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Internet Explorer 10 Metro with Flash

For better or worse, IE10 is one of those Windows 8 apps with a split personality–part Metro and part desktop. Microsoft dubs it a “Metro style enabled desktop browser,” which means that technically it’s a single app that offers two different “experiences.” via  IE10 in Windows 8: Metro style vs. desktop style

Microsoft seems to have changed its mind about Adobe Flash and will include a bundled version of Flash with its upcoming Metro-style Internet Explorer 10 web browser. Previously Microsoft announced that Metro-style IE10 will not support plugins, meaning it will not support Adobe Flash, or even Microsoft’s own Silverlight.  The news is that the desktop version of IE10, will retain plugin support.

Rumors and speculation though the conclusions may be, the screenshots tell the story and the story is simple: The latest developer builds include support for Flash in Metro IE 10. via Rumor: Internet Explorer 10 Metro to Run Flash After All | Webmonkey |

We have also seen the native integration of Adobe Flash in Google Chrome, and if recent leaks are anything to go by, Internet Explorer 10 will also have Adobe Flash natively built-in. Internet Explorer 10 is expected to be released with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system that will launch in the fourth quarter of 2012.  The operating system will feature two versions of Internet Explorer: first the desktop version that is the successor of Internet Explorer 9, and then a specially designed version for the Metro UI version. via Flash Integrated Natively In Internet Explorer 10? |