30 thoughts on “Deleting Accounts, Blogs and Content

  1. I had to create a WordPress.com account when it was required to use Akismet. Now that it has been separated from that I would like to do a few things for house cleaning but there does not seem to be any way. I wonder if you could steer me in the right direction.

    1. Under one WordPress.com login I had several “Blogs” listed one being the primary blog. There does not seem to be a way to change or delete it. I changed that to a WordPress.com blog but it still wants to associate the login with a site that I will take down. Is there a way to delete these blogs from the list?

    2. Is it possible to delete a WP.com account for good? I read your instructions which essentially obfuscate the blog behind a huge password, is that the only way?
    Thanks if you get a chance to reply, thanks even if you don’t since you have already provided useful information.

    1. If you don’t want to be deluged by email and who does? Then it’s important to know how to deal with email notifications. If one ever chooses to leave it’s good to know how to free up their email address and lock the account down, so to speak.

  2. Hello! Thank you for being such a problem destroyer! I hope might have time to Help me or tell find the Help to following. One of my followers says, that she’s always have to try to type a comment on my worpress blog 3 times before it will manage. She says the it won’t accept the code. She says that I could hire her IT expert, but I would try to hear you first. Have a wonderful Day.

  3. I’m still disapointed, raging, and mad for Google/Blogger for shutting down my blog without prior notice. They wanted me to give a cell phone number to verify and get it back.

    Raging mad! … but eventually I walked away from it and came to WordPress. 6 years of blogging down the drain. New start! :) See you in the BC threads!

  4. That’s exactly what I have done. There isn’t much there, but before I found the ‘read it later’ service, I would use that to store feeds. The truth is, the only reason I used WordPress is my passion for the template–a four column set up with the Caribbean background. I thought it would suit a multimedia project, but it didn’t work out, but I do have a better idea of how to set one up on a website. Hence, I still have my account, so I don’t have to register every time I comment on WP blogs.

    Hope all is well with you, TiTi. I should be out here in another month, (I’ve found over the last year I say that a lot!) This time, I’ll tunnel out if I have to. I ain’t stickin’ around all these screws and twists, ya hear me? :;) Thanx for the notes. I’ve been downloading your pages, and have them read out loud to me, but it needs tweaking. Missing you and the BC singers. xxxoo ttyl Law

    1. Being able to comment on WordPress.com blogs without a hassle is the way to go. I’m glad you have an account because that makes commenting easy as pie.

      It’s so good to hear from you and I hope that a month from now your are out of there and home again. I’m doing well at present. No health issues at the moment just exhaustion as we are renovating, and getting more sleep is something I must do to avoid a health collapse.

      Wishing you well always,

  5. Another option to consider if you think that you want to delete your blog is to make it private. This means it will disappear from the web, and from the search engines in time but later you can reactivate it if you change your mind, assign it to someone else who emails you saying that “just has to have xxx.wordpress.com”, or delete the content and reuse the URL yourself

    1. Tandava,
      Thanks for making that important point. We Volunteers answering support forum questions always recommend changing privacy settings, as opposed to blog deletion.

  6. Morning, I am pleased to inform you that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. I love the way you help others with blogging! The next step is posted at my blog. Enjoy!

    1. Please don’t be offended but I have been awarded the same award by several bloggers now and I choose to decline accepting any awards. I don’t want to offend anyone by leaving them out so for me it’s best not to participate.

      1. Time their I have posted my problem in forum three times in two weeks no one answers. Can u tell me where I can get support my blogs address is http://diakiws.wordpress.com. My users name was diakiws. It was changed to jdiakiwsblog Now I cannot get access to the diakiws.wordpress except to view it but cannot post. Get redirected to a new blog jdiakiwsblog. With no posts except this question.

  7. Thanks, I have created two additional blogs and can access them both via my original blog account. This is cool to be able to navigate among the three blogs. I created The Workout Club and one for my upcoming Not-for-profit organization that is not viewable.

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