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Top 5 Site Title Tag Tips

title tag Are you blogging and thinking ‘build it and they will come’? If you are, then put on your thinking cap and think again. We all want our blogs to receive search engine attention so they attract incoming targeted readers. It’s site title tags that tell search engines and their users you have the welcome mat out.

Title tags are definitely one of the “big three” as far as the algorithmic weight given to them by search engines; they are equally as important as your visible text copy and the links pointing to your pages – perhaps even more so. — All About Title Tags

The site title tag is the most important tag in your site. An effective site title tag, blog title and tagline are branding messages that define who the blog is for and what’s in it for them. That’s why the site title tag is among the most important ranking factors in the search engines ranking algorithms.

titleThe best SEO strategy is to insure your blog’s URL site title and tagline contain keywords (products and/or services) (topics, concepts, themes) that define your blog’s intended brand. The rule of thumb is to select a unique, short name and URL that are easily remembered.

In short: When your title tag is too long, instead of simply truncating it and adding an ellipsis to the end the way they used to, Google will algorithmically determine a better title.

Should I tweak my titles and descriptions to improve my CTR?

Are title and description tags helpful to increase the organic CTR (click through rate)  — clicks generated from organic (unpaid) search — which in turn will help in better ranking with a personalized search perspective?

Matt Cutts of Google says “yes”.

Here are the top 5 best practices for creating a good site title tag:

  1. Position keywords or keyword phrases at the beginning of site title tag but avoid keyword stuffing.
  2. Make sure the site title and does not to exceed 70 characters, including spaces.
  3. Don’t use hyphens, underscores, commas or any other type of character in the site title.
  4. Minimize use of stop words (a, an, of, on, etc.)  in the site title as they rack up character count but have no value.
  5. Don’t include irrelevant words (not found on the page), in the site title, as doing that will dilute impact on your targeted keywords and can trigger search engine spam filters.


How will readers find your site? What will linger in their minds about your blog and what you have to offer in it, after they click out? Will first time visitors find your site title blog title and tagline easy to recall?

34 thoughts on “Top 5 Site Title Tag Tips

  1. Hi, great blog. I’ve been looking and can’t find the answer to my question: On sites, is it doing the title tag work behind the scenes? I know we can’t add them because it’s a theme or whatever, but I’d like to know if .com users are shutout of that benefit entirely or if WordPress takes care of it for us.

  2. please timethief can you tell me how to improve the crawling rate of my blog’s sub pages? This is because only my tageline, facebook link and title can be seen on google but I want other links/pages to appear. The blog that needs help is

  3. Thanks for this, Time Thief. Out of curiousity, how does a search engine “know” a page is a blog? For example, I am using a page within a more traditionally structured website as a blog, not a “blogging platform” such as WordPress. Will my SEO be hurt by that? Is there something I can do to overcome it? Obviously I will follow all the tips – like this one – I use on WordPress, but is there something additional or different the blogger has to do when working outside of the usual blog platform structures? thanks!!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I never realized that the tagline was used for search terms. I had never changed it from the default WP line, but that has been fixed now.

  5. Fascinating stuff, for sure.

    I was glad heartflow2012 asked what a title tag was, and just where the heck one could see it. I think you may have assumed that we all understood the term title tag. It was new to me, certainly. Sounds like it’s just the blog title rendered in HTML format.

    Many thanks for pointing out how important titles and taglines are. I think of the latter as the blog’s subtitle, really.

    • Hey Mark,
      So do I see correctly that “taglines” are the “tags” I add to any post? or do they refer to my blog in general, the same as the “title tag”? Related question: what is it I can do to make my blog more visible to those interested in the topics on my blog?
      Another question for Timethief: how do the readers who are following my blog now find out about my blog (I only sent out a notification to a few friends, but it says 208 are following my blog)? and how do I find out about other people’s blogs? Is there a listing somewhere in

  6. I always thought blogging is like a walk in the park. But as the days pass I find it really difficult to setup things correctly. I am surprised to know even the tags bear so much importance and make an impact. Thanks for the info timethief.

  7. Great article and perfect timing! Your tips are excellent source as a go-to for someone very new to blogging. Thanks!

  8. Can someone please tell me where on my blog I find the Site Title Tag? Is it just the title of my blog?

  9. I learned about site titles and site tag when applying to be added to Google’s public directory. The title and reference tag had to relate to the nature of the blog and that a key word had to be list on the main page at least 20 times in order for it to be relevant to search engines.

  10. Thanks for the post, I didn’t know how much weight the title of the blog itself held. By the way, this link: “Google will algorithmically determine a better title” is bringing up a “it seems that we can’t find what we’re looking for” type error message.

    • For us bloggers who cannot access and edit metadata the URL, Blog Title and Tagline choices we make are very important ones. Thanks for the heads up on the broken link — double http://
      I have now fixed it.

  11. Thank you so much for all your information and I see that I have some homework to do on my site title tag! Looking through some of the content on your bog I know I am going to find this site very helpful.

    • Hello there,
      By eliminating the … the character count for your blog title and tagline are 71 characters long. I’m so happy to read you are finding what you find in my blog to be helpful. :)

  12. Excellent tips for titles. I always read and look forward to the information that you share on your posts. Thanks for all the help. Enjoy the day! :)

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