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Quantcast New Demographic Features

peopleThe latest Quantcast newsletter advised of New Demographic Features but I was to ill to read it until today. Quantcast demographics reports now include expanded age segments which you can break out by gender. They’ve also improved household income demographics to include a $150K+ bracket. See an example for this blog

Quantcast’s saving grace is their “Get Quantified” program, which shows actual, truly accurate and measured numbers for sites that opt-in.  I have had both of my blogs, which are on their own domains and being free hosted by,  quantified and I’m pleased with the metrics I’m getting via Quantcast.  This release of product updates also includes interface design updates and new charts for Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Children in Household, Household Income, Education Level information.


I was interested to see that my readers by gender are almost an equal male/female split. I previously assumed that was the case but these metrics confirm that.

49% internet average
51% internet average


I have frequently wondered about the readability of my content and what the educational level of my readers was and now I know.

segment this site vs. total internet multiple
No College
45% internet average
41% internet average
Grad School
14% internet average
internet average
No College 24%
College 53%
Grad School 23%
Education Level

Graduate and Post Graduate


  1. Is your blog on it’s own domain?
  2. Have you had your blog quantified?
  3. What do you think of these New Demographic Features that Quantcast provides?
  4. Did the metrics for your own blog suprise you?
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8 thoughts on “Quantcast New Demographic Features

  1. Responses to the Discussion:
    1. Yes!
    2. No! (Trying it today!)
    3. Those look centred to some Zones of the World but nice as I saw report of One Cool Site.
    4. Haven’t checked it yet. Trying to sign up!
    PS: I figured that blogs are auto-quantified. But I need to post a Meta-Tag to my site?

  2. Hi TT! Your recent posts about quantcast seems interesting to me, but I am out of ideas about how to Quantize my blog. In this order, I once mailed QuantCast too (no response) and then leaved hope for doing so.

    How can I quantize my blog?

    • blogs are all quantified, as ie. Automattic runs advertising one our blogs and is a participant in Quancast stat collection. I emailed Quantcast, asked for my data on my domains to be quantified and displayed, and a week later it was displayed.

  3. Yes to the first two questions. I didn’t think these were new, as I remember the same, or similar, from when I was quantified as part of the WordPress domain before I got my own domain. Or this new for smaller domains? I did notice it suddenly reappeared last week, but as I was only recently re-Quantified, I just thought it was a case of enough numbers accumulating!

    I have queried with Quantcast why my numbers are 50% less on Quantcast than on WP. We all know there are variations, but 50% seemed high. It seems “the tag” is not present on all my pages, so at Quancast’s suggestion I have logged a support ticket with WP. Interesting stuff.

    I really want to know how Quantcast “know” these characteristics about readers. In my home anyone of 6 people could read your site from my computer and Quantcast would know nothing about that person specifically. Even if it were me, how do they know if I am male or female, have a degree or not?

    Interesting stats, but only if I understand how they were determined so I can evaluate the accuracy/reliability.

    • @Team Oyeniyi
      Thanks for your patience. Work has been sucg a heavy load for me since my husband’s new position takes so much of his time and also involves travel.

      “It seems “the tag” is not present on all my pages, so at Quancast’s suggestion I have logged a support ticket with WP. Interesting stuff. ”

      I saw your post to the forum and I’m definitely interested to hear the response you get from Staff. Please do share it when you get it.

      Do you have a No-Ads upgrade on your blog? Maybe Staff don’t bother to put the code on every page of blogs doesn’t make any income from, or maybe not. Just speculating …

      We live in an information age when people are only to eager to share everything about themselves online. Some are so silly they think they can share on one site and not have that information apprehended by others on other sites. That’s simply not true.

      P.S. Have you read this information?

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