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5 Minute Tasks for Better Blogging

winged clock If you find yourself wondering what to do with 5 minutes and feel inclined to waste some time surfing the net – think again.  You can put that 5 minutes to better use and your blog can benefit from your minor time investment.  I recommend an article that  has 50 great ideas for improving your blog in short order.

Here’s just one on them that stood out for me:

Remove “Subscribe” word from your blog: Asking readers to “Subscribe” to your blog posts? Then consider changing the words to something like “Get updates” or “Join Us”.

We all want to improve our blogs but don’t give the necessary time for it! via How To Improve Your Blog: 50 Easy 5 Minute Tasks — Blogging With Success.


52 thoughts on “5 Minute Tasks for Better Blogging

  1. I’m still looking for that article that tells me how to manage my time so I can write posts, respond to comments, visit/comment around the blogoworld, cook, work, volunteer, take care of family and flop down at the end of a day with a cat on my lap instead of a computer. (Although, I agree, doing 5 minutes here and there helps.)

    • Ah… well, I steal moments whenever I can. I think we all do that. ;)
      Life is a balancing act and it’s not easy to achieve balance with one foot offline and the other online in an environment that never sleeps. The Internet doesn’t stop, can’t stop, won’t stop, so they say. It’s this aspect of blogging that can become repetitive and disheartening. You create content, publish, promote, comment, discuss and the cycle continues.
      You need Purpose; Passion and Persistence; Productivity; and People Skills to successful.
      Best wishes with your blog.

  2. Extremely helpful, TT– thank you.

    I was very sorry to hear about your brother, and I hope it’s not too late to offer my sincere condolences. Please take some time to rest and restore yourself, my friend.

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  4. Well, it turns out that I finally found where and how to contact WordPress, and it appears that the post I made is not part of the problem. So, hopefully everything will work out all right.

    It’s nice to know someone like you is here to help in a jam though.


  5. hi timethief! i’m pretty new here at the blogging community never really had the guts to try it til now. i find that site helpful. thanks for it! :)

  6. Hey, you sound like a much better person here than in the Q&A support forum…lol. This site is something I should have been introduced to, long time ago. i guess better now than never…hahaha

    • Hey there,
      It was a busy day on the forum and I was alone when it came to answering questions. I’m sorry I sounded grumpy. You’re definitely welcome here. :)

      • are you implying you were working today? as in work-work, not funny/hobby work?
        No need to feel sorry for being grumpy, you are talking to a guy that will probably end up with being diagnosed with Irratable Male Syndrome(IMS)…lol. I live, eat, breath, grumpy…hahaha.

    • Hello there,
      It’s good to meet you. I visited your blog and found it has great internet marketing information for small business owners. Best wish with your blog and thanks for your comment.

      • Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out.

        I’m new to the blogoshepere, if you are ever interested in collaborating via guest posts do let me know, I’m looking to build relationships with other bloggers. If not that’s cool too, you’re posts are really helpful, thanks! :-)

        • Hi there,
          We are renovating our home and recovering from the untimely death of my brother. I don’t have what it takes to collaborate at this time in my life but I’m open to doing so in the future. Thank for the invitation and for your comments.

  7. Thanks a lot for the link!

    I was a bit busy with some clients, was just checking stats this morning when I saw your link.

    Glad that you liked the post.

  8. I went straight to my front page and changed all the “Subscribe” options before even clicking the link to the other suggestions … which I will now do. Thx!

  9. Maybe time to tweak my little “subscribe” widget. I do have already a creative statement “Get fed by this blog” and above that is a little widget of swimming goldfish that will feed on imaginary food ….

      • I deleted the new community avatar feature off my blog and reduced the amount of blogs on my home page. It shortened up the loading time! Thanks!

        • I tried out all three new widgets … meh … I hastily removed them. Clutter isn’t my style and I want a clean blog that loads fast and I need to remove more sidebar stuff.

  10. Nice post. I just did the speed test & was pleased with a score of 94/100, loading in 2.87 seconds. Better than 53%. With some tweaking and attention, I can easily get it to 2.5 s or even lower. This is why I love your blog so much!

  11. Loved this one, timethief. I never do use words like “subscribe” because I’m picky about wording, so it was good to hear an affirmation that this choice was a good thing. I really enjoyed the link to Blogging With Success, which may be the only blogging about blogging website I haven’t read yet.

    Due to reading this yummy link you posted, I decided to close comments on items older than 60 days, as I have been hit by a wave of spam lately. (Nothing got through the Spam filter, by the way. My spam tsunami coincides with me being more active on StumbleUpon. This is circumstantial evidence at best though.)

    Thanks for yet another useful piece, timethief!

    • Hi there,
      It’s good to hear from you. I have never actively promoted blog subscriptions. I have always used feedburner and don’t feel inclined to changee over to’s system. I do think the words we use are important and when I read Ishan’s post I decided to put inviting readers to become subscribers on my to-do list.

      P.S. Given the timeframe and your increased SU activity, I don’t think your spam issue was coincidental.

      • I really followed the WP suggestions to the letter as far as promotin’ and circulatin’ goes, but yeah, it felt important to have cohesive language across my site. I want to set an easy-going tone wherever I can.

        The SU thing really ticks me off, as I used it to promote blogs that I love and ideas that come from other people as well as about twelve of my “best” posts. I think I added about 40 pieces of new SU material all together including all of these things I loved. (Once again, I added SU pretty early on. I didn’t “stumble” anything of my own until recently.)

        The spam stinks. Now I’m afraid to add cool things I find for fear that I am sending my favorite blogs something besides the gift of new readers— new spammers. Ah, me. Live and learn.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this link. And THANKS for the tip about removing the word “subscribe.” My blog uses that language. I hadn’t even thought of saying it another way–and I’m a writer! Goodness! Why didn’t that occur to me? That’s why I’m thankful for folks like you. Great tip!

    • Hi Kathy,
      It’s Ishan’s great tip that I was passing along and I don’t want to take credit where none is due. :)

      P.S. We are now at about 30% completion with our home renovation. I’m so exhausted that I can barely sit here and type this. What’s done looks lovely and so bright. What’s yet to be done is what I’m trying not to focus on until the weekend. If I don’t feel a rise in energy tomorrow, we may even choose to take the weekend off.

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