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Have you tried  is a content curation service. allows us to keep a visual collection of the stories that hold our interest. You might compare it to Pinterest in some ways but for me, it’s so much more. You get to shine the spotlight on your favorite images but more importantly – you can gather snippets of information in an organized collection based on your topic of interests. Curating a topic helps build your authority and helps keep you focused.  via  How To Curate Content and Build Authority With

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  1. Amazing. Just when one thinks there couldn’t possibly be another way to share info… : P

    The videos were helpful, and your Conscious Living page looks great. : )

  2. seems to making its mark and connecting people.

    I have been using for a while to curate articles about honeybee colony collapse disorder.

    And while I do not do anything to actively promote the site, it’s gratifying to see people following the thread and the timeline of the investigation into the possible causes of CCD and to watch the progress over a period.

    • Hi David,
      I haven’t had much experience with but what little I have had has been positive. Thanks so much for chiming in here.

  3. When I had my previous blog (absurd old bird) someone tweeted one of my posts and it ended up on I was surprised. In some ways I was pleased, in others I was not. I’m very torn about the sharing of everything online now because one never knows where it’s going to end up. That said, of course, one shouldn’t put anything online if one doesn’t want it to fly off the face of the planet! ;)

    It’s an interesting concept, this It might be worth looking at for my new blog… whenever it actually happens!

    • I think having a post scooped and an excerpt of it republished with a link to the original article amounts to the same thing as quoting another blogger with correct attribution in a post. Both result in a backlink.

  4. Jeez, another tool. I’m still thinking about simple advance blogging posts that I can post date. Maybe this tool might be helpful to scoop some of other stuff from other blogs that we manage but will freeze soon.

  5. Thanks for the information. Like you I have Pinterest but I really haven’t used it that much. allowed me to create and group information about HDR Photography very quickly and easily. I’m converted.

    • I’m converted.

      Me too. :) I wish I had a week off work so I could create a couple of other magazines on topics of interest to me.

  6. HI Timethief, thanks for linking to my post. I’m a huge fan of and it’s many benefits. The interface is very user-friendly and the layout is really impressive. Great to see you using it too. I’ll be sure to follow your topic.

    • Hi Ileane,
      I’m so glad you made your video. I have just begun scooping and need to learn more about the features when I have the time to. Currently my house is under renovation and is being painted so I’m stuck in corner among packing boxes in a construction zone using this computer.

  7. Hi timethief,
    Thanks for the information. I agree that it is much more than Pinterest and I did like it instantly too. Not so much for the why things are laid there, but because I happen to like the quality of information I found in my first try.
    As an aside, what used to concern me sometimes back was the mushrooming of online services that are very similar. Here are some examples of online services that are grouped by their general class:
    1. facebook, myspace, orkut, hi5, etc.
    2. digg, Pinterest and now, etc.
    3. Quora, reddit, etc.
    4. Dropbox,, Sugar Sync, etc.
    5. GitHub, SourceForge, Google Code Hosting, Bitbucket, etc.
    However, now I think that although at times they are very confusing, and hard to follow, it is generally a good thing. Just like how life evolved through the process of selection and survival of the fittest, software tools are currently in a process of evolving fast; which means that lots of new software (species) will emerge and fade. Only the fittest will survive. We are witnessing the cambrian explosion for software.

    • Hi there,
      Like you my first experience of using was a positive one. The results I got were relevant and the quality of the references were to quality infomation. I’m with you on this. In these days of digital overwhelm only the most useful tools will survive.

    • Hi Susan,
      I just started my account today associated with my personal blog. Scoopit is cool in a powerful and time saving way. I will be exploring all the features this coming week.

  8. Hmmmm – it is looking more and more like I will not be able to keep up with everything. I had never heard of this – so good information!

      • So – you ‘scoop’ what you like and add it to your magazine? Love the format – nicer than pinning. I think I want to check it out…

        • I do have Pinterest account but have never created pinboards. It’s on my to-do list but now I have found I don’t feel any urgency when it comes to Pinterest. Do check it out and let me know what you think.

          • Did – and played around a bit last night figuring out how it works. I think it is a great tool for writers – one could create a ‘resume’ of snatched of your writing and use it for all sorts of purposes! Thanks for alerting me to it, since I hadn’t heard of it yet. Wow – imagine ME being the one to introduce a new computer concept to others! haha (limited techie skills, that’s me…)

          • Exactly! I can think of several ways one could use and only regret that I don’t have time to try them. I’m living in a construction zone right now. :(

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