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WordPress 3.4 in the works

I’ve enjoyed the ease of switching themes to one I’ve used before and having my header images fetched from the Media Library for me. I’ve also wished same was the case with background images and I’m going to my wish, along with legions of other WordPress users. 

WordPress 3.4 Beta 2 has been released. Since Beta 1, release last week there have been over 60 bug fixes and adjustments based on testing a feedback.

Here’s some of what’s new:

  • Theme Customizer with Previewer
  • Flexible Custom Header Sizes
  • Selecting Custom Header and Background Images from Media Library
  • Better experience searching for and choosing a theme

If you want to be a beta tester then you have to set up a local install of WordPress or have a site that you can install it on.
Download WordPress 3.4 Beta 1
how to report bugs
alpha/beta forum
wp-testers list
WordPress Core Trac

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19 thoughts on “WordPress 3.4 in the works

  1. Just stopping by to say THANK YOU! I found your thread from last month re:infinity scroll and I have finally been able to fix up my blog! Really appreciate it, have a great day :)

  2. With so many themes to choose from, making it easier to “test drive” one sounds good.

    And I, too, am fascinated by your own ongoing theme experimentation. I can see you’re really making waves this time around! : )

    • Well that was then and this is now. :) I like playing with images a you can tell. In 3.4 we will be able to select an image from our Media Library to use either as a header or background. Considering how frequently I change both I’m going to love this feature.

  3. Wow, these look like fabulous changes. I’m especially interested in the flexible custom header sizes. Can’t wait to explore. Thanks so much for the update.

    • I’m with you on that Sandra. Right now themes require header images to be uploaded at a specific width and height. The Flexible Custom Header Sizes will allow us to dynamically resize header images to best match with the size of the header.

      “cropping malformed header images is no longer required. Instead, WordPress will stretch the image until it meets your template’s width. Most often than not, wide images work very well when this is done, but tall images do not scale well.”

  4. TT, I enjoyed reading this yesterday but wasn’t signed in to comment. Imagine my surprise to find that you had gone over to the dark side – black background, and now today this lovely seascape! I know you press the point of content but for some strange reason I have a fascination with the huge variety of themes. Not to mention the individual touches applied to same. Off to explore beta . . .

    • I’m back from the dark side Pattti. Do know that you have to either have a install or a local install of WordPress to become a BETA tester.

    • Anyone who want to be a BETA tester can be one if that’s what you mean. The new WordPress versions are up and running here at a month before they are released to users.

      • Thanks. So on a site, how does one actually use the beta version. Does one upload it? Or if not, how does one ‘activate’ it? I am just wondering what the relevance of the WordPress folder is (I downloaded it from the link in your article)?

        • Hi Dave,
          On a site this is a no go. You have to set up a local install of WordPress if you want to be a BETA tester or have access to a site that you can install it on.

  5. One of the things that I believe the dot org bloggers are getting that I wish we might get too, is the ability to put links in image captions. I don’t suppose they’d do that for us, but I can hope… Apart from that, the changes, so far, look promising. Thanks TT.

  6. Sounds convenient to try different custom options for a theme in a previewer. Great idea. I actually find it a pain in the rear to search themes. Right now one is limited to chronological posting release of theme, desired features….or just memorizing the name of the theme.

    • I think it sounds convenient too. I’m old school as you know as I believe every bloggers needs a test blog and one of my favorite things to do is play with themes in my private test blogs. This theme customizer is very appealing and I will defintely be using it.

      WordPress 3.4 Theme Customizer with Previewer Tutorial
      “This tool combines several features already available, but helps tie everything into one easy to use tool. For example, instead of going to separate pages within your WordPress 3.4 dashboard to do things such as change your Site Title & Tagline or control whether or not your header text is shown, you can do all of these things within the Theme Customizer.”

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