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery, will keep you in my prayers.

    • Hi Mark,
      I hear you when it comes to not wanting to click “like”. But speaking of late responses please take a look at the date sequence here … I win that prize not you. I am so touched by all the well wishes that I get a lump in my throat when I read and reply to them. I’m somewhat embarassed to have taken so long to say thank you to everyone and visit their blogs but one can only do the best that one can do. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

    • Thanks so much for sending me well wishes. I think all the kindness my readers have expressed is helping me a lot. Perhaps kindness doesn’t help directly in terms of bodily healing but it does help indirectly by focusing me on staying positive and the body mind connection is powerful.

    • Hi there sweet lady,
      I welcome and appreciate your best wishes. I’ve been here on a come and go basis with lots of “resting” in between. I don’t excel at resting; I’m a movement orientated person. But I know even old dogs can learn new tricks, right. ;)

    • I’m getting better David – slowly but surely. What I have to do is accept my reality and stop pushing the envelope and that’s so hard to do because I’m a Type A in recovery again, so to speak. I’ve always been energetic and now I have to monitor how much energy I expend on every little thing I do.

      P.S. I like getting lost in your creations. This photo particularly caught my attention

      • I’m happy your getting better and even if it’s not easy to accept a different reality I hope it will bring its benefits. I’m glad you like some of my photos, I don’t have much time for that in this period but I hope to create something new soon. And the one you like is one of my preferred too.

        • Hi Davaid,
          I liked several of your photos. It’s so interesting that my favorite photo of yours is your favorite as well.

          SIGH … I’m still suffering from cluster migraines and I’m not focusing well in one eye. Trying to write is out of the question until I recover. This too shall pass.

          • Don’t worry timethief, sometimes we need to slow down and take care of ourself. After all, our health is a must priority on the top of everything else. When you will be fully recovered, then you can give your time to the others again. Imho

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