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Social Networks Update

Social media has evolved rapidly and we have seen the emergence of social networks that did not exist months ago. According to comScore in 2011 social networking sites reach 82% of the world’s online user population. Social networks and mobiles have combined to turn people into social media addicts. You’re on Facebook. You’re on Google Plus. You’re on Twitter. So let’s explore what’s happening in those social networks. 

internet minute infographic(Click the image to view it all full size.)

Facebook’s real name policy is about to get a few tweaks: you will soon be able to use pseudonyms on the world’s largest social network, assuming you’re famous enough to have one.  Read more: Facebook launches verified accounts, pseudonyms

Some interesting numbers:

  • More than 97% of social photo-sharing site Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women.  key deomgraphic ages of 18 and 34
  • 2/3 using Google+ are men
  • Facebook 55% women and 45% men
  • Most Twitter users are male

Read more: Men Are from Google+, Women Are from Pinterest

Recently, Joel Garcia at GTO Management bought it to everyone’s attention that everyone’s new favorite social sharing site, Pinterest, is basically hijacking links to make money as a Skimlinks affiliate. Pinterest staff have not updated their blog since January 18th, their last tweet was January 28 and millions of users are still waiting to hear from them. — Why I Don’t Mind Pinterest Hijacking My Links — BlogWorld & New Media Expo Blog

Verified accounts on Twitter and Google+ are supposed to build trust, and allay your fears that you may be following an impostor.  Take a look at how the process works, and whether or not you have a chance of getting your accounts verified. Read more:  How Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ Decide Who Gets Verified Accounts

Twitter does not provide details on its users number very often, but in January  independent Twitter account tracker Twopcharts estimated that Twitter would reach 500 million registered users based upon their research.  Read more: Twitter Approaching 500 Million Users

‘We’ve partnered with American Express to make it easy for small business owners to advertise on Twitter. American Express Cardmembers and merchants based in the U.S. will be invited to try this new advertising solution before anyone else, and American Express will give $100 in free advertising to the first 10,000 eligible businesses to sign up.” Read more:  Twitter Gears Up For Small Business Advertising Starting March

Google suggests about 300 different brand accounts across categories like Entertainment, Music, News, Politics and Sports at Google + sign-up and thereafter. The suggestions list can also be seen by existing users at this URL:  — Google+ Suggested Users Get 10,000 New Followers Per Day, But Are They Real?

Most social media accounts are fake or empty – Increasing numbers of studies of social networks point to much smaller numbers of real and active users — sharply reducing the value of the platforms, and social media marketing.  Read more: The hollow emptiness in social media numbers – most accounts are fake or empty

13 thoughts on “Social Networks Update

    • I don’t place any blame anywhere but I do find the stats to be interesting. I don’t find I can say anything meaningful in 140 characters. It’s good to know that you can.

  1. Men Are From Google+, Women Are From Pinterest certainly made me laugh.

    I wasn’t surprised to read about the fake accounts. Makes me glad the only social media I invest in are One Cool Site, One Cold Cider, and Time Thief+. : )

    • Hi Mark,
      It’s interesting to note that the most effective way of social networking for bloggers without marketing agendas is to comment on other blogs you like to read.

      P.S. The flattery is embarrassing me.

  2. Hmm..alot more men tweet? Are they still inarticulate? Just jokin’, guys.

    The 140 limit for a tweet, to me, really restricts the way how twitter can be used. It provides more avenues to other info., but doesn’t provide quality up front to the reader.

    I bet some men do use Pinterest but it’s photos of cool bikes, motorcycles, etc. and design ideas if they are working/spend money in those areas.

    Who has used Google Plus? I really don’t want to spend my personal time plumbing into it when there’s priority other stuff I’ve buried in my pile of “should dos”.

    • I would have guessed that most Twitter users were women so that took me by surprise too.

      I’ve never been comfortable with Twitter because I feel silly trying to say anthying meaningful in 140 characters is something I’m not good at. I mostly retweet and I read every article that I retweet first before I decide whether or not to do that.

      The Pinterest site is all pictures and men do post a lot of hobby related pictures like you suggest. I’ll bet there are also are some cool bicycle pics there (hint).

      I do have readers who use Google plus like Sandra and Zeenat and David. I believe they all like Google Plus and if I do join a social network it will probably be Google plus.

      P.S. I apologize for the delay in responding. I’ve had a lot of appointments to keep and I’ve been in and out for the last 2 weeks to the Lab every second day on week days. Hubby has been traveling and I’m on the front line running the shop. He come home tonight so I will get caught up on answering comments on the weekend.

  3. As with any bubble, everyone jumps in when it’s peaking to try to grab their piece, then it all collapses and the shake-out begins. The big ones are not going away, but maybe they will. Netscape? What’s a netscape?

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