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Sensationally High Tech

first ever mobile Sensationally High Tech

by Guest Author  Peter Howorth

It still amazes me how far we’ve come technologically over the past decade or so. Especially when it comes to mobile phones, when I was a child I remember the phone to be quite a huge thing. The only thing that was mobile about it was that they weren’t attached to a wall but damn if it wasn’t like carrying around a house brick with you.

When I was in my teens I was introduced to the concept of text messaging, I thought it was great being able to send a message to someone in text form for just 12 pence. Or like being able to play “Snake” whenever you wanted to.

I remember when my friends got their first colour screen phone, man was I jealous, I wanted to throw my Nokia 3210 straight in the bin and don’t get me started when the first built-in camera phone came out!

Only a few short years ago there were two main competitors for “greatest manufacturer of phones in the world” and they were Nokia and Sony Ericsson and it’s only been in the last few years that they’ve both been overtaken by Apple.

When Steve Jobs sets out to be the man, you know eventually, he’ll become the man. The iPhone really kicked off the whole “app” craze and quickly left its competitors in the dust, the only thing I hate about the iPhone is really just how expensive it is.

English: HTC Desire

Image via Wikipedia

Last year I purchased a HTC Desire from eBay and in under a year I can guarantee I will never use anything else other than a HTC Android phone. I remember every Sony Ericsson phone I ever had breaking at some point, the software just failed to last more than a year in most cases. Android is much more stable than anything I’ve used before and the general design of HTC phone’s is just a perfect combination.

Recently I renewed my contract and upgraded to a HTC Sensation XE and after using it for just over a month now I can say it’s not been a disappointment. It’s much faster than Desire, the camera is improved and the internal (and external) storage space is extended.

The main difference between the Sensation XE and the normal Sensation is really an upgraded speaker system, Dr. Dre’s Beats Technology (whatever the hell that means) just makes the music coming out of your phone sound so much crisper than anything I’ve heard before. Plus there are some tweaks to the internal workings of the device; bringing the specs up to the level of their rivals.

The user interface still as user-friendly as its ever been, allowing you to have seven screens of apps and widgets seamlessly. Battery life is improved as with my Desire I was charging it up every day, now I only have to charge it up every other day (three days if you’re not killing it with those apps you’ve just downloaded and you have the internet turned off).

HTC Sensation XE

HTC Sensation XE (Photo credit: Rain Rabbit)

Not to mention the updated processor allows the phone to process information much quicker than anything they’ve created previously, before if you had two or three apps running at the same time it could cause your phone to lag, a problem I have yet to experience with Sensation XE!

And it’s not just the internal workings of the phone that I love, the actual design of the phone is just beautiful to look at, oh how far we’ve come over the past couple of decades.

With the 4.3 inch screen it displays  web-pages so well while not being an overly bulky handset. Of course if it’s a bigger screen you’re wanting, they do the Sensation XL with the 4.7 inch screen.

So if you’re wanting a cheaper but ultimately superior alternative to an iPhone and you’re not a sheep, definitely go for Sensation XE, it’s quite possibly the best phone on the market right now. (Visit Peter’s blog Evolution of Insanity)


Do you use a mobile for blogging?

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22 thoughts on “Sensationally High Tech

  1. I don’t have a mobile phone outside of home.

    But then I haven’t had TV for 18 months. I went through life for about 13 yrs. without a TV.

  2. Thanks for an interesting post, Pete. I’m with Margie: mobile phones seem like a real blessing for car trip emergencies. The idea of carrying one around all the time seems like self-imprisonment– like a parolee wearing an ankle bracelet monitor! The idea of writing a blog post on something held two inches from one’s nose– man! I can’t relate…

    4 teeth, no anesthetic?? TT, yer makin’ my teeth hurt! Hope you feel better soon. : )

    • Thanks for reading! I actually wrote a blog post using my old HTC Desire, that was a pain in the behind considering all the dodgy auto-corrects that’s loaded in to it, definitely not ideal.

  3. I’m always attracted to these high-tech devices, but since where I live the reception is virtually non-existent and since my mobile phone died, I’ve not even bothered to replace it.

    Can you turn off the geolocator on your new phone, Pete? I hate this function on new devices – I deliberately got a camera that was slightly lower spec’d than the one I’d wanted because it didn’t have geolocation tracking. I like my privacy.

    • Hey Val, you can actually. There’s a website that tells you how to do it with specific models of phones too.

      HTC for example:
      • Goto ‘Menu’
      • Goto ‘Settings’
      • Goto ‘Location’
      • Uncheck ‘Use wireless networks’
      • Uncheck ‘Use GPS satellites’

    • Hi Peter,
      My thanks to your for your excellent review. As I don’t have a mobile I am keenly interested to know what visitors viewing my blog on mobiles experience.

      Personal note: I just got back from having 4 teeth not 3 as I expected done. I’m allergic to so many medications that my dentist (bless her) and I did this without drugs. I’ve been up since 4AM and I’m exhausted right now. I’m going to take a brief lie down. Please feel free to respond to the comments. I’ll get up every couple of hours or so and log in.

      P.S. Guest posts enhance my blog’s content like yours has done. Provided they are in line with my Guest Posts policy I welcome them.
      You are most welcome to submit another one in the future.

      • So sorry to hear of your dental experience – I really hope you’re feeling better.

        As a follow up to my first comment, I’ve just spent 5 hours on a bus journey. I don’t know which I curse more. The invention of the mobile phone, or the invention of the internal combustion engine.

        I certainly know a lot more about the private affairs of the passengers than I did before.

        The torture of all the phone conversations is on a par with pulling teeth!

        Well, maybe slightly less.

        Feel good!

        • @ andyboy,
          Thanks for the kind words. In order to have my dental work done I had to take the ferry back and forth to the big island. The journey to and from is pleasant though expensive experience. The truly expensive part was the bill for the 4 teeth, which had old chipped and broken amalgam fillings I had done when I was a child. They were removed removed and replaced with composite fillings and I’m no longer feeling pain. Hopefully, the composite fillings will hold all those cracked teeth together because if they don’t I’ll need crowns and that’s even more expense. (fingers crossed)

        • Peter,
          Please accept this unsolicited advice and take good care of your teeth now. Repairing them later will be even more expensive and delaying any work as you age becomes a serious threat to your health. Researchers have found that many diseases in the rest of the body have oral symptoms. With careful examination of the teeth, gums, and tongue, dentists have found evidence of heart or liver disease, eating disorders, diet deficiencies, anemia, diabetes, arthritis, HIV, osteoporosis, and even some autoimmune diseases.
          P.S. I have an autoimmune disease so this is serious stuff for me.

  4. I only carry a cell phone when I am driving somewhere and might need to make an emergency call from a lonely country road. While I appreciate the technology, I don’t agree with how addicted people are to it.
    Blog from a phone? Not likely!

    • I suppose it’s just something for the younger generation to obsess over, phones are more like toys than things of actual need these days, I see kids walking around with mobiles, when I was their age I wasn’t even allowed to use the phone!

  5. Ericsson T-10s was my first phone ever, back when I was still in first year as a college student. It was secondhand and so old-fashioned because all my friends have more advanced phone than me :lol:
    Now I’m using Samsung Galaxy Y as my phone. And yeah, I use it for blogging sometimes.

    • I remember that phone, I thought it was awesome because it half flipped down, flip phones are still awesome. It’s a shame they don’t really make them anymore, though I suppose you can’t with touch screen.

  6. Ha I remember my Nokia 3210. Yep, that was my first phone too. During that time I was popular with that phone. Everyone wanted to play snakes. Good times.

    • I still use a 3310 when I go to festivals and whatnot because it doesn’t really matter if you lose it and the battery lasts for about a week. They never go out of style :)

  7. I also remember my first mobile phone was not even mobile, as it was attached to the car. My next one involved carrying a mini-suitcase for the battery and other paraphernalia, and then I graduated to a Motorola even larger than the illustration above.
    From this, you will have deduced that I’m pretty ancient. Old enough to remember a world without any form of phone mobility.
    At the risk of being accused of being a ” Luddite” (a label I proudly acknowledge), I seriously question whether the mobile mini-computer (for it’s no longer a phone) is all benefit.
    The downsides are manifest; privacy and down time are shot to hell and the obsession of constantly checking the appliance for calls, e-mails or SMS contact, can lead the onlooker or companion to want to seize the damn thing and flush it down the nearest toilet.
    Am I a lone voice in the wilderness?
    And please don’t feed me the crap about the march of progress!

    • I’ve always said, progress isn’t always the correct direction. We’re living in a world now where we’d rather check on our phones to see what other people are doing than talking to the people you’re actually out with.

      The amount of times I’ve been on a night out round the pubs and clubs and one of my friends whips out their phone.

      “What are you doing?”

      “Checking Facebook”

      “WHY?! All you’re friends are here!”

      Soon we won’t even need the ability to speak, we’ll just be typing at each other in the streets. No privacy these days, you literally have no excuse not to talk to someone you’d rather not.

      I remember doing my work experience at Ericsson before they merged with Sony and I saw bigger phones that the one above, just amazes me how someone considered that mobile.

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