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9 thoughts on “12 Plus Ways for Freelancers to Focus and Stay on Task | FreelanceFolder

  1. If at all possible, make sure the computer is not in same room as place where you sleep. Nor having it in the kitchen either.

    Set yourself a minimum number of work hours per day that you must meet. Have another regular activity that keeps you disciplined. (Mine was cycling nearly 2 hrs. daily in the morning. Believe me that was not a distraction, but an enjoyable discipline. It prepared my spirit and stoked my motivation to tackle stuff when returning home.)

  2. I can tell you, freelancing lets you know who your friends really are and who in your family is supportive as well. Not sure how many people really want to know those two, but it’s good to know either way.

    E.G. For #3, a friend who can’t understand that your time is valuable and insists on commandeering you for everything in their life is not really your friend. It’s fine in an emergency, but not fine when they want to chat about their cat that just threw up a furball even after you try to make them understand you’re very busy.

    #2 And #9 Aren’t possible for me due to the nature of my work, but I do try to cluster my hours so I don’t suffer too much from sleep deprivation. Luckily, I’m an insomniac, so that worked out OK.

    #6 Isn’t always possible, but I’ve been trying to stop myself from too much Wikipedia adlib browsing (I swear I’ve spent person-years on that site).

    #10 Is fairly simple for me (mild OCD), but #11 won’t work all that well (allergic to healthy food… or healthy anything).

    #13 I’m getting a La-Z-Boy! Wooo!!

    You learn a lot about yourself and those close to you when you’re your own boss.

    • Hi there,
      I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks so much for making it. My husband and I are self-employed and our studio is on the ground floor of our house. re: 3 We had to train friends and family not to spontaneously visit or call during working hours of the day. Being one’s own boss is hard work.

  3. Great article – I struggled with this so much when I was a Consultant. Everyone thinks it is fun working in your PJs, but I was surprised how difficult it was. It is nice to go home and leave work at the office.

    I found that keeping a schedule was vital to staying on task – I really liked the tip about maintaining two separate machines as well. hmmm…maybe I miss it more than a little.

    • I agree that work and home need separation. I don’t work in pj’s. I get up and get dressed just as if I were working outside of my home. I strive to live a balanced life and still have time to blog in. :)

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