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Content Curation: Baby Steps

Without doubt content curation is here to stay and more bloggers are looking to identify best practices and best tools to maximize their efforts.  If you take a close look at the custom menu at the top of this blog you will find a new Better Blogging Tips link.   The link is to my first topic page on Better Blogging Tips: “writing, grammar, blogging and content curation tips for becoming a better writer and blogger ”. That’s where I have begun learning how to locate and curate content in magazine style format.

Content Curation Resources

A new Engauge white paper breaks down the make-up of the average Pinterest user and shows that the end result of less reading is more of a focus on content curation than creation. The timing of that trend, combined with a stunning design when Internet users are focusing more on visual than text, has allowed Pinterest to explode in popularity. via  The Curation-Over-Creation Trend That Fueled Pinterest’s Rapid Growth

Have you tried  I’m using it and liking it. I’d like to share links to some articles on content curation I have found to be helpful. Let’s start with two simple videos.

Why Curation?

“Content curation is the addition of 1. content 2. trust and 3. meaning for the benefit of the reader.”

8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content

A review of 8 content curation tools including Google Alerts, Google Reader, Facebook Friend Lists for Better Facebook News Feeds, Twitter Lists, HootSuite,, Alltop, Mobile (Flipboard and Pulse).


10 Steps To Curate Your Social Media Content With for Increased Value

What Makes A Great Curator Great? How To Distinguish High-Value Curation From Generic Republishing

The Curator’s Code


At this stage I have done more republishing  than curation but that will change as I develop more skills. I can see that I have already made some errors.  If you don’t add context, or opinion, or voice  then you aren’t a curator and I have failed to do that on all my scoops so I’ll be backtracking to make additions. If you don’t use tagging, then locating then your curated collection will not be easily found, defeating your purpose. I have neglected tagging so I will be addressing those two deficiencies as soon as I can.

I want to share my content curation learning process with you readers and hope you will share yours with me. Please subscribe to my magazine  Better Blogging Tips magazine and comment too.

Have you tried using content curation tools?  If so, please share your experience.

22 thoughts on “Content Curation: Baby Steps

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  2. I was a curator once: I collected baseball bubble gum cards. I even pinned them: with clothespins to my bicycle tire spokes– man, was I cool as I buzzed down the street. Guess I was ahead of my time… : )

    Fascinating trend, thanks as always, for the update!

    • @Mark,
      Thanks for the levity — just when I needed it. It’s a crazy day in our business and I’m trying to keep pace with everything as my hubby is away.

  3. Hi timethief, these arguments are quite interesting for me because I don’t know very well if I want to do that or not for different reasons. In the other website I have, traffic is an important key for me, so I’m not interested to curate content in an external service like or (I’ve got one of this) but instead, I might be interested to curate content inside my website as you do sometimes in your blog, and linking to the external article for the rest of the content as usual. The only problem is that is not so easy to understand what to curate and what do not, for example if your blog is in a small business area and other blogs around the same arguments could be competitors and not allies. But I’m happy you talk about this stuff so I can study it better too :p

  4. I don’t know what to say: but this is something old..made new under the guise of social media tools as the vehicle. Curation has been going on for centuries and at the higher end to me, it’s like a form of serious essay writing but with reference links and commentary. (No endnotes nor footnotes MLA, or APA style requirements!) Think of your literature review from college/university days.

    Some of people have done content curation for decades as part of their job…the librarian did and still does the electronic precis/abstract and metadata tagging for a specialized topics.

    • You’re right. Curation is not new. As a college and Univeristy student I curated content for my papers just as everyone else did. As a librarian (years ago) content curation was part of my job. What’s new is the tools we have to use and social networking online but the process is the same.

      • OK, but, I will have to go back and read that article. I am still thinking there is a gulf between curation that will last and content curation that won’t be here when we do the next ‘site review’ and rewrite most of the ‘web-site.’

        Thanks for letting me back.

  5. I went to one of your links, and it described ‘curation’ more along the lines of library science ‘curation.’

    I don’t get that feeling from reading your blog post.

    So, how would you describe curation to my mom? She can play solitaire on a computer. And she taught Spanish for most of 30 years.


    • Hi Kathy,
      I’m creating a post for my personal blog that will explain why I have been so scarce these last two weeks. I hope to publish it later today. Right now I have contracted work on the go and I’m also minding our business phones too. Oy vey!

      Like anything there’s a learning curve involved. I’ve already made mistakes but don’t be afraid to jump into the shallow end of the pool and start start dog paddling beside me. :)

  6. Outstanding! I love the link. I want a magazine of knitted styles. How did you change the background? I was told by knitters to not follow industry trends but to create my own, however, I want what is modern.

    • Hi there Patrice,
      I think you will enjoy making your magazine. It’s an interesting process that starts with doing lots of research. Once you have located related articles and read through them you can sift it down to the ones you think are the best to scoop into your magazine pages. I would think that it’s equally important to be aware of industry trends and to be a pace setter as a opposed to a fashion follower.

      There are buttons to click to change the background. You can choose to have a colored background or you can upload an image as I have done.

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