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group of people Have you considered what the next wave of social networks will be like?  Social media ie. technology that enables our connectness is becoming more seamlessly and rapidly integrated into our activities that soon the phrase may disappear.  We are no longer limited to desktop computers; mobile growth is phemonemal. We connect and communicate on the go wherever we go.

Our social networking selections are growing daily and trends are emerging.  Will there be a proliferation of  pinboard style or magazine style social networks?

Pinterest (feminine) and Gentlemint (masculine)

Kate Freeman wrote:

Users post content, such as photos with a short blurb, and other users can comment and click on the moustache logo that also serves as a “like” button. Gentlemint connects to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Sift through pages of entertaining pictures and articles to vote on your favorites. Posts with more support get pushed toward the sites’s first page. —  Mustaches Prevail on Gentlemint, the Pinterest Site for ‘Manly Men’

Chris Brogan says:

What I’m interested in, though, is Gentlemint, which I keep calling “Pinterest for dudes.” (Again, because Pinterest has a very high level of female users, the content that flows by my screen there, most often, is female-focused.) I’m not at all interested in the technology. Frankly, Pinterest works much better. I’m not interested in the longevity. Pinterest has millions and millions of users. Gentlemint is still cozy. Here’s why I think it’s interesting: because it’s very targeted content curation where the network effect isn’t the goal. —  The Next Social Networks.

Like Pintrest for Men. Manly men. Social: IRL chats with Gentlemint.com founders Glen Stansberry and Brian Mckinney. January 19, 2012.

Gentlemint BETA membership is by invitation.


Do you believe the supersized social networks will continue to dominate?
Or do you think smaller, interest-specific communities of people who meet via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and/or LinkedIn connections today will lead to a wave of new start-ups tomorrow?

Do you think there will be a proliferation of  pinboard style or magazine style social networks?

11 thoughts on “Emerging Social Networks

  1. On article on what marketers believe the primary users of pinterest might be.


    By the way, I discovered 1 of my blog posts ( on art) was pinned by someone else. :)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that link. It was an interesting artcle. We are visual, easily addicted and easily afflicted (hoarding) … lol :D

      I won’t be surprised if many of your posts are pinned. You craft them so well and the images are perfectly integrated into each post you publish. I stumbled one of your posts not long ago.

  2. Most likely, if it doesn’t exist already is capability on a blog platform (not another tool), to allow viewing-only of live collaborative work…ie. a blog that is being designed live before your eyes. Not via YouTube.

  3. It will be interesting if alot of men “scrapbook” virtually — I suspect that some do want a collection to relevant a passion…

    But the act of creating a “pin” does demand finicky time… I can see them using more for…business reasons initially which will motivate them to take the time.

    Yea, create a virtual locker room after the game… one can only imagine what would be “pinned” up by some guys.

    1. Virtual lockeroom pinup possibilities don’t leave a whole lot to the imagination do they?

  4. Gentlemint, eh? I’m not sure I’m manly enough to look at a lotta photos of car engines, cigars, and old sweatsocks… : P

    Interesting, though– thanks!

    1. Hi there,
      They are into moustaches too, Mark. You could have some cartoon fun with this “manly” concept. ;)

  5. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.. I did a blog recently on Pinterest.. and I was totally unaware they had a male equivalent…

  6. I am of the strong opinion that the future of social media will be in the likes of pin boards or magazine styles. These are so effective as they have a lot of picture based content rather than plain sentences and paragraphs. People do love text but then pictures and graphics are what attracts them more.

    1. I agree that people respond to images and that pinning items is a popular trend that may well endure in the future.

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