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Facebook Fan Page Reach Decreasing

facebook iconsFacebook News Feed appears on your homepage highlights what’s happening in your social circles on Facebook.  Facebook Mini-Feed appears in each person’s profile and updates a personalized list of news stories throughout the day. For Facebook to be an effective social media tool your posts have to show up in your fans’ News Feeds. New data has revealed that many fans aren’t receiving your updates.  They don’t return after clicking the “like” button and your reach per post is slowly decreasing.

Facebook analytics site Edgerank Checker has released a study into the impact of the new Facebook News Feed one month after its release. The results are interesting as the analysis reveals the data was skewed positively towards large Facebook Pages.

Did you know the average Facebook page reaches just 17 percent of its fans? The average page’s posts are not being seen by 83 percent of their fans.

Facebook Page Manager and Insights

One advantage of using the applications designed by Facebook is the ability to receive free, regular, detailed updates on the growth of the page. “Insights”  provides access to all of these metrics of engagement.

Post Views: The number of times people (Fans and non-Fans) have viewed a News Feed story posted by your Page, during the date range you specified.
Post Feedback: The number of likes and comments made on News Feed stories posted by your Page, during the date range you specified.
Page Content Feedback: The number of likes and comments made on News Feed stories posted by your Page, during the date range you specified.
Daily Story Feedback: When you post stories to people who like your Page, they can engage with your content by liking or commenting. They can also choose to unsubscribe from your Page so that stories will not appear in their News Feed in the future.
Page Posts: The total number of times your Page post was seen in News Feed or on the Page Wall. The feedback percentage is the ratio of the total likes and comments on that story over the total number of times the story was seen.
Daily Page Activity: Other than liking and commenting on your posts, people who like your Page can engage with it in a number of ways. They can write on your Page’s Wall, upload photos or videos to your Page, write reviews (if applicable), create posts on your Discussion Board, or mention your Page in their own status updates or posts to their friends.
Facebook Developers have made an announcement in their blog:
We are in the process of deprecating some old Page Insights. We announced this in a number of forums, but failed to outline this change in our Platform Roadmap per our breaking change policy. Our apologies. You can find a full list of the Insights to be deprecated from the Insights documentation. These Insights will be completely removed from API on Feb 15th 2012. Please make all necessary updates as soon as possible so that you can transition smoothly. — Pages Insights Metrics Deprecations on February 15, 2012


Most  Facebook Pages experienced a decrease in impressions, while larger Facebook Pages tended to experience an increase in engagement.  I have read the Facebook Help page tips on Expanding Your Reach.  I have also read Amalia Agathou’s —  5 tips to increase engagement on your Facebook Page

Monitor via Insights what kind of posts get you the most interactions and focus on that kind of content while still spicing things up every now and then with other media. In any case keep it fresh!

Today, I’m wondering how my readers’ Facebook Pages are faring and which strategies you are employing to increase your Facebook Page’s reach and increase reader engagement.

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    • Welcome and thank you for the kind words. I will continue to blog but at present I have a lot of appointments that I must keep that are limiting my ability to publish and to answer comments.

  2. And I was wondering why the visits referred by Facebook to my blog is too low. Whenever I share something it reaches to 17% fans only and skipped from other 83%. And less than 5% fans reach to the blog. Twitter is better than this.

    • Hi David,
      I thought you and others might be interested. I’m still searching out where to invest my time, while trying to rise above my aversion to Facebook.

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