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Chat Without the Meebo Widget

When I blogged this post 4 Chatboxes for blogs on March 7, 2010 bloggers had 4 chatbox alternatives to choose from. Since that time three chatbox options for bloggers have disappeared and now Meebo widget at will become history too.

Meebo is a web-based instant message service that lets users of major IM services chat in a browser window.

This widget will let your blog visitors chat with you privately without requiring you to give out your IM identities.

One June 4th, 2012 this is what the Meebo team reported in their blog: Google is acquiring Meebo!

Here’s the list of the Meebo products that will be discontinued on July 11th, 2012.

All embedded Meebo Me widgets will cease to function. You will still need to remove the Meebo Me embed code from your site.

Meebo, the chat and publishers tools company that Google acquired for roughly $100 million, is going to see most of its products shut down next month. That includes Meebo Messenger, the sharing widgets and mobile apps. — Acq-hire Treatment: Most Products To Shut Down Soon

In 2005 Meebo began as a cross-platform instant messaging service introducing and introduced the Meebo Bar, which enabled people on the same site to chat to each other.   The Meebo Bar is available for free at It can be installed on any site where you have permission to run third party JavaScript.

There has been no announcement made  in the official blog about removing the Meebo chat widget and it’s still available in our dashboards. Inquiring minds want to know: Will there be a replacement chat widget for bloggers that does what Meebo did?

15 thoughts on “Chat Without the Meebo Widget

  1. They still need to announce that and at least try to do some deeper investigation with Chatroll or other companies that provide a HTML5 chat experience and exploit-less plugin.

  2. Don`t quite understand what is going on with this cutting of code. I went and tried CBox with the same result. Is it that one need to have a Premium Account to have these work on your site?

    I might have to go to Blogger to have this functionality. Now THAT would be a shame on WP :-(

  3. Maybe Volution Live Chat is an alternative. I don`t know whether it is JavaScript or not but I do know that the supplied code got changed by WordPress and was not working after that.

  4. The Meebo Widget… sounds like a James Bond novel that Ian Fleming had second thoughts about… : )

    I’m not familiar with the product, but I’m always impressed with how well informed you are, and how you make sure your readers are, too. WP, take a lesson!! : )

  5. I am always sorry to see takeovers for “one product”. Not only does it leave many users stranded but also means that many people lose their jobs. Not just the technical staff who can find alternative jobs fairly quickly, but the site managers, secretaries, kitchen staff and many other people in the “downsized” or closed offices, some of whom may not find an equivalent job ever.

    I worked for a company which was taken over simply for its support to the stock exchange. When the regional office that I worked in closed I found another job straight away. I didn’t think much about it until I saw the ex site manager working on a checkout in a local supermarket. He told me that after being made redundant in his late 50s from that sort of job he never expected to be able to get anything other than casual labour.

    • Hi there,
      I share your concern about users being left behind and alsos about the staff at the start-ups which are purchased by bigger players. The app era is a newly mobilized world that reminds me of the early dot-com boom. Google is purchasing other start-ups like Motorola Mobility and Quickoffice, etc.

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