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Controlling Your Facebook Account

facebbok icon“Social Fixer for Facebook” (formerly known as Better Facebook) is a free browser extension that improves the Facebook site by eliminating annoyances and adding lots of great enhancements and functionality. It runs in most browsers and installs in just a minute. 

Social Fixer
This extension exclusively works with Facebook to provide all the improvements you can imagine. You get a tabbed interface for your feed; better post filtering; an option to hide read posts; a record of those who dare to unfriend you; customized skins; and quick access to Pages, groups, and events. Facebook addicts should not go without it.  via The Best Google Chrome Extensions 2012

You need to download and install Social Fixer. Pretty much every problem, annoyance, gripe, or general complaint you have about Facebook can be fixed with that one browser extension. Audit Your Approved Apps, Audit Your Facebook Privacy Settings, Clean Up Your Friends, Got Another Problem? Ask Your Friends! via Get Your Facebook Account Under Control This Weekend.

Tired of the boring blue and white Facebook? Themes let you customize your Facebook experience by changing the colors, layout, styles, and images used. And with Feed Filters, you control exactly what you see in your news feed.

In Facebook Timeline there is middle line which divides your activities in two columns. Social Fixer is an application which removes the middle line and shows all your activities in single column. It works with all browser except in Internet Explorer.

Social Fixer: View Facebook Timeline in Single Column

FB Limiter is a windows application that can completely restrict access to facebook and Youtube on your computer. It is available in both free and paid versions.The Free version allows only complete blocking of youtube and facebook whereas in paid version you will have the ablity to block or unblock these sites for specific interval of time.

Facebook Limiter restricts the access that people have to Facebook by applying three different kind of locks:  A simple lock that will prevent a specific person from accessing Facebook on a computer;  A time lock that will restrict access to Facebook from a certain hour to another; and A total lock that will keep even you from accessing Facebook on your own computer. This will be useful if you have to get work done, and want to ensure distractions will be lowered all the way to zero.  via How To Completely Block Facebook On Computer: FB Limiter

How to block facebook

Got a Facebook Fan Page? I recommend reading @ariherzog’s latest blog post: Why Facebook Pages Should Be Deleted

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10 thoughts on “Controlling Your Facebook Account

  1. Hm. Doesn’t it say something about a site if it needs a “fixer”? : )

    The linked post about Facebook Pages (and why they should be deleted) was also interesting. I didn’t realize there was a dual maintenance issue there.

    • Admittedly, I have a twisted fascination with Facebook “fixes”. I found Ari’s post on deleting Facebook pages to be enligthening too. It makes sense for fans to subscribe to profile pages instead but I wouldn’t have twigged to that if I hadn’t read his post.

  2. Hi timethief –

    Great information. On a side note, I’ve abandoned the FB app on my Android phone and now use Friendcaster to access FB. The experience is much better. Especially when viewing photos. With traditional FB, I could see photos but couldn’t comment and couldn’t see comments.

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