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Tweets do affect Google rankings

Felicity Crouch reports: Using our own award-winning Twitter petition site; we conducted a study into the effect of tweets on rankings in Google (no other search engines were used for this study). In the biggest study of its kind, we have found that there is strong correlation between the amount of tweets about a URL, and its Google ranking. This is the biggest study of tweets conducted anywhere in the world, and we think it’s produced some really interesting results. via Revolutionary study: We prove that tweets do affect rankings | B3Labs | Branded3.
A tip of the hat to Tim Grice re: The Tweets vs. Rankings Test by Branded3

12 thoughts on “Tweets do affect Google rankings

  1. Twitter is a very powerful social networking tool that could actually help you gain more traffic, but then it takes so much work to be even more successful by using it.

  2. Really interesting. I don’t send out a lot of tweets, but I try to remember to do so if I come across something that seems especially helpful. Most of the time I’m pointing my followers to a particular site (often a blog), and if they pass that link along to others, I can see where it would drive up traffic and perhaps boost the site’s ranking.

    Makes sense intuitively, and doggone it, I’m gonna take credit for helping!! : P

  3. I think no matter what our goals are, become a published author, a prominent blogger, etc
    We should use all the marketing tools at our disposa,l especially the free ones such as social media.
    Well ok they are not really free because they eat up a huge amount of our time but at least it doesn’t hit us in the checkbook :)

  4. Still for my personal blog, I find it harder to justify spending time tweeting and retweeting others. I’ve done it for organization’s blogs, but not for my own except if there was a topic that related to organization’s mandate/goals. Sigh, for me there has to be a cut-off point on what I do for blogging notoriety.

  5. Hello! Saw you in the forum and ou look very helpful! How did you get your Flag counter on your home page? I have one, but can’t seem to get it on my page right. Help please? anything is much appreciated!

  6. I’m an utter Twitter failure. Though I’ve read about its usefulness, the concept is a hard one for me to grasp (probably because I’m old). This post has renewed my determination to figure it out. I’ve read about programs that allow you to schedule tweets, and I’m thinking that it may help. Thanks for this one, TT.

  7. I really must start tweeting – up to now I have avoided it, but I like the idea of restricting things to the word limit. I think I am ready to plunge in – thank you for the prompt.

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